How the Web server works

How the Web server works overview of how Web servers workMany times we want to knowhow a Web container or Web server (such as Tomcat or JBoss) works. how do they handle HTTP requests from all over the world? What did they do behind the scenes? What

Industrial 2D impeller rotation based on HTML5 canvas

Let's see what this impeller model looks like.From the model, this impeller model has three blades, each blade is irregular graphics, obviously can not be used on our HT for Web -based graphics to splicing, then what should we do? It's easy to

Industrial 2D impeller rotation based on HTML5 canvas

Previous applications on topologies are static primitives, and today we will design a moving entity-the impeller rotation-on the topology.Http://'s see what this

JS (get current time and expressed in 2015-01-01 format)

A simple small example to achieve the current time, the JS code is as follows:function getdate () {var date = new Date ();var mon = date.getmonth () + 1; GetMonth () returns 0-11, plus 1 is required.if (Mon Mon = "0" + mon;}var day = Date.getdate ();

The things about Angularjs and the jquery framework

This article mainly introduces the differences between jquery and Angularjs, this article focuses on a familiar with the jquery programmer how to deal with the angularjs of some of the changes in programming ideas, the need for friends can refer to

Use jquery to quickly and efficiently create Web interaction effects Chapter II to the seventh chapter

Chapter II JavaScript objectsThe browser object model (BOM) is one of the components of JavaScript, and the Window object is the core of the entire BOMCommon Methods for Window objectsPrompt (): Displays a dialog box to prompt the user for

AngularJS Events $emit and $broadcast

Message passing between pages (Child page, parent page), $emit bubbling event.To dispatch events up the scope chain (from child scope to parent scope), we use the $emit () functionIn a$emit () event function, the event bubbles from the child scope

JS in the For loop inside define the function to use the self-increment variable generated problem

I have recently done a lot of candidates for the pen test, one of which makes me very impressive, about in a for loop inside some functions used in the definition of variables inside the for loop problem, Nonsense said, first on the code, you can

Php method for generating Zip files, supporting file and compressed package path lookup

/** New Creatzip ($_dir,$_zipname), *@ _dir is the compressed folder name, can use the path, example ' a ' or ' a/test.txt ' or ' test.txt ' *@ _zipname is the compressed package name, can use the path, example ' A/ ' or ' '

HTML Base Notes

HTML Base NotesCreate one of the simplest browsersFirst open the VS2010, then drag a form control in the space to the main page, then drag out a TextBox control as the Address bar, then add a button control as the buttons, and finally drag a

Tuning your WEB application for performance

Dynamic WEB applications can store large amounts of information, allowing users to access the information immediately through a familiar interface. However, as your application becomes more popular, you may find that the response to the request is

Day 18th: Building a basic Discuz forum

Small Q: In fact, I want to always like a child, do not want to see too many things, listen to too much is not, simply walk throughThis simple road, but it backfired, must be like a wall to face the society.Yesterday, we built a lamp architecture,

PHP Naming conventions

As a general rule, the names of classes, functions, and variables should be able to make it easy for code readers to know what the code does, and avoid using the ambiguous nomenclature.1. Class naming Use uppercase letters for the

Lamp compiled and installed PHP in FPM to work with Apache

The previous blog post describes how to build a lamp in the way of compiling, here I am no longer one by one description, I here in detail about PHP in the way of FPM work:If you want to let the compiled PHP support MCrypt extension, here in

PHP gets the start timestamp and end timestamp for today, yesterday, last week, this month

PHP gets the start timestamp and end timestamp of today, yesterday, last week, this month, mainly using PHP's time function mktime. Let's start with a straight-through example to illustrate how to use Mktime to get the start timestamp and end

Summarize the ten good habits of the great God of PHP

March 04, 2015 11:26 Source: Techug Editor: Shanli View full textlikes (0)Reviews0)ShareTags: PHP, Programming Guide, PHP Open source project"IT168 information "  1. Read more manuals and source codeThere's nothing more to emphasize than reading a

Json_decode () and Json_encode () difference----2015-0929

Json_decode encoding the JSON-formatted string and json_encode the variable json, the required friend can refer to the following1.json_decode ()Json_decode(PHP 5 >= 5.2.0, PECL json >= 1.2.0)json_decode-encoding a JSON-formatted

CSS3 Custom Animation (animation)

In addition to the CSS3 variants (transformation) and Transformations (transition) described in previous articles, CSS3 also has a more liberal custom animation. Developers can even use Transformations (transformation) and transforms (transition) to

Hibernate.current_session_context_class's more authoritative explanation

Hibernate.current_session_context_classBlog Category:  Hibernate Hibernatespring Multithreaded Configuration Management threadProblems encountered:Scenario 1:The following error was encountered while using the Sessionfactory

The difference between null and undefined in JS

Reference article: http: // of all:Null = = undefined; True, ECMAScript that undefined is derived from null, so define them as equal.Null = = undefined;

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