Recommended 10 Very useful PHP code snippets

When using PHP for development, if you own some very useful methods or snippets of code, it will be a great convenience for your development work. Today we will introduce 10 super useful PHP code snippets, I hope you can enjoy!1. Sending messages

The Mystery of thinkphp application pattern extension

The thinkphp Application model provides the opportunity to transform the core framework, allowing your application to adapt to more environments and different needs. Each application pattern has its own schema definition file, relative to the

PHP counts the number of elements of a one-dimensional array value equal to num, and converts it to a two-dimensional array of subscript numbers, value and num

A recent project that queries a field from a database to get an array key is a one-dimensional array of channel $res, and now needs to turn this array into a key that is the number value is channel and num (num is the same channel number, the

Build a WEB server abroad-Linode VPS

Build a WEB server abroad-Linode VPSBuy a virtual server (VPS), put your site on top of the run, find the feeling, usually can also use it to practice. A few days ago, the search to someone recommended Linode VPS, yesterday, a friend asked me to use

Highly recommended: More than 240 jquery plugins

OverviewJQuery is another excellent Javascript framework following prototype. Its purpose is-to write less code and do more things. It is a lightweight JS library (only 21k after compression), this is not the other JS library, it is compatible with

Garbage collection GC:. NET automatic memory management on (ii) memory algorithms

Garbage collection GC:. NET automatic memory management on (ii) memory algorithms Garbage collection GC:. NET automatic memory management on (a) memory allocation Garbage collection GC:. NET automatic memory management on (ii) memory

Install Ngix services and cluster PHP, Tomcat under CentOS

Install Ngix services and cluster PHP, Tomcat under CentOSResources:, Ngix dependent module installationNgix dependent modules are: pcre, zlib, OpenSSL, MD5/SHA1 (if the corresponding modules are

Libnet Introduction and Analysis

libnet Introduction and AnalysisCurrently, socket-based network programming has become an irreplaceable programming method, which treats network communication as a file descriptor and abstracts the operation of this "network file" (that is, socket

Simplified Mutual Transfer JS

Html:S2t.js: Individual words can be added manually, corresponding to the location can be simplified, (array implementation)/** * jquery-s2t v0.1.0 * ** A JQuery plugin to convert between Simplified Chinese and

PHP Installation Curl Problem

These two days in the server for PHP installation Curl expansion is encountering a problem. It was a bit tangled up ...The system is CentOS 6.4 64-bit system, PHP version 5.3.3, due to the need to install curl expansion, but use 5.3.3 Source package

Write jquery plugin what? You're not writing jquery plugins yet.

Http:// web development today, jquery is almost essential, and even the VS artifact has been built into the jquery and UI Web projects in version 2010. As for the use of jquery benefits here is not

Font Awesome 4.0.3 provides 369 common vector font icons for Web pages

Font Awesome provides you with a set of scalable font vector icons, you can quickly customize the size of icons, colors, shadows, these can be implemented through CSS, without any JS code OH.First, the main features are as follows: 1, one font, 369

[JSP] The difference between include directives and include actions in JSP

The include directive is the compile-time directive, where the content of the file included in the include is inserted into the JSP file when it is compiled, and the JSP engine determines that the JSP page has not been modified, otherwise it is

jquery delay function

1.setInterval (function () {},[time])Example: This is a code that simulates a progress bar, and then turns to another page after the end. styletype= "Text/css">. Progress{position:Absolute;Z-index: $; Right:20px;Top:20px; }.

PDF Document creation Component spire.pdf for. NET

Spire.pdf for. NET control is a professional PDF document creation component developed by E-iceblue Corporation. It enables users to use. NET applications to read, write, and manipulate PDF documents without Adobe Acrobat and other external controls.

JQuery, Dom object Silly Division

When learning jquery, it is often unclear what jquery objects are and which are DOM objects. This is a very bad phenomenon. It is necessary to make a clear distinction between what jquery objects are and what DOM objects are, which is more

JS implements date conversion/interchange functions like strtotime functions and Timetostr in PHP

This article is from the "Harvest Sky Star" blog, please be sure to keep this source

Coding standards and best practices for jquery

Load jquery1. Insist on using a CDN to load jquery, and this kind of other people's servers for free to help you to host the files of the cheap why not accounted for. Click here to see some of the main jquery CDN addresses for the benefits of using

ASP.--form Authentication

This article collects from----MSDNOne: Forms authentication processIn the Forms authentication scenario, the application collects credentials such as a name and password directly from the user and judges the authenticity of the information itself.

Native JS implements Fadein and fadeout

JS set the function properties of DOM node transparency: filter= "alpha (opacity=" + value+ ")" ( compatible with IE) and opacity=value/100 ( FF and GG compatible).Let's take a look at the compatibility code for setting transparency:function

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