jquery Learning Notes

Selector ( see the website for more details )$ ("P")// Select Label$ ("#test")// select ID$ (". Class")// Select class$ ("div p")// Select div under p. First ();. Last ();. EQ (n);. Filter (". Intro"). Not (". Intro") Syntax

HTML Parser--jericho-html-3.3 Parse table

The original part of the content from the online other blog, but because of the time, forget the reference is who's, here say sorry.Post an HTML page first:HTML Parser want to learn NAMEresulttimesynopsis9 want to learn +FAIL Want to learn 12:31

jquery Source Analysis Series: The realization and principle of AJAX-JSONP


The core of Ajax is to get non-page content through XMLHttpRequest, while the core of JSONP is dynamic add The PHP side then executes the backfunc (passing parameters);So the process will be divided into two steps:1: For JSONP preprocessing, mainly

Use JS to parse the datetime type data of C # after JSON serialization

Use JS to parse the datetime type data of C # after JSON serialization(2012-09-21 19:36:03)reproduced Tags: gossip Category: javascript Val is the data of the DateTime type of C # that is directly serialized by

Site title and keywords and description of how to set

Title, also on the site title , he displays in the reader box, usually to facilitate users to know the content of this page, and in the search engine, here is their determination of your page content of the primary basis. For example, Chen Zhongping

Padding,margin,border properties of the "Go" graphical CSS (detailed introduction and illustration)

The organization recommends that all the images on the Web page be placed in a box where the designer can control the properties of the box by creating a definition that includes paragraphs, lists, headings, pictures, and layers. The box model

Firebug 2.0 official release, Web development plugin

Firebug 2.0 is compatible with Firefox 30–32 Firebug 2 UI:The screenshot shows Win OS theme other OSes (Linux and MAC) has own custom theme.New FeaturesFirebug 2 introduces many new features and bug fixes also because we completely removed

COM and. NET Interoperability

Basic knowledge of the Component Object modelComponent-based software development is becoming more and more popular, here I am in school when I organize some of the things about COM dedicated to everyone, for beginners reference.A Component(COM) is

Requirejs Multi-page, multi-JS packaging code, REQUIREJS Multi-Pack "collection"

This code comes fromHttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/20583812/grunt-requirejs-optimizer-for-a-multi-app-projectI used Requirejs and r.js to pack the demo,Demo you know, 1 pages more than 10 js ...The plan is to package the company's

Summary of the PHP magic Method (continuous update)

Magic methods in the classThe PHP Magic method refers to built-in functions that are automatically called at some point, starting with two consecutive underscores.Magic method in Class __construct ()Class constructor that initializes the object and

CSS3 's learning--realizing waterfall flow

Implement waterfall streams based on CSS3, using CSS3 's CSS Multi-column (multi-column).You can download the source code on GitHub: HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/CRARYPRIMITIVEMAN/WATERFALL-CSS3waterfall Flow, also known as Waterfall flow layout. is a more

"ExtJS 4.x Learning Tutorial" (5) packet (the data package)

Zhou Bontao (timen)Email:[email protected]Reprint Please specify the Source:http://blog.csdn.net/zhoubangtao/article/details/277073611. IntroductionThe packet is primarily responsible for loading and saving all of your application's data, which

Selenium (Web Automation Testing tool developed by ThoughtWorks Corporation)

Selenium is also a tool for Web application testing. The selenium test runs directly in the browser, just as the real user is doing. Supported browsers include IE (7, 8, 9), Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Suite, and more. The main features of this tool

[ASP] Common Word,excel,ppt,pdf Online preview scheme (GO)

IntroductionBefore the project needed, looked for the Office document online preview solution, by the way record, convenient later query.Programme IOpen the link to the Office document on the page directly in the browser. The following window will

Thinking about disabling the A tag in HTML

In fact, this problem in the first time to learn HTML in the Select tag has come out, today, still do not find the use of pure CSS to disable the A-label approach-colleagues, classmates, teachers I have asked, they are all the same with the use of

[PHP] php.ini configuration for out-of-server mail functions

The PHP mail () function is not available in Windows and needs to be installed SendMail1. Download Sendmail.zip from http://glob.com.au/sendmail/2. Extract to C: Under, for example, C:\php\sendmail, the best short path, long path name may cause

On the JSON of web security

ObjectiveJSON (JavaScript Object Notation), can be said to be the fact that the browser, the server Exchange data standard. Visual inspection of other formats such as XML, or other custom formats, will be less and fewer.Why is JSON so

How PHP adds its own extension library

What if PHP is already installed on the server and you need to add additional PHP extensions? No need to reinstall PHP, with Phpize we can install the extension library directly on top of the original PHP base. This compilation is just a separate

NET Auxiliary Tools list

Recent interest in. NET assistive tools has already been posted on the 10 essential tools for. NET, which provides a comprehensive list of tools:Code generation Nvelocity Codesmith X-code. NET Xgof-nmatrix/deverest

Go PHP error Log

For PHP developers, once a product is put into use, the display_errors option should be turned off immediately to avoid hackers being hacked by the path, database connection, data table, and other information that these errors reveal. However, when

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