Apache Multi-site configuration in Servername/serveralias

ServerName: Is the name of the service, can only fill in a domain nameServeralias:servername aliases, so that a service can bind multiple domain names, separated by spacesDOCUMENTROOT/WWW/AAA/BBB: root directory of the Web siteDirectoryIndex example.

Sublime text3 016 Sublimelinter (PHP code detection)

Sublime text3 016 Sublimelinter (PHP code detection)------------------------------------------------------------------------------If there is anything that does not understand, add QQ group: 186970878Often there will be typos or statements do not

MVC error published on IIS 7: The 403.14-forbidden WEB Server is configured not to list the contents of this directory

MVC error published on IIS 7: The 403.14-forbidden WEB Server is configured not to list the contents of this directoryThe solution in this tip is: If you do not want to enable directory browsing, make sure that you have configured the

An open source, cross-platform. NET Machine Learning Framework Ml.net

Microsoft launched the build 2018 conference for a. NET developer of Open source, cross-platform machine learning Framework ml.net. ML. NET will allow. NET developers to develop their own models and integrate custom ML into their applications

Apache ubunte Restart command

view apache2 commands httpd-v where httpd_root and server_config_file   can determine the path to httpd.conf Assuming that the current Linux user's APAHCE installation directory is/usr/local/apache2, use the following command to start, stop, and

JS Replace global Replace

JS Replace the default substitution replaces only the first matching character, if the string has more than two characters can not be replaced, it is necessary to do a little operation, to replace all.The above code, can only replace the first

Web Prerequisite Performance Stress test Tool webbench and Apchebench (AB)

in operation and maintenance work, stress testing is a very important work. For example, before a website online, can withstand how much traffic, in the case of large traffic performance, these data indicators will directly affect the user

Deployment of Apache Web site services and access control implementations

Webserver commonly used are Apache, IIS, Nginx, Tomcat Apache HTTP Server is a modular server that can run on almost any widely used computer platform. It belongs to the application server. Apache supports many modules, stable performance,

Analysis of Status code of various HTTP error errors in PHP

HTTP Common ErrorsHTTP Error 400400 Request ErrorThe server was unable to understand the request because of a malformed syntax. Without modification, the client program cannot repeat the request.HTTP Error 401401.1 Unauthorized: Login failedThis

Rule engine. Net Core

Build a powerful and easy-to-use rule engine in the. Net Core Environment https://www.cnblogs.com/chenug/p/9160397.htmlThis article source: https://github.com/jonechenug/ZHS.Nrules.Sample Introduction1.1 Why a rule engine is requiredIn the

HTTP status Code


  The HTTP status code is divided into 5 categories: The representative request that begins with 1 is accepted, needs to be processed, a 2-based representation request has been successfully received, understood, and accepted by the server, and a

How do product manager interns improve their writing skills?

Everything is a product, a goodProduct ManagerThere's no need to have the ambition to change the world as jobs did, but be sure to have the ability to write good product requirements documentation. For the new product manager is particularly

8 is a very good model. NET Anti-compilation tool

I collected the next 8 very good. NET Anti-compilation tool:1, ReflectorReflector is the most popular. NET Anti-compilation tool. Reflector is a free program written by Microsoft employees Lutz Roeder. The advent of reflector · NET programmers are

PHP Html_entity_decode HTML entity escape

Recently encountered a problem, the data contains Chinese quotation marks, the results are escaped stored in the database, the data when the use of Htmlspecialchars_decode the entity escaped back, the results found not effective, looked at the

Step-by-step teaching you to write non-maintainable PHP code

Translator Note: This is a great article, using interesting narrative, from the reverse side to explain what is a good PHP engineer, what you can not do. Please note that the behavior listed in this article is what you should try to avoid. As

50-Channel CSS basic questions and Answers

1 Introduction to the standard CSS box model? What's the difference between a box model with a low version ie?Standard box Model: width = width of contents (content) + border + padding + marginLow version IE box model: width = content width (content+

LoadRunner upload File script Playback Error resolution method

loadrunner upload File script Playback error resolution method most industry systems are now starting to achieve Paperless systems for electronic office, and as a system performance testers, after the completion of business scenarios and the

JS String Operation Summary

"MDN" https://developer.mozilla.org/zh-CN/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/String"Reference" https://www.cnblogs.com/guoyeqiang/p/8178336.htmlString Conversions1. ToString ()var age = one; var // string "One" var true ; var foundasstring

JS basis for the transfer of parameters (value transfer, object delivery)

First, the conceptWe need to understand what is passed by value (call by value) and what is passed by reference (call by reference). In computer science, this part is called the Evaluation Strategy (Evaluation strategy). It determines how values are

Defining attributes in the HTML tag in XSL uses the values of the XSL


How do I define attributes in an HTML tag in XSL using the value of XSL??[XML]XML version= "1.0"?>xml-stylesheet type= "text/xsl" href= "exam.xsl "?>Test> Test_type>ExamTest_type> TestIDID= "1"> say>What's the matter?say> Answers> AnswerID=

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