Parsing an HTTP request returns a 304 status code

Tags: Click case Mouse Control client Details Server Analysis contentHello everyone, today to share a status code 304, you may have been in the previous development of chrome tools or Firebug tool to intentionally or inadvertently see it.HTTP

More than 100 basic commonly used JS functions and grammar sets Daquan

Tags: string prevents extension syntax and random check set screenWeb site effects can not be separated from scripting, JavaScript is the most common scripting language, we summarize common basic functions and syntax:1. Output

How does the Base64 code and the URL safe base64 work?

Tags: pyw page VMA NSF transfer key gap tle LSATranslated from Why do I need base64?The ASCII code specifies a total of 128-character encodings, which are 128 symbols, ranging between [0,127].Among them, [0,31],

2 ways to encode the Protocol analysis HTTP response header

Tags: SMS identity content Support ONS empty compress while entryTwo entity headers (Entity-header) in HTTP 1.1 are directly related to encodings, respectively, content-encoding and transfer-encoding.First say content-encoding, which indicates that

JS implementation Countdown-' How many days left '

Tags: and func ack time str span code problem GMTFirst, startThis Tuesday to interview encountered a topic such as "please use JS to achieve the distance xx and left ... Days...... Hours...... Seconds ", at the time just thought to create a data to

PHP7 Installation and Apache

Tags: byte installation default Shanghai extension obj directory apache2 installation configuration1. Download PHP7Select the thread safe version, if it is a 64-bit system to download x64, x86 not2. Unzip to the directory you want to install3.apache

JS Display friendly time format "Just, a few seconds ago, hours, days ago (within 3 days) time format"

Tags: div logs log cti else float RAM return style/** * milliseconds conversion friendly display format * output format: 21 hours 28 minutes 15 seconds * @param {[type]} time [description] * @return {[type]} [description]*/functionTimetodate (time) {

The character set of the Frontend learning HTTP

Tags: can server care program crash container extension actor Web server handwritingPrevious wordsHTTP messages can host content in any language, as if it could host images, movies, or any type of media. For HTTP, the entity body is just a container

PHP version VC6 and VC9/VC11/VC14, Thread safe and none-thread safe and other differences

Tags: and 3.3 STC utilizes + + san without sans garbageRecently just to get a PHP program, before this has been no how to contact, found that the knowledge of PHP version is not very clear, I read a lot of similar articles, or feel not clear and

Yahoo website performance optimization of the 34 rule

Tags: scrolling process dash ram multi-site ever SSI and content1. Minimize the number of HTTP requestsIn the end user response time, 80% is used to download the content, this part of the time includes the download page image, style sheet, script,

HTML5. With jquery and Ajax common face questions

Tags: table erro err introduce picture local symbol Web page delegate1. HTML51.1. Brief description of local storage in HTML5Reference Answer:Many times we store the user's local information on the computer, for example: The user has a half-filled

Redhat 5.1 Install PHP 5.3.6

Tags: redhat 5.1 install PHP 5.3.6Redhat 5.1 Install PHP 5.3.6Now various versions of the pit. resulting in no lower version of PHPThe problem may be caused by the use. No package is available because the system version is not promoted ....

. NET Work Preparation--02 basics

Tags: run ASM section Object-oriented Programming infinite system Key DAP(OBSOLETE)Framework basics, Syntax basics, Strings & collections & streams, common classes and interfaces; Foundation (emphasis)-Part I framework Basics1. Basic

SOURCE 0603-10-Mastering-MD5 encryption -11-Mastering-https

Tags: server init text turn using ELF Conf challenge receive////VIEWCONTROLLER.M//10-Mastering-MD5 Encryption#import "ViewController.h" #import "nsstring+hash.h"@interfaceViewcontroller ()@end@implementationViewcontroller- (void) viewdidload {[Super

Html5-canvas drawing Graphics (1)

Tags: drawing str parameters RGB MDA content Border das Span1, Canvas basic knowledgeThe canvas element is a new important element in HTML5, which is designed to draw graphics, but the canvas itself does not have the ability to paint, placing a

20 Suggestions for writing modern CSS code

Tags: also required normal mode ANIM Safari block type symbol variableOriginal: Markov) Translations 1190000006834519 (Wang Ni invited the Moon Bear) understand what is margin

HTTP 1.1 vs. HTTP 1.0

Tags: incompatible    develop   blank    upgrade     full      Compare    logs    understand    ane    A Web site

Instanceof is used to determine whether a PHP variable belongs to an instance of a class class and returns True or False

Tags: BOOL CDATA Data amp EOF Instance screen not example <?phpClassMyClass{}Class Notmyclass{}$a = new MyClass;Var_dump($a instanceof MyClass);Var_dump($a instanceof notmyclass);?> The above routines will output:BOOL (TRUE)

Front-End Basics (ii): The understanding of JS's prototype chain

Tags: ges var log changing the try Obb principle requires unlimitedBefore always the basic knowledge of the front end is not very detailed, the basic skills are not solid, but the fundamental knowledge of the front-end development is the foundation

thinkphp Ajax Paging

Tags: resource this img page fetching AVG Public text categoryThe difference between using Ajax paging and ordinary Ajax paging in thinkphp is that the processing location is different, thinkphp is handling Ajax-passed values in the controller's

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