The difference between let and Var defined variables in JS

JavaScript Strict modeThe first contact with the Let keyword, there is a very very important concept is "JavaScript strict mode", such as the following code to run the error:let hello = ‘hello world.‘;console.log(hello); 1 2

Use JS and html/css to implement the drop-down menu effect respectively.

in the production process of the site, we often encounter the navigation bar will appear a level menu, level Two menu such phenomenon, in the end how to achieve it? Next we use two methods to achieve:1. Use JS to achieve this effect: Untitled

Automatic validation of the Create () method in thinkphp

Automatic validation is a method of data validation provided by the Thinkphp model layer that automates data validation when creating data objects using create.Principle:The Create () method collects the form ($_post) information and returns it,

HTML5 new Features

3. Video and audio3.1VideoOgg is a file with Theora video encoding and Vorbis audio encoding;The MPEG4 is a MPEG4 file with a video encoding of H + + and AAC audio encoding;WEBM is a VP8 video encoding and Vorbis audio encoded file;The HTML5

CSS white space character processing!

There is a very important property in CSS that is very easy for beginners to ignore:White-space:nowrap; Text does not wrap propertyHere is an explanation of the white-space in W3cschool:  The White-space property affects the handling of space, line

PHPUnit Introduction and use

What is PHPUnit? 1, it is a lightweight PHP test framework, address: http://www.phpunit.cn2. Manual: Http://, why use PHPUnit? 1, you can control the test script by command2, can test the

JS getting acquainted

JS is an object-oriented language Packaging Inherited Polymorphic Clustered (has the ability to reference other objects in the object) The majority of situations in JS use do not require object-oriented design, in many

"Turn" a day to learn PHP (turn)

"Turn" a day to learn PHP (turn)Just one day, as long as you look and learn with your heart, it will be OK.-Here I hope you need to understand a little, this is just talking about how to get started quickly, better understand php! Basic knowledge of

Programmer Heart Chicken Soup Desktop Wallpaper 1080p Welcome to download, HTML,PHP,NODE,CSS, front end

The last time in reading a sentence: a map, no matter how accurate the scale, it can never take the owner on the ground to move half a step,As a loving thinker, a learning programmer suddenly thought: a help document, no matter how detailed, would

Bugfree Login error PHP Fatal error:call-time pass-by-reference have been removed in

Detailed error information [Tue APR 06:49:07.556316] [: ERROR] [PID 21799] [client *.*.*.*:55813] PHP Fatal error:call-time pass-by-re Ference have been removed in/var/www/html/bugfree/include/class/xmlparse.class.php on line, referer:http:// 192.168

Explore. NET core Data encryption and decryption issues

ObjectiveIt's been bothering me. About data encryption this piece, 24th night with nearly 3 hours to complete a task, this thought can be solved immediately, but in order to ensure the security of data, we began to encrypt the data, and then the

Explore Vuex 2.0 and build a Notepad app with Vuejs 2.0 + VUEX 2.0

ObjectiveFirst of all, this is not a tutorial paste, and Notepad application is an early case of online, for learning Vuex very helpful. My goal was to explore Vuex 2.0 and then rewrite the app with Vue 2.0 + Vuex 2.0, the biggest of which was the

HTML Document Header

Previous words?? After declaring the document type, the next part of the HTML document is a label that informs the browser that it should be enclosed in ... Resolves to HTML for all content within the Then there are two main parts of the HTML

Word and. txt files to HTML and PDF files, using poi jsoup itext Tips

word and. txt files to HTML and PDF files, using poi jsoup itext tipsI first write a blog, there is insufficient or need to correct the hope that everyone points out, together to learn to exchange discussions.As a result of this problem encountered

JS on Bind Event

Abort is triggered when the user interrupts the download of the image.Activate is triggered when the object is set to the active element.Fires the Afterprint object immediately after the document is printed or printed preview associated with

"Go" htmlagilitypack use--xpath precautions

"Go" htmlagilitypack use--xpath precautionsIt is very convenient to use Htmlagilitypack as an open source class library for Web content parsing (see another blog, "HTML parsing: XPath-based C # class Library Htmlagiliytypack"). It is based on the

"Learning notes" HTML basics

"The learning process has encountered questions and extended reading"1. Text EncodingIn addition to the HTML markup text, you need to specify its encoding rules Otherwise, the browser chooses the default encoding of the computer, or the settings are

. NET open Source projects

Json.NET is a highly efficient. Net framework that reads and writes Json. Json.NET makes the. NET environment, it is much easier to use JSON. With LINQ to JSON, you can quickly read and write JSON, and you can

Nginx Source Analysis--http Module

Source: Nginx 1.12.0 First, Nginx HTTP module Introduction Due to the performance advantages of nginx, there are more and more units, individuals using Nginx or openresty, Tengine and other derivative version as a Web server, load balancer Server,

JQuery-02. Style Sheet Properties Action/class action, animation, show hide, slide in, fade in, stop animation, node action, add object, empty node

Style sheet properties operations. css$ ("div"). css ({' width ': +, ' height ': +, ' background ': ' Red '});$ ("div"). CSS ("Background", "pink");Class operations. addclass Add Class $ ("div"). AddClass ("class");. removeclass Delete Class $ ("div"

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