PHP section---File uploads: error handling, client and server-side limitations

1. Client pageThe configuration of the client 1. Form page 2. form is sent as Post 3. Add enctype= "Multipart/form-data" to form form-------> 2. Handling Page DoactionPHP//$_files: File upload variablePrint_r($_files);//$_files: Save

PHP implementation logging (file)

PHP implementation Logging (file) phpphp loggingIn the project, it is often necessary to record some operational information, or to print some key variables, or to import Excel files and withdraw records. Often encounter, encapsulate a method, have

Some optimizations for PHP performance

PHP Optimization for PHP optimization is mainly related to the php.ini in the main parameters of the reasonable adjustment and settings, the following we will look at some of the php.ini in the performance of a large number of parameters should be

JSON Standard: double quotes rather than single quotes!

Just testing found a simple, seemingly correct code that was wrong: "{' name ': ' Eric ', ' age ': +}"As you know, the PHP version has added two JSON-capable functions since 5.2.0, namely Json_encode and Json_decode, where the Json_decode function

The use of if and else in JS and the underlying syntax

The variable way in normal.var a = 10; for integers.var b = 3.14; The decimal point to target.var c = "Hello"; a double quote or single quotation mark is the definition string.One, type conversion (CAST)1, parseint (d), integer conversion.2,

JQuery Easyui three ways to extend a form plugin

$.extend ($.fn.form.methods, {Serialize:function (JQ) {var arrayvalue = $ (jq[0]). Serializearray ();var json = {};$.each (arrayvalue, function () {var item = this;if (json[item["name"]) {json[item["Name"]] = json[item["name"] "+", "+ item[" value "]

Six data types in JS (iii)--boolean

The Boolean type is the most used type in ECMAScript, which has only two literals: true and false. These two values are not the same as numeric values, so true does not necessarily equal 1, and false does not necessarily equal 0. It is important to

Upload images locally to the tool class on the server

1, tool jar package dependentjcifsjcifs1.3.172, the code is as followsPackage com.zbb.util;Import;Import;Import;Import;Import;Import

PHP xprof performance test under CentOS

First, the first step, install1. Installing the xhprof Extensionwget zxvf xhprof-0.9.2.tgzCD xhprof-0.9.2Cp-r xhprof_html xhprof_lib # The directory where the application is locatedCD

JS in six types of data (vi)--object

The object in ECMAScript is a mutable keyed collection (that is, a collection of data and functions). It aggregates a number of values together, which can be accessed by name. Objects can also be considered as containers for properties, each of

Hibernate's Mapping file

Structure and properties of the map fileA mapping file (mapping files) consists of a root node and multiple nodes,First look at the root node what attributes are supported:1 hibernate-mapping2 Schema= "SchemaName"(1)3 Catalog=

thinphp framework of the project SVN re-check out after the prerequisite configuration

Just try to understand the thinkphp framework, do some notes here, follow up a new summary will be updated here, if there are errors and omissions, I hope you correct.With the thinkphp framework of the project, after using SVN re-check out, need to

PHP configuration php-fpm startup parameters and configuration details

Contract several directories/usr/local/php/sbin/php-fpm/usr/local/php/etc/php-fpm.conf/usr/local/php/etc/php.iniOne, the php-fpm start parameterCopy CodeThe code is as follows:#测试php-FPM

Paging with Ajax

Front page: code name Username Product code Watch type Audit status actions //the number of pages displayed

The difference between require and include in PHP

Include () has the same functionality as require ()Both include (include_once) and require (require_once) read the included file code into the specified location, but there is a difference between the two: (include () is a conditional include

Use an IFRAME to invoke a specific location of the specified Web page (display the content I want for an area of the destination page)

Use an IFRAME to invoke a specific location of the specified Web page (display the content I want for an area of the destination page)There are times when we don't need to display all the contents of the target page specified by the iframe tag

JS under Firstelementchild firstchild and childnodes and children methods

One Div > P >123p>div>In the above code, if you use the following JS codevar odiv=document.getelementbytagname ("div") [0];alert (oDiv.firstChild.nodeName)Below IE9, alert comes out is P (p tag name), but in modern browser, such as CHROME,FF,IE11

High performance tcp/udp/http communication framework Hp-socket v4.1.2

  Hp-socket is a general-purpose, high-performance tcp/udp/http communication framework that includes Server-side components, client components, and Agent components that are widely used in tcp/udp/http communication systems in a variety of

tcp/ip, Http, sockets, Xmpp-from Getting started to in-depth

tcp/ip, Http, sockets, Xmpp-from Getting started to in-depthUltimate iOS Program ape 2016-12-29 18:27 In order to facilitate people's understanding and memory, We first introduce these concepts, and then analyze their differences, and then carry out

Stasus Error in Ajax

first, the English version of the analysis0: (uninitialized) The Send () method has a not yet been invoked.1: (Loading) The Send () method has been invoked, request in Progress.2: (Loaded) The Send () method has completed, entire response received.3:

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