Exchange 2013 Configure external URLs

Configure an external URL (client accesses server through extranet)Estimated time to complete: 5-10 minutes Before the client connects to the server over the Internet, you need to configure the external domain or URL on the virtual

The IIS Web site or system CAPTCHA does not display the problem-"managed handlers are used, but ASP. NET is not installed or fully installed"

On the IIS published a system, but the login page verification code picture has not come, try various methods, permissions, paths, inherit the parent classpath, etc. do not work, into the login.html, to the image of no verification code icon,

HTML Learning Note JQuery (DOM manipulation)

In general, DOM operations are divided into three areas: Dom Core (CORE), Html_dom, and Css_dom.1.DOM CoreDom Core is not specific to JavaScript, and it can be used by any programming language that supports the DOM. His use is not limited to the

Ajax Response Status list [reprint]

The more ideal method of interpretation should be defined by the expression pattern of "state: Task (target) + process + performance (or feature)".Full-textIn "Pragmatic Ajax A Web 2.0 Primer" accidentally see the introduction of Readystae state,

Design Tiny URL

Part 1:Objective:Recently, some blogs about short URLs, some blogs talk about some good things, but they are not very full, so this blog is a summary of other blogs.Introduction:Short address, as the name implies, is to turn the long URL into a

"Reprinted" PHP local file inclusion and remote file Inclusion vulnerability

The remote file contains (the inclusion), or RFI, which corresponds to the local file containing (the Inclusion,lfi), which are all through the PHP containing function namely: require (), require_once ( ), include () and include_once () to use.In

JS get URL parameters and URL encoding, decoding

The complete URL consists of these parts: Scheme://host:port/path?query#fragment, the various parts are as follows:Window.location.href: The way to get the full URL: scheme://host:port/path?query#fragmentWindow.location.protocol: Get Rul protocol

Hostonly Cookies and HttpOnly cookies

How do I use cookies?Usually we have two ways to set or get cookies for the browser, respectively, the Set-cookie header in HTTP Response headers and the cookie header in HTTP Request headers, and assign or value the Document.cookie through

JS Primer ActiveXObject Object (reprint)

JS entry ActiveXObject ObjectThis object provides an interface for Automation objects. function ActiveXObject (location:string]) Parameters ProgID Must be selected. The form

PHP section---File uploads: error handling, client and server-side limitations

1. Client pageThe configuration of the client 1. Form page 2. form is sent as Post 3. Add enctype= "Multipart/form-data" to form form-------> 2. Handling Page DoactionPHP//$_files: File upload variablePrint_r($_files);//$_files: Save

PHP implementation logging (file)

PHP implementation Logging (file) phpphp loggingIn the project, it is often necessary to record some operational information, or to print some key variables, or to import Excel files and withdraw records. Often encounter, encapsulate a method, have

Some optimizations for PHP performance

PHP Optimization for PHP optimization is mainly related to the php.ini in the main parameters of the reasonable adjustment and settings, the following we will look at some of the php.ini in the performance of a large number of parameters should be

PHP xprof performance test under CentOS

First, the first step, install1. Installing the xhprof Extensionwget zxvf xhprof-0.9.2.tgzCD xhprof-0.9.2Cp-r xhprof_html xhprof_lib # The directory where the application is locatedCD

Hibernate's Mapping file

Structure and properties of the map fileA mapping file (mapping files) consists of a root node and multiple nodes,First look at the root node what attributes are supported:1 hibernate-mapping2 Schema= "SchemaName"(1)3 Catalog=

PHP configuration php-fpm startup parameters and configuration details

Contract several directories/usr/local/php/sbin/php-fpm/usr/local/php/etc/php-fpm.conf/usr/local/php/etc/php.iniOne, the php-fpm start parameterCopy CodeThe code is as follows:#测试php-FPM

tcp/ip, Http, sockets, Xmpp-from Getting started to in-depth

tcp/ip, Http, sockets, Xmpp-from Getting started to in-depthUltimate iOS Program ape 2016-12-29 18:27 In order to facilitate people's understanding and memory, We first introduce these concepts, and then analyze their differences, and then carry out

The Limit optimization strategy of Web front-end picture

With the development of the web, the traffic of website resources becomes bigger and larger. According to statistics, 60% of the website traffic are from the site pictures, visible to the picture reasonable optimization can greatly affect website

PHP uniqid high concurrency generates distinct unique IDs The PHP uniqid () function can be used to generate a unique identifier that is not duplicated, based on the current timestamp of the microsecond level. In the case of high concurrency or very short

Nginx reverse proxy under thinkphp, PHP not get the correct external network IP

When recording users to send text messages need to obtain the user ip, TP has been acquired by the intranet ip: Framework Get IP method:get_client_ip1 /**2 * Get client IP address3 * @param integer $type return type 0 return IP address 1

Lucene underlying principles and optimization experience sharing (1)-lucene Introduction and Index principle

Based on Lucene search engine we have developed our own Full-text retrieval system, take up the background of petabytes, trillions of records of data retrieval work, here to share the bottom of the Lucene basic research and some optimization

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