[Original] on the Centos7.2 source installation php, Nginx, Zentao Zen Road

Tags: mysq Use default php.ini error static centos7.2 LIBXML2 figureVersion Operating system: CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core) php:5.6.33 nginx:1.12.2 mysql:5.6.38 ( 's Windows) Zentao Zen Road: 9.7.stable

JSON Learning notes (i)

Tags: class NTB als pretty key Weibo ret learning sites1. Introduction to JSON:JSON: JAvaScript Object Notation (JavaScript object notation)JSON is the syntax for storing and exchanging textual information. Similar to XML.JSON is smaller, faster,

HTTP Status Code Summary

Tags: redirect remote service value default temporary row modify which download itselfAs is known to all, each HTTP response is provided with an HTTP status code, which is the code used to represent the HTTP server response status. It is defined by

About Libcurl and CURL

Tags: function SSL error SMT INI using LFS operating systemToday when learning PHP encountered to call the Curl library function to access the specific URL string, you need to write a method to make the call, before the Linux system is also useful

HTML5 input:file Upload Type control

Tags: xls office pps mp3 post code power pre docHTML5 input:file Upload Type Control August 29, 2014 200,687 views first, Input:file propertiesThe following are some of the more commonly used property values:Accept: Represents the file MIME type

04:form Validating user input & input HTML

Tags: avoid HTTP basic using require Django Val rom data objThe function and basic use of 1.1 form1, the form of two functions, and the application of the scene1. function 1: Verify2. function 2: Generate HTML Tag (default function: Keep last

PHP 5 Calendar function

Tags: col time format date Cal End Body window OOBPHP 5Calendar function About PHP CalendarThe calendar extension contains functions that simplify conversions between different calendar formats.It is based on Julian Day count (Julian days

Build an HTTPS server with a self-built CA certificate

Tags: usr text understanding point ref character Har errorlog sid1. Introduction to theoretical knowledge of HTTPS HTTPS (full name: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over secure Socket Layer) is a security-targeted HTTP channel and is simply a

HTML5 knowledge Points: A brief analysis of regular expressions

Tags: share picture calculation tool picture concept rip HTML and architectMany people's impressions of regular expressions are used for form validation, which is not really accurate. Regular expressions are widely used in many software applications,

Threejs Deep Dive animation, texture, control, etc. (ii)

Tags: construct 0.00 shmat s function normal int val global JavascripIf the Threejs still not know the friend, you can first go to see my previous blog, Threejs (a), after reading will have a general understanding of the Threejs;In this blog, we

NET Core cross-platform mystery [medium]: The War of Reuse

Tags: project func service about proving Director Composition Road MoDIn essence,. NET, designed by the CLI specification, has a cross-platform gene from the moment it was born, which is indistinguishable with Java. With a unified intermediate

Read more about jquery each Ajax function: $.get (), $.post (), $.ajax (), $.getjson ()

Tags: pts password code volume bin ring Data type traversal method postA, $.get (Url,[data],[callback])Description: The URL is the request address, data is the list of requests (is optional, you can also write the parameters to be passed in the URL),

Web server, Application server, HTTP server differences

Tags: ase clear etc XML file between Application Server basic System sectionWhat is the difference between a Web server, an application server, and an HTTP server? What kind of server IIS, Apache, Tomcat, Weblogic, WebSphere all belong to, these

JS City Linkage Selector

Tags: select    class   split   var    select     type   java   html   city    <html><head><meta

HTML5 Introduction, c/S and b/s architecture

Tags: HTML5 introduction c/S and b/s architectureHTML5 Introduction:HTML5 is the World Wide Web core language, the standard Universal markup language under the application of Hypertext Markup Language of the fifth version, so called HTML5. Before

Installation of xampp in Ubuntu, and remote access to phpmyadmin problems encountered

Tags: allow hostname to share es2017 PHP log conf input remoteInstall to half hint killed, indicating insufficient server storage spacephpMyAdmin does not allow remote access how to resolve, in the previous essay has been introducedTo set up

Web Front end 1

Tags: web front endA web front-end Development Specification course introduction and practical significance1.1 Course BriefThis is a must-have program for front-end programmers to help you make less detours, efficient, and high-quality development

THINKPHP5 generate QR code to display in template

Tags: thinkphp5THINKPHP5 generate two-dimensional code Using the PHP QRCode class libraryComposer require Endroid/qrcode import Phpqrcode class Library 2. Class Library useA $qrCode = new \endroid\qrcode\qrcode ();//instantiationb Set

Understanding the Module specification in JS (commonjs,amd,cmd)

Tags: stage upgrade memory Tor Lock IMP concept development Engineer PortfolioWith the rapid development of the Internet, front-end development is more and more complex. This article will start with the problems encountered in the actual project,

PHP OAuth 2.0 Server

Tags: onload BSP War License lease Framework RDS EXT LOBPHP OAuth 2.0 server PHP OAuth 2.0 server???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???? Security noticeplease Upgrade to

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