Windows: Use GPO to deploy iTunes for Windows

Windows: Use GPO to deploy iTunes for Windows   Here is an article about the large-scale deployment of iTunes for Windows software to support the integration practices of iPhone es in enterprises.Article.   Although it is in English, I think it

Module "may be incompatible with the running Windows version. Check the x86 or x64 version of the zookeeper and regsvr32.exe.

I have recently studied how to convert video formats from mencoder. Rmvb conversion is required: 1. Copy drv43260.dll to the System32 folder of the system.2. Start-> Run-> regsvr32 drv43260.dll (From:

How to open multiple independent windows at the same time in Visio

Visio2003 is used for a few days. It is especially inconvenient to open multiple windows. You need to click here in the window menu and find a solution to this problem on the English website.   1. Open Visio 2. Click Tools-options-advanced 3.

Solution to Windows Installer Service unavailability

In many cases, I run msiexec/unregserver directly in cmd and then run msiexec/regserver, but I don't know if it works for others. Here is what I found online, for reference only:Many users often encounter Windows Installer errors when installing

When adding a printer to Windows 7, the system prompts "The local printer background processing program service is not running"

I checked it online and said that there are all reasons, one of which is that the Print Spooler service is not started. I open the service in the management tool. From the service list, we can see that the Print Spooler service is automatically

Command overview-Command run on Windows 7 (all)

  Windows 7 running commands   Cleanmgr-open the disk cleanup Tool Compmgmt. msc --- Computer Management Conf -- Start netmeeting Charmap -- start the character ing table Calc -- start Calculator Chkdsk.exe -- chkdsk disk check Cmd.exe -- cmd

Do not use 32-bit JDK in 64-bit windows


Release a new product and try it out. The local machine is win7_x64, but for the convenience of work, the machine has installed four JDK from 32-bit jdk1.5 to 64-bit jdk1.6. To ensure that the running status of most people is the same, the 32-bit

How to Reduce the memory usage of Windows programs

* Note: During the optimization of the system over the past few days, it was found that the entire software took up MB of physical memory as soon as it was started, and it was a little hard on the HP Workstation, let alone on a normal PC. However, I

Windows. Setup Manager wizard.(setupmgr.exe). unattended system installation

For more detailed configuration, refer: · Preparation-the Setup Manager wizard · Preparation-the answer File · Preparation-starting unattended setup Summary This article describesHow to install the Windows 2000 Setup Manager wizard and use it to

Windows Command Line: Start → run → input command collection

Click Start --> run, and enter the following command to open the corresponding content: AAccwiz.exe --------------------------- auxiliary tool wizardActmovie.exe --------------------------- the Installation tool is directly displayed.Append.exe -----

An example of asynchronous socket communication (Windows)

In Windows, there are two methods to change a socket to asynchronous.   (1) Call the wsaasyncselect Method (2) Call the wsaeventselect Method     You can use the select function to find the socket or conduct training by yourself through

Use the custom verification component library to expand Windows Forms (2)

Content on this page Review Procedural form range Verification Validatorcollection Validatormanager Another problem: Update basevalidator Enumerate validatorcollection

Windows builder Installation notes (SWT, swing, GWT-designer three-in-one)

  I think all people who use Java are worried about graphical design. This should have been a strong point of Java and should be well utilized. However, the SWT-designer tutorial on the Internet is not very comprehensive, or there is a problem with

In Windows XP, it is used together with NAT traversal and "Universal Plug and Play", which brings great convenience.

Document directory Client Output data packets on the NAT device Server Input packets on the NAT device Internal Network Services Embedded address or port Applications using distributed sockets Required port available Multiple Nat NAT

Use bochs + VMware + windbg to analyze and debug Windows 7 Kernel

Link: Google can find many tutorials on "How to Use windbg to debug Windows Kernel. Almost all Based on the obtained tutorial, I will summarize the experiment process and write it out. ★My vmware version is: 6

Windows exception handling process

Let's talk about the difference between exceptions and interruptions. An interruption can occur at any time, regardless of the instructions being executed by the CPU. the interruption is mainly caused by hardware such as the I/O device, processor

Windows x64 latest JDK 6u21 download address multi-language version

  Download Java SE Development Kit 62008For Windows x64, multi-language

Windows Socket API

Windows Socket API usage experienceThis article is some of my experiences in MS-windows and HP-UNIX network programming. It is for your reference only. If the socket function mentioned in this article is not specifically described, it refers to the

What programmers should know about Windows API, CRT, and STL

1. Purpose of writing this articleThis article aims to help some people understand some basic concepts about Windows API, C Runtime Library (CRT), and standard C ++ Library (STL. Many people, even experienced programmers, are vague or even have

Turn: the Windows batch processing function is very powerful with scripts!

I have been engaged in several video codec quality analyses recently. I need to write several scripts and found that in addition to the powerful functions of Python, basic doscommands are also necessary. So I have read several articles. The

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