The IE8 homepage is locked and cannot be modified.

Recently, many users have reported that the IE8 homepage has been maliciously tampered with and cannot be fixed using the registry or third-party security tools. To solve this problem, the author traces and analyzes one of the email request

Solution to the problem that junk and useless files cannot be deleted

Computers are often used. When deleting unwanted junk files, you are often prompted that they cannot be deleted. There are many reasons why files cannot be deleted when you browse Baidu and Google. The following describes several common solutions on

The product key used to install Microsoft Windows may be invalid.

[Problem] windows sp2 is to be installed, but when you press windows2003 sp1, the system prompts "the product key used to install microsoft windows may be invalid...". The installation cannot continue. How can this problem be solved? [Solution] how

Solution to log tumor problems caused by clrprofile

W3wp.exe process will generate a log file in C: \ Windows \ temp \ pipe. log endless growthThis log file will grow endlessly. This slows down the system. Usually, the C disk contains only 0 bytes.How can I stop this process from logging.Some of the

Solution for failing to open the DbName of the database requested for login

The database DbName requested for Logon cannot be opened in the tutorial Logon Failed. User 'iis APPPOOL-ultultapppool 'Login Failed. . This problem is caused by the application connection pool. Some friends on the Internet say that

Solution to incomplete webpage content display

When the computer is surfing the Internet, when I use IE to open the website, there will be incomplete parts of the web page, which is everywhere red XX. How can this problem be solved? if this is not the case for other websites, It is

User nt authority \ network service logon Failure Solution

The first time I used SQL Server 2008 for ASP. NET development under Vista's flagship version, I encountered a lot of confusing problems. One of them was the "user NT AUTHORITY \ NETWORK SERVICE login failure" problem. At first, I thought the

Restore source code viewer of IE8

After the installation of various well-known and unknown text editing software, IE8's default source code editor is also changed many timesIn fact, IE8 does not use notepad by default. The viewer with syntax highlighting and row number functions is

Troubleshooting of VPN servers in Windows

In daily work of an enterprise, VPN is a convenient and practical networking method. VPN can shield the geographical limitations, especially suitable for companies with large geographic spans. Therefore, maintenance of VPN servers is one of the most

Work und with sound but no volume icon in the taskbar

If there is a sound but no small horn icon, you can click "start" → "Control Panel (C) "sound, voice, and audio devices" → "Sound and audio devices" → open the "Sound and audio device properties" window → select the "volume" tab → select "put the

Solution to disable background wallpaper image display on Remote Desktop

When using a local computer, there is a beautiful background. Due to work needs, you need to remotely connect to the local On the local computer, but after connecting to the remote computer, you cannot see the beautiful background you set. What is

Two modes and uninstallation of applications deployed by ClickOnce

On the release tab of the project, you can select two ClickOnce deployment modes for the application: This application can only be used online This application can also be used offline (it can be started from the "Start" menu) Here, we call them

Graphic tutorial on setting up a cool-play HD video-on-demand Server

In order to reduce the difficulty of server deployment, cool-play has designed a silly deployment solution that intelligently completes all complex processes, making it easy and orderly to set up services and release media resources. 1. Set up

Advantages of vpn soft route dual-line access in Windows

The instance proves that the dual-line access using vpn soft routing is better than the hardware VPN Router, and it also has many advantages. As we all know, hardware routers and software routers can be used to achieve dual-line routing (ROS in

How to configure a soft route in Windows 2000

Some people may not know how to configure a soft route in Windows 2000. Here we mainly introduce how to configure a soft route in Windows 2000. In the LAN, to prevent private file transfer between departments, generally, the IP addresses of

Vro: Windows 7 is used as the router!

When surfing the internet, we will inevitably encounter some network problems. At this time, we need to check the network connection status and find the root cause of the problem. In Windows XP, you will open the "Network Connection" window from the

Routing interfaces and filters implemented in WINDOWS

Previous: Configuring Static Routing Router interface Windows2003VroUse a routing interface to forward unicast IP, IPX, or AppleTalk packets, and multicast IP packets. There are three types of routing interfaces. 1. LAN interface A lan interface is

Router configuration interface filter in WINDOWS

Previous Article: routing interfaces and filters RoutingConfiguration InterfaceFilterThe steps are as follows: 1) Expand "route and remote access", expand the server, expand "IP Route Selection", expand "General", and select to addFilterInterface,

Network Configuration: how to correctly set Windows XP

Step 1 of Windows XP Network Configuration:On the Desktop you are using, right-click "Network neighbors" and select "properties" from the pop-up menu" Step 2:In the subsequent window, right-click "Local Connection" and select "properties" Step

Configuration and installation of wireless network cards in Windows XP (1)

1. Wireless Nic Installation The notebook currently uses an Intel Pro Wireless chip. Windows XP has built-in support for it, so no driver is required. For wireless NICs of other vendors or wireless NICs of the notebook, you can refer to the NIC

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