Easily implement Windows 2000 security policies

We will introduce some common setting methods to set security policies for Windows 2000 to ensure security. I. Security Policy Windows 2000 has many security vulnerabilities, which are well known. Most vulnerabilities can be reduced through

Windows function complementing tips

A friend often appeals in the Forum to say that the memory needs to be released. In fact, if you have installed Windows 2003, you do not need to seek third-party memory management software that requires registration for long-term use. Because

Windows OS Shared by default

1. Right-click the "stop sharing" Method Right-click a shared item (such as H $) in the "Computer Management" window, select "stop sharing", and close the sharing, the sharing icon below it disappears, and all projects can be stopped after

Installation and preparation of php5.0 in Windows

PhP5 includes the following important features: · Supports new object models and Zend engines with many new features. The XML support is completely rewritten, and the extended performance is centered around the excellent libxml2 library (http:/

Hacker secret: permission settings in Windows

With the wide application of the forum, the discovery of the online upload vulnerability, and the increasing use of SQL injection attacks, webshell makes the firewall useless, even if a web server with all Microsoft patches and port 80 open to the

Windows Management script Learning

This article is recommended by Webmaster (reterry) Article A friend who wants to learn VBScript, I suggest you go to the official website of Microsoft to check out what is good and humorous. I used to read vbscirpt and read many things, you may not

Phplet installation in Windows

What is phplet?It is very simple. It is a web server written in PHP and can replace Apache or IIS.Why is phplet introduced?Because it is a shortcut for phper to learn the principles of web servers.Because of itsProgramThe structure is very good. It

Windows toolbar Style

menu bar style [Ctrl + A select all Note: If you need to introduce external JS, You need to refresh it to execute]

In-depth mining of Windows Script Technology page 1/2

In-depth exploration of Windows Script Technology ArticleAuthor: zzzevazzz To enableCodeClean and use the PHP tag of the forum for processing. (No vbs label, code label is not easy to use, depressing)If you reprint this article, make

Install apache2 and PhP4 in Windows

Apache 2 and PHP are popular solutions for creating interactive websites with low costs. Installing Apache 2 in Windows is a breeze, but it requires some skills to make PHP 4 and Apache 2 run in concert. Transfer from: dynamic network Production

COM functions in PhP4 (Windows)

COM functions in PhP4 (Windows) I have been writing an Excel file into MySQL over the past few days.Article, Search for the phpx Forum. If you do not have this post, post it as follows: COM functions in PhP4 (Windows) Introduction The com

Master the compression function of Windows XP

When it comes to compression, many friends will think of software such as WinRAR and WinZip. In fact, Windows XP also provides us with a simple and practical compression function, enough to meet our daily compression needs. The following describes

Windows XP support tools

Whether it is monitoring system performance or exploring the cause of failure, the real key is to find the right tool. Open "All Program "Menu," System Tools ", there are a lot of tools for you to choose from. However, if you are an experienced

Undefeated command to end Windows System Process

Process is ProgramAn execution activity on a computer. When you run a program, you start a process. Obviously, the program is dead (static), and the process is active (dynamic ). Processes can be divided into system processes and user processes.

Windows Server Security Configuration

Server Security Configuration (for Windows systems only) I, In principle, disable all unused services, do not install any software irrelevant to the server, and complete all patches. Modify 3389 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \

Quick installation of Windows 2000 System Patches

Now the Windows 4.0 system is becoming more and more mature, and the corresponding Server Pack is also upgraded to version. At present, there are more than 20 patches for Windows 2000. If each patch is manually installed, the workload is quite high.

Windows system folder full encryption

We use Windows every day. Are you familiar with its system folder? In the following article, we will introduce the functions of various Windows operating system folders.   Win9X/Me It is said that there are still many users in Windows 9x, while

Five windows password settings and cracking

In the process of using a computer, it is inevitable to deal with various types of passwords. The following nine types of passwords may be the most popular for everyone: BIOS password, installation password, user password, power management password,

Resin installation in Windows

Jsp is a new web development tool developed by sun Based on servlet. in foreign countries, ejb + jsp/servlet + Application Server + database has become a popular architecture of e-commerce sites. If you use the jsp platform as the support for

How to configure Windows XP SP2 Firewall

Introduction Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) introduces a new firewall that can help protect the system against attacks by malicious users or malware (such as virus software. We recommend that you always use the firewall when running your

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