Advantages of vpn soft route dual-line access in Windows

The instance proves that the dual-line access using vpn soft routing is better than the hardware VPN Router, and it also has many advantages. As we all know, hardware routers and software routers can be used to achieve dual-line routing (ROS in

Vro: Windows 7 is used as the router!

When surfing the internet, we will inevitably encounter some network problems. At this time, we need to check the network connection status and find the root cause of the problem. In Windows XP, you will open the "Network Connection" window from the

The concept of routing in WINDOWS

Routing Requirement Analysis After realizing the company's network, as the scale expands, the computer IP addresses of various departments may be in different network segments; or, due to some requirements, the company's network needs to be divided

Routing interfaces and filters implemented in WINDOWS

Previous: Configuring Static Routing Router interface Windows2003VroUse a routing interface to forward unicast IP, IPX, or AppleTalk packets, and multicast IP packets. There are three types of routing interfaces. 1. LAN interface A lan interface is

Router configuration interface filter in WINDOWS

Previous Article: routing interfaces and filters RoutingConfiguration InterfaceFilterThe steps are as follows: 1) Expand "route and remote access", expand the server, expand "IP Route Selection", expand "General", and select to addFilterInterface,

Network Configuration: how to correctly set Windows XP

Step 1 of Windows XP Network Configuration:On the Desktop you are using, right-click "Network neighbors" and select "properties" from the pop-up menu" Step 2:In the subsequent window, right-click "Local Connection" and select "properties" Step

Network Configuration: how to correctly set Windows 7

Step 1:Click the taskbar Network icon in the lower-right corner of the desktop, and click "Open Network and sharing center. Step 2:In the displayed window, click "Change adapter Settings" on the left" Step 3:In the displayed window, right-click

Use Windows NT Server as a Router

Up to now, TCP/IP has become the most widely used universal network protocol. It is recognized by many computer users. With TCP/IP, you can easily connect networks of different network types and operating systems, and connect them to the

A Brief Introduction to using a Windows NT Server as a Router

The development of network technology is no longer limited to a small LAN. In daily networking, the most common problem is to connect the existing network to achieve maximum resource sharing and information communication. To interconnect different

How to implement dual-line access of VPN routers in Windows soft routes

I believe everyone is familiar with soft routing. With the Windows soft routing technology, we can implement the dual-line access function of the VPN Router, which is very convenient for users. Using Windows soft route to achieve dual-line access

How to Implement VPN dual-line access using the Windows soft route Function

Many people may not have a special understanding of the soft route function, so I studied the questions about how to implement VPN dual-line access in the soft route function. I would like to share it with you here and hope it will be useful to you.

How to implement dual-line access of vro in Windows

With the development of China's routing industry, the application of soft router dual-line access is also more extensive, here I mainly explain how to achieve soft router dual-line access in Windows, as we all know, dual-line routing can be

How to Understand route table information in Windows

When using a vro, you will often encounter problems, which are reflected in the route table information. When this article is about route table information, you may be wondering why I asked you to execute the IPCONFIG/ALL command. The reason for

Overview of Viewing Windows route table information

It is very important to learn how to view the Windows route table information. So I studied the specific steps for viewing the Windows route table information. I will share with you here, hoping to help you. Time can be amazing in this way. People

Static router for routing in WINDOWS

Previous: basic concept of Routing StaticVro: Must be manually configuredRoute tableAnd does not exchange information with dynamic routers. View route table Each running TCP/IP host retains a route table to control how to communicate with hosts in

Dynamic Routing Protocol for routing in WINDOWS

Previous: static Router DynamicRouting ProtocolFeatures 1) the dynamic routing protocol can automatically update its route table and send updated messages to other dynamic routing protocols it knows. 2) the purpose is to manage the work of the

Router enabling in WINDOWS

Previous: Dynamic Routing Protocol Enable Routing To configure a server running Windows as a networkVroTo enable the "Routing and Remote Access" RRAS, Routing and Remote Access) service. 1) choose Start> program> Administrative Tools> route and

Configuration of static routes in WINDOWS

Previous: Enable Routing View static route tables As we mentioned earlier, in a small network, the Administrator manually adds, modifies, and deletes entries in the route table, for example, adding a router to the network, the administrator needs to

How to set ADSL Network Connection and dial-up connection in Windows 7 (1)

I. How to set up the Windows 7 ADSL Network Connection Many home users and small-sized commercial users use ADSL to access the Internet. Therefore, I would like to provide a special description: 1. The connection model is computer-router-adsl

How to configure and install routes in Windows 8

If you have installed Windows 8, the following describes how to configure and install a vro for win8, which is similar to Windows 7. First, connect the cables according to the instructions. First open the network on the computer, and then click --

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