Why does a computer sound?

For non-phonetic symbols:1. Insert the Windows XP CD-ROM to your computer's CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. Hold down the Shift key while inserting the CD-ROM to prevent the disc from running automatically.2. Click start, and then click Run.3. In the open

Solution to the error caused by too small memory in the partition where the VM configuration file is located

Some tools such as VS installed on Win2008 R2 a few days ago have greatly reduced the system disk space of the machine to less than 3 GB. when Hyper-v is used to start MyVirtualMachine (allocated to memory of 5120 MB) on this machine, Hyper-v

How to mount a VHD hard disk in a local system (with a shortcut command)

There is a significant difference between Virtual PC and Virtual Server 2005 R2 with SP1 in terms of operation management. After the VMAdditions plug-in is installed on Virtual PC, you can directly drag and drop the host file to the guest system, or

How to Use Windows Update

Teach you tips to let you know about your Windows Update. Windows Update is the component we use to upgrade the system. It is used to Update our system and can expand system functions, the system supports more software and hardware, solves various

Kb969947 Windows kernel-mode Driver Vulnerability

Kb969947 vulnerabilities in Windows kernel-mode drivers may allow remote code executionPlease install this patch. If the operating system is windows xp, download the repair package to fix

Relationship between system page files and virtual memory

The tutorial for helping customers (www.bkjia.com) first introduces the page files in windows: page files refer to the hard disk space used by the operating system to build virtual memory. To sort out the page file, first move the page file from the

How to securely and effectively protect the normal operation of iis services

  Server tutorial of kangfire website construction Institute (bkjia.com)Generally, most Web sites are designed to provide visitors with instant information access in the most acceptable way. Over the past few years, more and more hackers, viruses,

Build a PHP + MySQL + IIS environment in Windows

  Tutorial on helping customers (www.bkjia.com)With the popularity and popularity of network marketing, especially the benefits and profits brought to enterprises through the network, more and more people are aware that in addition to the

Display language settings of the Boot Manager menu

My system was originally a Windows Vista Chinese version, and recently I installed Windows 7 RC English version in dual-system mode. In this way, the selection menu of the original boot operating system, F8 advanced boot menu, and Windows Memory

Four tips for using Windows Task Manager

The Windows Task Manager can be used to view the currently running program, started processes, CPU and memory usage information. This provides us with ideas to further solve the problem, using the task manager is the only way for cainiao to compete.1

Use Necsocks5 to configure the Windows Proxy Server

It is not easy to select a proxy server on Windows. professional agent software is bulky and complicated to configure. A lot of useful features, such as CCproxy, are commercial software; Use the yitte proxy server, and its free version is user

Immune Windows systems from malicious code harassment

The so-called malicious code refers to the use of WSH vulnerabilities in a webpage to modify a piece of code of the system (however, because it does not have the basic characteristics of both infectious and self-replication viruses, therefore, it

Review of Classic blue-screen Windows operating system scenarios [multiple images]

With Microsoft's efforts in operating systems, compared with earlier Windows 98/XP systems, Windows 7 has a much lower chance of blue screen, maybe these funny blue screen scenes brought by the Windows system will eventually leave us alone. Maybe

How can I restore the desktop when I move it to the right?

Problem: How to restore the desktop from moving to the rightI also forgot how I got it. Anyway, I couldn't get it back. 1/4 on the left of the desktop was black. I tried to use the buttons in the lower left corner of the monitor to adjust the effect.

Tips for switching sequence between the portrait and landscape screens of a custom Monitor

Nowadays, the portrait display mode of mobile phones and iPad is becoming more and more commonly used, because the portrait display is easy to scan and the e-book is displayed in the best size, it is also more similar to the feeling given by books,

How to configure the coexistence of Hyper-V and VMware Virtual Machine Software

Microsoft's Server virtualization technology Hyper-V is supported in Windows server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, and the latest Windows 8, you only need to start the function to create and run the required Virtual Machine for operating system

Modify the UAC method of Windows 7 by modifying the Registry

It is used for work. To change the UAC settings of win7, I searched for it online for half a day and there was no ideal result. Combined with many examples, we finally found the location of UAC in the registry. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \

Solution to the error code 5555h in Ghost (1)

Ghost is an excellent system cloning tool.GhostA system can save a lot of valuable time for network administrators, but problems may also occur in ghost usage. In this article, we will summarize the problems that may occur during ghost usage: 1.

How to implement remote shutdown using the shutdown command

The shutdown command is a command that enables automatic shutdown and restart using scheduled tasks. If a remote device is used, you need to set the guest account of the remote computer to have the corresponding permissions. Otherwise, the system

How to connect to remote desktop with 256 colors in Win7

Windows 7 uses 256 colors to connect to the Remote Desktop. If the registry and group policy are used on the Internet, I have failed to try it. It is a matter of character. I have been using dameware to set it to 256 to connect to the Remote

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