Music produced by operating system sound effects, absolutely classic [Video]

Whether it's Microsoft Windows or Apple's Mac OS, the system sound effects have left us with a deep impression. Some classic sound effects have long lived in our minds, some fans on the Internet will surely surprise you with the music produced by

Seven major obstacles to switch from Windows to Linux

According to foreign media reports, many users may, like the author, have been interested in Linux and install it on their own PC for testing. However, many users finally choose to give up Linux and return to Windows. Why?     Below, I have

Common MMC console shortcut commands in Windows

Common MMC console shortcut commands in Windows ThanksFragmented IT informationArticle I have been away from the main IT business for some time, but I still want to build my own house. What should I do ?? Although fragment is not a good technology,

Introduction to PATH variables in Windows

When using a windows system, we often access the path represented by "% *** %. What does this mean? The operating system or software may be stored in different locations on different computers, and the directory names may be different, therefore,

Windows Image and fax viewer cannot be opened

Window image and fax viewer cannot be opened The Window image and fax viewer cannot be used. When you click an image, it is invalid and does not respond. This phenomenon is caused by an error in system component Association, which was previously

Server Application Error Solution

Server Application Error The server has encountered an error while loading an application during the processing of your request. Please refer to the event log for more detail information. Please contact The server administrator for maintenance ance.

The program is interrupted during software installation and the system has not been modified

After Windows 7 is reinstalled, the program is interrupted when Dreamweaver is installed. Is the system not modified? After a series of troubleshooting, I finally found the source of the error and shared it with you. Step 1: In the command window,

Use exbench to create a Windows 2000 appearance

You have heard of exclusive, which is used to view and modify the content contained in. dll. resources in files such as exe are also good tools for Chinese software. You can go to mydown to download, which is only 400 Kb or more. Next, we will

Several ways to prevent Server Overflow and reduce the possibility

  Server Information of the Fire Station Building Institute ( is a problem caused by the deficiencies in the design of the program designer. Overflow is also a permanent pain for the operating system and application software. Today,

How to create a data disaster recovery and backup system using storage devices

After analyzing the technologies related to data backup, I believe you have some knowledge about data backup, how to make full use of the current mainstream data backup technology to build a data Disaster Tolerance solution for enterprises or

Livekd solution to Windows kernel debugging errors

When trying to debug the Windows 7 kernel using livekd, the following message is always displayed: Cocould not resolve symbol file for ntoskrnl.exe: matrix Database In this way, there is no ntoskrnl in the symbol file directory. the Directory of

Why cannot I open the Help file of the software when running mongown 7?

Problem: The Help file of the software running in WIN7 cannot be opened. He said that the startup help failed. Why can't he get help information about this program?The help information of this program is created in the Windows Help format, which

The user cannot be deleted. The user does not belong to this group. Solution

Problem: Recently, I saw the username SX $ on the server. Later I learned that the username was hacked, but I could not delete it. The prompt is: the user cannot be deleted and the user does not belong to this group, what should I do? Answer: 1.

Graphic tutorial on installing mongodb in windows

Preparations: Download the right version of to official Here we use mongodb windows 32bit Decompress mongodb to the d: \ mongodb \ directory, and create a new directory db (for storing data) and a directory logs

Configuration of system environment variables in Windows 7

1.Find "Advanced System settings" and click "environment variables" (1, 2) 2. Click "environment variables" and find the variable named "Path" under "system variables" (3) 3. Double-click the "Path" variable to display the "edit

How to use Telnet commands

Telnet is the standard protocol and main method for remote logon. It provides users with the ability to complete remote host work on local computers. By using Telnet, Internet users can contact many information center libraries and other information

Detailed description of vmwarevm System Image File compression method

When you create a VM in VMware, the wizard determines whether to pre-Allocate the virtual disk space (preallocate for virtual disk). If you select this option, VMware will immediately Allocate all the space (Allocate all disk space now ); otherwise,

Solution to operating system not found prompt on vmvm

Operating system notfound is always prompted when the system is restarted after it is installed! There may be two reasons for this: First, use vmware to install the system without setting the disk as a function. So the system is not started!

Introduction to the reading sequence of Windows XP startup system files

Windows XP Professional computer Startup Process Overview -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overview This article describes how to start Microsoft Windows XP on an x86 architecture computer. It aims to

Solution for failing to lock the file in VMWare

Virtual Disk (. vmdk) has a disk protection mechanism to prevent multiple virtual machines from simultaneously accessing the same virtual disk (. vmdk) brings about data loss and performance reduction risks. Each time a virtual machine is started,

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