MD5 and CRC verification codes for each version of Windows

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MD5 and CRC verification codes for each version of Windows

Windows XP Retail Edition

Wxpfpp_cn 109e362420790ac40e500d940bff814c
Wxpfpp_en f3cbf63c933e755b0658d957a2c7ff24

Windows XP SP1 Retail Edition

X1apfpp_cn cc918473bc81e0aa63548bafd671d02c

Windows XP SP2 Retail Edition

Vrmpfpp_cn 0168c2adcdd6fcf57d0883d0befc6015
Vrmpfpp_en 9409acf2d8d424243c55f98775e225f4

Windows XP vol

Wxpvol_tw 5d2a5490ccc5e6d622175b3fccfe33d8
Wxpvol_en 687dd0dcff628bbbc237ce534e98e992
Wxpvol_ja 8fee9452cb831edd10e75827a55a313d

Windows XP SP1 vol

Xrmpvol_cn a7d3517be9590ebbbf5e808083b211d7

Windows XP SP2 vol

Vrmpvol_cn 2637e695f43329fc9d66feceee44bf1f
Vrmpvol_en 973987a4372e273ebe961e9dff628fbf
Vrmpvol_tw b3a98b723f082bc166faa1a3fd498dc9

Windows 2003 Standard vol

Nrmsvol_cn 6fdaf3259a0405591ff8d659769b042b
Nrmsvol_en 1b14d77139ecd3ab75c2a29f3df992d2
Nrmsvol_tw 73d01995c575af9636bc23ea96c1ba4f
Nrmsvol_ja ae87b184b6f76675db2848675e0be8a6

Windows 2003 enterprise vol

Nrmevol_cn ab700e615c8f9b29bdd6bd1a8a143859
Nrmevol_en 7612947a6fb8aa8e0882de9276b4a7be
Nrmevol_tw 9a2142a61b98b3b6bdbb000df2bc493a

Windows 2000

W2pfpp_cn 552819afd01412a9f81dfb021aa5dfc5
W2sfpp_cn e3b32183ce4b9ade060d07954d8ba1d0
W2afpp_cn 7af2e3a6c0e091e461852044733d751c
W2pfpp_en 42b55813ded7d4a6ede62fda-bd5ceb7
W2pfpp_ja 372b0d17a8292dae8d4387e916d6f4cb
W2afpp_en 6ffd0d466ca048e29e029fae5fe18ea9
W2psel_en 11d1c883aa3372df878c5d0d88332fb0

Windows 2000 SP4

zrmpsel_cn limit
zrmssel_cn dc59473be1687ebb6f4fd44e15224fd7
zrmasel_cn limit
zrmafpp_en limit

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