X64 BIT system: Playing PE in Windows 7 (continued)

           Input Copype. CMD amd64 c: \ winpe_x64, SetX64ToC: \ winpe_x64Directory       EnterCopy c: \ winpe_x64 \ winpe. Wim C: \ winpe_x64 \ ISO \ sources \ Boot. Wim, SetWinpe. WimCopy filesC: \ winpe_x64 \ ISO \ sources

Easy slimming! Make Windows 7 system lose weight 3 GB

Q: How can I slim down Windows 7 systems? A: remove the virtual memory file to a non-system disk. As we all know, Windows provides a virtual memory mechanism to speed up system running. In Windows 7, this function is enabled by default, and the

Install the sleep button on Windows 8.

Windows 8The default status of the power button is not sleep. We can simply set the sleep option to "Install.1. Press the win + R shortcut key to bring up the running box, enter powercfg. Cpl in the running box, and press Enter; 2. Click the

Tool used to adjust the appearance of Windows 8-Metro UI tweaker

The arrival of the Windows 8 Metro interface made many people feel uncomfortable, but by modifying the Registry and other methods, they can return to the original interface. However, this modification is troublesome for common users, A Gui

Windows 8, Windows 7, and XP dual-system installation tutorial

There are a lot of tutorials on Dual-system networks, and some are very detailed. Here is just a bit of thinking for you.I. Windows 7 and Windows 8 Coexistence (installation in Windows 7 Environment Windows 8 )Implementation conditions: Windows 7

How to Write Windows 8 to a USB flash drive for Installation

More and more children's shoes are installed using USB flash drives.Windows 8One reason is that a DVD requires an optical drive and some machines do not have it. The other is that the price of a USB flash drive is getting cheaper. You can buy an 8gu

Add any program/file under Windows 8 to the Metro menu

We know that,Windows 8One of the most obvious features is the addition of a Metro menu. We have installedProgramThe shortcut of the program will be automatically added to the Metro menu, but for some installation-free programs (Green programs) and

Force enable split-screen display (Windows 8 snap) for Windows 8

Those who follow the build 2011 conference must be rightWindows 8The split-screen Demo Video is impressive, but we are installingWindows 8Why can't Developers find this feature after the preview version,The original Windows 8 split-screen display

Microsoft explains why plastic surgery is required for the Windows 8 Start Menu

In Windows 8, the Start Screen (Start Screen) is called when the CTRL + ESC operation is performed with the same function as the windows button. This interface is similar to Windows Phone 7, in addition, patches are used to display

Third-party tools help you improve the Windows 8 Operating Experience

today we recommend a Win8 tool with similar functions but richer functions: Metro UI tweaker. Metro UI tweaker for Windows 8 click here to download Metro UI tweaker is also a green tool. Unzip the tool and

Establish Wi-Fi hotspots on Windows 7

Because I recently participated in the development of the Google Project, I was lucky enough to get a Nexus One, and the system was still android2.1. It was old enough, and I still had no flash brush ...... Because there is no wireless route in the

Create a USB flash drive for Windows 7

In Windows 7, click Start Menu, enter diskpart, and press Enter. Diskpart>List Disk(Obtain the U disk number) Diskpart>Select disk?(? Is the U disk number) Diskpart>Clean(Clear the content on the USB flash drive) Diskpart>Create par

Summary of common keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8

Windows 8 SystemIt brings a lot of new features, in addition to the beautiful Metro interface, as well as new keyboard and button combinations. Skilled application of these shortcuts can further improve efficiency and make you really enjoy Windows 8.

Windows 8 detailed evaluation: Microsoft has changed everything

at the Microsoft build 2011 conference last week, Microsoft announced the next-generation Microsoft operating system, codenamed Windows 8. this system is a complete improvement system designed for tablets and traditional computers. The new tablet

Interpreting the removed tool disk in Windows 7

Last two articlesArticle《How to restore Windows 7 from Windows 7 to Windows 7And 《Create a Windows 7 tool disk by yourselfThis article introduces two system repair solutions provided by Windows 7. The first option is the most direct, and the

Windows Service examples (System Event Logs, Run batch processing, install/uninstall, start debugging)

Generally, Windows Services are mostly used for monitoring, and the application scope includes hardware control and applicationProgramMonitoring, system-level applications, diagnostics, reporting, web and file system services are widely used. This

Windows 7: Configure IPv6 Access

I. Initial fault occurrence: I am responsible for the network maintenance of primary and secondary schools in the region. Some schools will update their internal network addresses to IPv6, therefore, the author often needs to access related

[Windows 7 upgrade] windows anytime upgrade helps you upgrade the version

Are you not satisfied with the existing Windows 7 version on your computer? Then we will upgrade the version. Is it necessary to reinstall the system? Of course not required. Use Windows 7's built-in windows anytime upgrade to easily upgrade the

Resolve the six major problems in Windows 7 XP Mode

1. Lack of virtual tools If you have used commercial products such as vmware workstation, you will feel that the functions of the XP model are very basic. In XP mode, you cannot copy a virtual operating system or create a snapshot. The advantages

How to uninstall Windows 8 in Windows 7 and Windows 8

For the first time, Microsoft displayed the Windows 8 startup interface similar to WP7.Windows 8 preview version has been released for a week. Many children's shoes are installed with dual systems (most of which are Windows 7 + Windows 8). If

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