Use wtl to implement irregular windows

The irregular window is also called the "special-shaped" window. Now the game's starter interface is like the perfect "Xian", "pocket westward journey", and "jian Xia" in Jinshan, very beautiful. This article describes how to use wtl to implement a "

Boot FreeBSD from Windows boot loader

Very easy. Method: After the installation of FreeBSD (one Harddisc diffrent paricular mode ).1. copy the/boot/boot1 (in install disc) to c: \ 2. edit c: \ Boot. INI, add follow line in [operating systems] section: C: \ boot1 = "FreeBSD" done.

Minor problem: Windows component call failed, unable to load installation package: wbemupgd. dll

Open Add/delete todayProgramTo install several Windows components, the following error occurs: Unable to load and install the installer: wbemupgd. dll, or the 0centry function cannot be found. contact your system administrator. The specific error

Windows Vista initial experience

Windows Vista initial experience On the blog, I saw the message that Windows Vista beta1 had come out in advance and couldn't wait to BT an image (even one night ).After installing the package at noon today, let's first try it out:Installation:I

How to monitor Windows performance

I also wanted to write such a series myself ArticleBut later I thought that bill would not have prepared these items for us in advance, so I went to msdn to search for them. Well, there are still a lot of GAINS. If you are interested, refer to this

Check whether the application is running in the simulator on Windows Mobile.

Address: B /netcfteam/archive/2006/09/15/756755.aspx Code As follows: Using System; Using System. IO; Using System. Windows. forms; Using Microsoft. Win32; Using System. runtime. interopservices; Using System.

Windows Mobile simulator network connection settings

To ensure that the host is connected to the Internet, follow these steps: 1 Open ActiveSync , Click " File "-->" Connection settings ", In " Allow connection to one of the following ports " Select "DMA" . 2 Open Vs2005 , Click the

You cannot add shortcuts to the Windows 7 taskbar.

Windows 7 users can, drag the desktop icon or other Program icon to the taskbar, And then you can see the large icon in the taskbar. However, after you start the system, you cannot add a shortcut icon by dragging or dragging it. Even if you find

Failed to log on to Windows Live Messenger because the service is temporarily unavailable

    Today, I finally solved the problem of being unable to log on to Windows Live Messenger. The following is my solution:Error: failed to log on to Windows Live Messenger because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. In

Code reviewboard Installation Problems in Windows

After comparing several code review tools, we decided to deploy a reviewboard. Python-based environment configuration in Windows is quite troublesome. After each step is completed according to the document, the site is still inaccessible. View

Windows Mobile 5.0 cannot establish a network connection when accessing Web Services

This was a problem that had plagued me for several days and finally solved it the day before yesterday. Error: when adding a web reference, the name or localhost cannot be used.Cause: the simulator uses a VM to simulate a real

Windows Process Communication Methods

The process is loaded into the memory and ready for execution.Program, Each process has a private virtual address spaceCode, Data and the system resources it can use ( Such as files and Pipelines ) . Multi-Process / Multithreading is

[Translate books] Moving applications to the cloud on the Microsoft Windows azure platform-2

Chapter 1 introduces the Windows azure Platform The Microsoft Windows azure technology platform provides an on-demand, cloud-based computing method. The cloud here refers to the computer resources that exist in one or more data centers.

[Translate books]-moving applications to the cloud on the Microsoft Windows azure platform-1

Translator's words ====================== Microsoft's cloud computing screen is about to be opened. It's time to learn about it. this is a small book with more than one hundred and thirty pages. Translation is also a process of self-learning. I

Windows Memory knowledge points

I used to write an articleArticleThe difference between Task Manager and Performance Monitor (Working Set and private bytes) is not clear about Windows Memory. I 've recently heard about Mark russinovich's Windows Memory lecture from start to end,

Enable or disable Windows Services with Batch Processing

One worker uses the SC .exe command: 1. Change the service startup status. 2. Delete the Service (otherwise, it is not recommended to delete any system service, especially the basic service with caution) 3. Stop or start the service (the function is

Windows Mobile audio input

Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Using System; Using System. Collections. Generic; Using System. text; Using Opennetcf. Media. waveaudio; Using System. IO;

Display Windows dialog box in your application

Similar to the implementation in VB and other languages, Windows API is called. Using System; Using System. Windows. forms; Using System. runtime. interopservices; Namespace Jacky. WIN32API { /**/ /// ///Show windows about

[Translate books] Moving applications to the cloud on the Microsoft Windows azure platform-3

Storage in Windows azure ====================================== Windows azure provides scalable storage services for both structured and unstructured data for the following reasons.• The application can expand its storage to hundreds of TB of data.•

10 invisible places for Windows self-starting programs

During Windows Startup, many programs are automatically started. Do not think that the "Start> program> Start" menu is all right. In fact, in Windows XP/2 K, there are many ways to enable Windows to automatically start the program, the following

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