Windows 8 Study Notes (24)-SkyDrive introduction and interface call

SkyDriveBrief Introduction Windows Live SkyDrive is a network disk launched by Microsoft to store files online. You need to log on to your account with a Microsoft account. Now the Win8 system comes with this application. When we have installed

Steps and precautions for compiling audacity in Windows

The introduction to audacity and wxWidgets is omitted.Compiling environment:Operating System: Windows 7Development ide: vs2008 (compile wxWidgets) and vs2010 (compile audacity)Bytes --------------------------------------------------------------------

Deploy and install nodejs in Windows

Nodejs, as a new background language, has many attractive points: Restful API Single thread Non-blocking Io Google V8 Event-driven The processing model of node is different from the concurrency model of commonly used operating system threads.

Windows 8 Study Notes (1)

I have been learning windows Metro development for a while recently. When I read more things, I feel a little trivial. So I decided to sort out the learning content for each period of time, by the way, you can also exercise your expression and

Windows 8 learning notes (2)-XML file operations

Today, I used the XML file operation in Win8 metro and found that it was very important to sort it out. Although its usage was simple, it was a little difficult to use each time. Read XML files Windows. Storage. storagefolder = await windows.

Windows 8 Study Notes (4)-Storage Data Storage

Appdata is stored in Metro Apps in two forms: Key-value pairs and storagefile. The key-value pairs are stored in several ways:ApplicationdatacompositevalueComposite value storage,ApplicationdatacontainerContainer data

Windows 8 Metro stype app Study Notes (5)-File Operations

File Operations in the Windows 8 Metro style app are included in the windows. Storage namespace, including storagefolder, storagefile, fileio, and other class libraries. The file object is implemented using storagefile, and the file header is

Windows 8 Study Notes (14th)-. Map File and. kml File Parsing

During this period of time, we are doing a task that is crawled from the network. map File and region image, load and locate the corresponding, and output the navigation path. kml format, so that the last path is displayed in the next load. If you

Windows 8 Study Notes (6)-accelerormeter and geolocation

The device library in winrt contains a variety of device information, such as the sensor gravity accelerator, location information, Bluetooth, and SMS message sending and receiving. The following describes the usage methods: Sensor gravity

Windows 8 Study Notes (7)-Input Device

The windows. device. input interface identifies available input devices and obtains information about these devices. Keyboardcapabilities Used to determine whether a keyboard device is connected. Its keyboardpresent attribute is used for judgment.

Windows 8 Metro app Study Notes (9)-tile

Tile is the tile displayed on the desktop. The creation and lifecycle of the tile can be freely created by users and can directly access an application. It also brings a lot of convenience for timely information push. In Windows 8, The secondarytile

Windows 8 Study Notes (10) -- Notification

In winrt, there are three types of notification: Badge: Badges and tags are pushed and updated, mainly for tile notifications Toast: Tusi push, usually a notification when the program is running Tile: Tile push, which is naturally a notification

Windows 8 learning notes (11)-display and save images

Image Display Image display should be very familiar with many scenarios. Let me first list the three items I want: Scenario 1: Select an image from the local image library for display: async private void LoadPictureByPicker() {

Windows 8 learning notes (12)-set controls

In the Win8 Metro app, the display of collection items is mostly based on the listview, ListBox, and gridview controls. Try it out today ~ First, let's take a look at the official definitions of these three controls. ListBox:Contains a list of

Windows 8 Metro Study Notes (20)-Use of semanticzoom

Semanticzoom is a semantic scaling control that can be switched between two related views. For example, zoomoutview displays title information, while zoominview displays details. Let's take a look at its simple use. The following example is a simple

Windows 8 Study Notes (15th)-Windows 8 RP Metro tombstone Mechanism

Just now, when I was running the Win8 Metro app, I suddenly thought of the program lifecycle issue that had been very tangled for some time ago. I don't know where to implement the tombstone mechanism. I think there may be improvements in the RP

Windows 8 Metro Study Notes (16)-NFC

NFC(Near Field commuciation), short-range wireless communication technology, is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology. What is the difference between Bluetooth and Bluetooth? I found the differences on the Internet: (1)

Windows 8 Study Notes (17th)-. winrt asynchronous programming

We know that many interfaces in winrt are asynchronous, such as storagefile and mediacapture. They all end with "async. So what are the advantages of asynchronous programming? It may take several seconds for us to execute a function. If we use the

Windows 8 Study Notes (22)-Global Resources

In terms of project requirements, we often need to implement multi-language applications. The terminology is resource globalization. In the winrt library, the corresponding methods for global resources are also provided in the namespace windows.

Windows 8 Study Notes (19th)-. Background task backgroundtask (II)

Backgroundtask and lockscreenLockscreen: We often lock screen when using computers. When we lock screen, we can also see some messages, such as the number of unread emails and the number of new messages in a chat software, this is the common

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