Ext. Net desktop is lightweight and easy to expand like Windows 7 desktop.

My advertisement unit. Please click here. Thank you! Ext. net official website desktop is a little slow, I took it and made some modifications, in fact, mainly to remove unnecessary data loading, streamlined, so that all forms are loaded

Windows and. NET Framework Version Check tools

This is a small tool I wrote before. Now I have changed it and shared it. The function is quite simple, that is, to detect system information. This is very useful when you do not know the customer's windows operating environment. You can use QQ

Mgen street RT (street side windows 8 client) Update and introduction

1. Update Version Update date Supported Environments Supported languages 0.1 (early preview version 1) 2012-10-25 Windows 8 Medium  2. Introduction Note: This is an unofficial Street client.

Beginning WF: Windows workflow in. Net 4.0 Reading Notes

As a workflow-related project is to be created recently, it is necessary to select a workflow engine. In fact, some people in the company did their own workflow engine many years ago, but they were not promoted because of their low intention and

Windows system calls. winapi. Applications that directly draw screens. Real columns. CS screen center-point cheaters (dedicated for connecting 1.6 gangsters)

WorkProgramEmployee customers in the company, the boss is depressed.A game that won't score much ....In addition, we need to play some violent games, such as CS and KOF.Playing games has many benefits. You can relax and vent your mood, and so on ....

Recruiting Windows API contacts

Pack common Windows APIs. For example, createwindow, registerclassex, MessageBox, getwindowtext, and callback are all specific in dangerous browser. Code For example, complete the packaging of the following functions: Window functions:

Mgen street RT (street side windows 8 client) early preview 1

  Directory 1. Functions and 2. Download and install   Note:   The "early preview version" indicates that some functions of the software are implemented and previewed, and the existing functions are unstable. Major

Mgen object 652: mvvm Windows event writer

It is mainly used for Demonstration: System. Diagnostics. EventLog class (used for Windows event system operations ). WPF and mvvm programming.   Preview windows Event Viewer:   Set the event source first. Event source = event source name +

Windows azure platform Training Kit updated on August 1, February

Windows azure platform training kit was last updated on August 1, February. the release date is August 1, March 1, as follows: Http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/confirmation.aspx? Familyid = 413e88f8-5966-4a83-b309-53b7b77edf78 The Windows

In Windows 7, vs references com to build a compilation error.

The project referencesC ++WrittenComComponent, previously inWindows Server 2008 r2 + vs 2010No problem. Use it after reinstalling the system.Windows 7 + V. S. 2010, Compilation error:   Error1 cannot register assembly "E: \ workfolder \

Windows azure platform free trial by the end of June

Microsoft announced a free trial of Windows azure platform on the Windows azure website until the end of June. The link is as follows: Http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/free-trial/default.aspx Resources that can be tried are as follows:  

PC management tool for cloud computing: Windows intune

One of the characteristics of cloud computing is self-service, automation, and virtualization. virtualization is one of the two foundations of private cloud. On Virtualization management tools, Microsoft uses system center and its product family for

Windows 8 -- Microsoft goes astray

I have always felt that Microsoft did not perform well after leaving office at Bill Gates. Ballmer is far worse than gates in terms of personality charm and leader level. The only advantage is that he is extremely energetic ...... I think Microsoft,

Deep understanding of the development of Kinect for Windows

---- Microsoft build2012 Conference: Kinect for Windows Programming deep dive This weekend, I attended the two-day Microsoft build 2012 conference. It was really a big event with many topics on it. They were the latest developments in Microsoft

Improvement and new features of Kinect for Windows SDK 1.5

Later yesterday, Microsoft released the version 1.5 of the Kinect for Windows SDK. The new version of the SDK made major changes and updates to Version 1.0. This article is based on the articles Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK and toolkit-v1.5

[Translation] Getting started with the development of the Kinect for Windows SDK (2): Basic knowledge

Document directory 1.1 discover connected Kinect Devices 1.2 open Sensor 1.3 Stop Sensor The previous article introduced the environment configuration for the development of Kinect. This article and the next article will introduce the basic

Use reflector to parse windows metadata to view winrt APIs

Why do I like to use reflector to browse APIs? Because reflector only displays members of each type, its members include new members defined by itself and members modified from the parent class, however, if it is a Member that only inherits from the

WPF: implement the spring attribute in Windows Forms in the statusbar Control

In Windows Forms, you can adjust the spring attribute of toolstripstatuslabel to set the label in statusstrip to stretch (occupying all other space ):   In WPF, set horizontalcontentalignment of statusbaritem to stretch, but this can only be set

How to install my windows 8 test app

Since it is a test app, it is an app not in the Windows Store. You need to manually install this app.   First, you must have a developer license for Windows 8 to install a non-Windows Store app. (What should I do without developer permission? Please

Windows Image hijacking Technology (ifeo)

Quote: Basic symptoms: A friend may have encountered such a situation, a normal program, no matter where he is put or the program repaired with the installation disk, it is impossible to run or, for example, to run a, but it becomes a program to

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