[Translation] A View of Windows Mobile 5.0 from 10,000 feet Part 1

introduction since this column was created last year, developers have continuously promoted the capabilities of the Windows Mobile platform and development tools, it also provides an increasingly powerful application Program . As developers, they

A View of Windows Mobile 5.0 from 10,000 feet (2)

New ApplicationProgramInterface sampling (a sampling of the new APIs)Windows Mobile 5.0 provides many new APIs Based on Windows Mobile 2003 version 2 (also known as windows moblie 2003 se. Most of these new APIs are designed for free developers to

Windows Service oncustomcommand

 OncustomcommandAllows you to specify out-of-the-box functions other than dynamic motion, stop, stop, and renew services.SCM will not check the self-Signed command to verify whether the Service supports inboundCommandData. It directly uploads the

Remove Microsoft-certified windows pirated logo

From: http://home.donews.com/donews/article/1/122270.html First, create a blank notepad, and then copy the following command to the previous blank notepad:On Error resume nextDim vol_prod_keyIf wscript. Arguments. Count Vol_prod_key = inputbox

Windows batch processing script is used to start multiple files-the difference between call and start

At work, you need to run multiple USB flash disks after each machine is started.ProgramTo write a batch file, as shown below: Call @ echo off echo You are about to run startup programs ! pause :: load

Windows 7 taskbar fixed-solved the problem that icons cannot be docked in Windows 7 taskbar

The icon cannot be docked in the Windows 7 taskbar. After a shortcut is dragged to the taskbar, "attach to Taskbar" cannot be displayed:   Enter the following commands into Start> running:1. CMD/K Reg Add "hkey_classes_root \ lnkfile"/V isshortcut/

Solution to telnet failure in Windows 7 cmd

In Windows 7 cmd, If you execute Telnet 80, the system will prompt that this command is unavailable, this is because telnet is not installed by default in win7 (in the past, Windows systems were installed by default ). Solution:In

List of functional differences between Windows 8 versions

This is slightly different from the information posted on Microsoft's blog,WindowsIn essence, there are four versions of 8. In addition to Windows 8 Standard Edition, Windows 8 Professional Edition, and Windows RT (tablet version), there is also a

Live in a box (Windows Live resource summary on codeplex)

Some of the Windows Live platform folks and friends have put together "live in a box, "a set of easy step-by-step tutorials and hands on labs to help you get started building on the Windows Live platform.It's posted on codeplex (Microsoft's open

Windows Utility set

from: http://www.wangchao.net.cn/bbsdetail_54749.html [monitoring] cpumon V2.0 CPU performance monitoring tool. You can obtain information about CPU counters. This version integrates perfmon. debugview v4.31 intercept messages sent by the

Windows Quick Start command

Gpedit. msc ----- Group Policy Sndrec32 ----- Recorder NSLookup ----- IP address Detector Explorer ------ open Resource Manager Logoff ------- logout command Tsshutdn ------ 60 seconds countdown shutdown command Lusrmgr. msc ---- local users and

Windows Mobile: Hide startbutton in winmo 6.5.x

From: http://www.hjgode.de/wp/2010/10/11/windows-mobile-hide-startbutton-in-winmo-6-5-x/   Here is a very short tip based on a finding at xda-developers.com For kiosk Mode Applications you dont want the user access the device settings or the

Download vmware workstation 8 (with the registration address, Windows 8 is supported)

The latest version V 8.0.0 build September 13 officially launched by VMware in 471780 supports Installation and Use in three major Windows systems. The biggest difference with Vmware 7 is that VMware 8 supports Windows 8 in virtual machines. With

Implement DataGrid similar to Windows Resource Manager

In the DataGrid, we can achieve the effect similar to that of Windows resource manager, that is, sort columns. The color of this column is different from that of other columns. The following is the implementation code: C #

Windows Service creation, installation, and uninstallation examples

  This document describes how to create, install, and uninstall a Windows service by creating a folder Monitoring Service. Contents Create and install Windows Services. 1. Create a Windows Service Project frjwindowsservice 2. Add a filesystemwather

Windows message Overview

A message is a notification sent by windows to tell the application that something has happened. For example, if you click the mouse, change the window size, or press a key on the keyboard, Windows will send a message to the application. The message

Screenshots of non-top windows

How to intercept non-front-end Forms First, let's talk about the use of the printwindow API. Public static bitmap getwindowcapture (intptr hwnd){Intptr hscrdc = getwindowdc (hwnd );Rect windowrect = new rect ();Getwindowrect (hwnd, ref windowrect );

Sysinternals utilities help manage, troubleshoot, and upgrade your Windows systems and applications.

Microservices provide some small tools for us to manage windows. Probably there are some Case and disk utilitiesA utility used to create and use disaster recovery cases, disk access, and usage. Web utilitiesZookeeper

Windows azure platform Training Kit updated on April 9, June 7

Windows azure platform Training Kit-June update was updated in June 7. This is a very important entry-level resource for beginners. The training package for the Microsoft cloud computing platform is a comprehensive learning material for the

Case Study of Two Role Development in Windows azure

Windows azure provides a concept called role. Each role can be considered as a program. unlike an ordinary application, this program can run on one or more machines at the same time. Each role can have multiple instances, and each instance

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