Windows 8 utility tip series: 18. Windows 8 Development simulator and associated file types in Windows 8 programs

This article will explain two things: 1. Use of the Windows 8 Development simulator. 2.ProgramSet the associated file type. I. Use of the Windows 8 Development Simulator 1. In vs2012, we have a Windows 8 Development simulator. we can select the

Programmatically display system tray icon on Windows Mobile

ArticleDirectory 1. Declare some variables and function prototypes 2. Implement a wrapper function to show and hide tray icon. 3. Call showtrayicon function in wm_create Handler 4. Add handler for wm_javasray_msg 5. Getting the

Windows 8 practical tips series: 3. The first split layout application to modify the logo

Create a new split layout application in vs2012ProgramAs follows: The project layout is as follows: Here we can see the content and significance of the project structure as follows: Assets Folder: stores system images and resources Common

(IIS and built-in accounts in Windows 7 IIS 7.5) IIS and built-in account IIS

I have been using Windows 7 for some time. From project development to familiarity with IIS 7.5 to the process of gradually understanding it: IIS 7.5 and iis5 IIS6 have fully reflected the module componentization, iis7.5 is based on. net Framework 2.

Windows 8 practical tips series: 2. Windows 8 development knowledge

In this article, we will sort out some basic knowledge that needs to be learned before Windows 8 Development and list it as a corresponding table for your reference. Some of them come from msdn and some from my own organization, correct the error.

Windows 8 utility tip series: 7. Three progress bars and two timers in Windows 8

The default progress bar in Windows 8 also keeps pace with the times, different from the previous in Silverlight. This article describes three different progress bars. In addition, this article also describes two timers. ProgressEntries Main

Windows 8 practical tips series: 19. Use the gridview in Windows 8 (1)

In this article, we will describe the preliminary use of the gridview to show a variety of information. First, let's take a look at the important properties of the gridview:     Selectionmode: Set the selection mode (none, single,

Windows 8 utility tip series: 15. Four view statuses and screen lock notifications in Windows 8

In Windows 8, applications are enabled in full screen by default. If we need to check other applications, can we only go back to the Metro start page and select another program? In this way, the Windows 8 application has four view states

Windows 8 practical tips series: 6. How to Use popup in Windows 8

In the previous article, we replaced the messagedialog control of MessageBox in Silverlight. This article describes the control popup of another pop-up window. 1. We understand the islightdismissenabled attribute of the popup control. When this

Windows 8 practical tips series: 16. Windows 8 right-click menu

In Windows 8, controls include contextmenuopening events of input controls such as textbox and righttapped events of non-input controls such as buttons. This article describes the usage of two events. The Popupmenu is a class of the shortcut

How to compile Windows Services

As defined by Microsoft, a service is an executable file that runs for a long time. It does not support user interfaces and runs under special user accounts, it can also run without any user logging on to the computer. By default, the service runs

Windows 8 practical tips series: 22. Windows 8 semanticzoom zoom View

In Windows 8, The semanticzoom zoom view allows you to scale the view effects of the gridview and listview controls. It provides a detailed view (zoomedinview) for users to view details, in addition, the zoomedoutview allows you to quickly locate

Windows 8 utility tips series: 5. Windows 8 pop-up prompt box messagedialog and await, async keywords

In the previous pop-up prompts in Silverlight and WPF, The MessageBox class is displayed. In Windows 8, The messagedialog class under Windows. UI. popups namespace is used to replace MessageBox.   MessagedialogClasses have the following common

Windows 8 utility tips: 17. File selector folder Selector

The file selector in Windows 8 is significantly different from the previous versions of Windows. This article also explains how to use the Windows File selector for single-choice and multi-choice files, in addition, you also need to check the file

Windows 8 utility tip series: 4. Common mouse events for Windows 8

In Windows 8, some new mouse events are used to replace the previous Silverlight mouse events. The common events are as follows: Pointerwheelchanged: Specifies a sliding event in the middle mouse. Pointerpressed: the event is triggered when the

Windows DOS command

"Start" ---> "run" Enter the following command, or win + R, and enter the following command 1. gpedit. msc ----- Group Policy2. sndrec32 ------- Recorder3. NSLookup ------- IP address Detector4. Explorer ------- open the Resource Manager5. logoff ---

Create a Windows program for Unicode in vc6

Follow these steps to develop Unicode programs that can run in different language systems in V6: 1. Project-settings-C/C ++ tab-Preprocessor definitions: Add _ Unicode and Unicode to it. The difference between _ Unicode and Unicode is that _ Unicode

Cellular emulator in Windows Mobile 6 SDK

  Currently, most Windows Mobile devices have telephone and other wireless communication functions. In many cases, you want your application to interact with these communication functions. For example, you want to reduce the sound of your app

Windows Mobile and dmprocessconfigxml instances

These methods are mainly for the first parameter in the dmprocessconfigxml function. For details about how to use the function, see msdn. Msdn does not explain the first parameter too much. The following provides some examples: 1. Create a cmnet

Windows form message Summary

A message is a notification sent by windows to tell the application that something has happened. For example, if you click the mouse, change the window size, or press a key on the keyboard, Windows will send a message to the application. The message

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