Learning windows phone7 development together (October. Windows phone7 Toolkit)

ArticleDirectory Contextmenu I have previously written the Silverlight toolkit application in Windows phone7. That should be a fake version, because it is not specially developed for Windows phone7 after all, and there are problems

[Windows 8] install Windows 8 on virtualbox4.0.12

If you want to use VMware 8.x for installation, please refer to my other articleArticle: Http://www.cnblogs.com/zhuzhongdelei/archive/2011/09/16/2178506.html Notebook model: HP 6531 s CPU: Intel (r) core (TM) 2 Duo t6570 Graphics card:

[Windows 8] install Windows 8 on vmware8.x

Currently, Windows 8 is a Developer Preview and cannot be uninstalled. Therefore, I decided to complete the installation in the virtual machine.VT TechnologyThe high-end computer can be installed successfully at one time, but my low-configuration

Windows 8 Preliminary feeling: no big feeling

The SAP software was originally installed with a single word, and the preview version was released on Windows 8, so the machine was located in Windows 8. After downloading the ISO file, we started preparing for early adopters, just remember some of

Windows 8 Developer Preview

ArticleDirectory Download Prepare the environment Start Installation System experience Summary Download Microsoft currently provides three types of images for download: Windows Developer Preview with Developer Tools

Build conference-Welcome to Windows 8 Developer Preview (including download link)

There are already many very good gardensArticleTo provide an overview of the release of the build Conference, just give you some links, I believe these will help you understand the Windows 8 Developer Preview version. New windows Development

One problem Prevents Windows from correctly checking the license for this machine. Error code 0 × 80070002

  Some lite versions of XP SP2 are upgraded to SP3 before entering the desktop. "A Problem Prevents Windows from correctly checking the license for this machine. ErrorCode0x80070002 "is actually caused by the deletion of the oembios. BIN file under

SVN backup in Windows (detailed description)

I. Using the svn built-in backup function for full backup requires the following two files to be placed in the parent directory of the repository. 1) simplebackup. bat @ ECHO is backing up version library % 1 ......@ % Svn_home % \ bin \

View activation information and backup activation files of Windows 7 versions

After Windows 7 was installed, the download instructions show Windows 7 build 7600.16385. But how can we view this version number in win7? After searching online for half a day, I found this method to view the detailed version number of win7. You

How to install Windows XP in a vista notebook (dual system startup)

For Windows XP, you need to change a small setting, which has nothing to do with the CPU, mainly related to the SATA hard disk. if you do not have a Windows XP installation CD integrated with the SATA driver, you can set the hard disk mode to "ide"

Solve the Problem of Windows 7 desktop "right-click" new "blank and cannot save files on the desktop

Recently, Windows 7 was installed with a USB flash drive PE. Previously, the system was server2003. After the system was installed, the system adjusted the "desktop" and "User Files" to the "backup" directory of the d disk, you can find   Only

Windows 7 lossless partitioning and merging operations

Maybe a lot of people are still stuck in the C drive, the smaller the better, the smaller the faster, the less you need to know this is a wrong idea. Friends who have used Linux and MAC systems know that, all partitions of Linux and Mac are In a

Solve the Problem of abnormal display of some program icons in Windows 7

Just solved the problem of opening the computer management option, and found that part of the systemProgramThe shortcut icon cannot be displayed, The same problem has also occurred in xp. It is inferred that if the system is not damaged by viruses,

Quartz. NET 2.0 runs as a Windows Service

(Updated on the official website of 2011-10-17 quartz. net2.0. The author lahma also re-registered the quartznet account in GitHub, so the GitHub address changed the https://github.com/quartznet/quartznet) Quartz. NET 2.0 has not been officially

The network printer cannot be installed on Windows 7 64-bit

1. Install a printer driver (not a network printer, it refers to the printer connected to your computer, which can save the trouble of finding a printer driver later ). 2. Click Start \ Network; 3. Select "Add Printer "; 4. Select "add local

Nginx management script in Windows

enable, restart, and disable nginx in Windows CLS @ echo off set nginx_path = E: Set nginx_dir = E: \ nginx-0.8.40 \ color 0a title nginx management Program power by ants (http://leleroyn.cnblogs.com) goto menu: menu CLS echo. echo. * *** nginx

Memcached coexistence of multiple instances in Windows

ArticleSource: http://eason-chen.javaeye.com/blog/375517The-D install command of memcached.exe does not seem to work when other parameters are installed. After-P and-m are added, only the-runservice parameter is included in the binpath of the

Migrateuser: stsadm operation (Windows SharePoint Services)

Description Migrate the user account in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 to the New Login Name and binary ID. If a new login name item already exists, the item is marked as to be deleted for migration: the user access permission is migrated from one

In my opinion, Windows Server Load balancer (8) may end with a failure.

First of all, we must acknowledge that from the perspective of this development preview, Win8 has made great breakthroughs in both technology and interface. It can be said that it fully demonstrates Microsoft's powerful desktop technology. New

How to view wow6432node in Windows

In 64-bit windows, the Registry is divided into 32-bit registry keys and 64-bit registry keys. Many 32-bit registry entries have the same name as their corresponding 64-bit registry entries, and vice versa. The default 64-bit Registry Editor

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