Installation and uninstallation tips for Windows 98/2000

1. Improve the speed of Installing Windows 98/2000 in DOS status First, start the computer with a boot disk, run smartdrv.exe in dos, and then install windows. This will greatly shorten the installation time. Note: To Run smartdrv.exe, the DOS

You can also play ghost in windows.

The emergence of ghost brings us great convenience. In addition to backing up and recovering the system, it also has many convenient and practical applications. However, in the face of full screen English operations, it is indeed a little uneasy, a

Update the Registry to Enable Automatic Logon to Windows XP

Each time before entering the Windows XP desktop, there will always be a user login screen, requiring you to enter the user name and password. The advantage of this is that security is guaranteed in the environment where many people use a computer.

Optimize the program running in Windows

ProgramThe Operation has their own priorities. All Programs occupy processor resources. The processor processing tasks are sorted in order. Generally, there are 31 priority levels in the computer, the kernel of the system occupies some of the

Windows Vista operating system security Performance Analysis

Security is the basis of the Windows Vista architecture. With Windows Vista, you can connect to any user you want to connect to and do anything you want. We believe that Windows Vista can ensure the security of your information and computer.

Windows desktop cleanup

A better way Windows contains all tools for customizing the automatic Desktop Cleanup mechanism. In this way, you can easily find shortcuts, files, and folders that have not been used recently. At the same time, you can also set cleanup at

Full use of Windows "safe mode"

People who often use computers may have heard that when a computer fails, Windows will provide a platform named "safe mode, here, users can solve many problems-whether it is hardware or software. But will you use this security mode? Today, we will

Latest Windows System Group Policy Application Skills

System group policies are almost one of the essential tools for network management by network administrators. I believe many people are familiar with the conventional application skills of this tool. However, I have always believed that as long as

Analyze the causes of slow 1g memory usage in Windows

The current memory has basically reached the average price of 1 yuan/MB, many friends say goodbye to the poor 64 MB, MB memory, MB has become a standard preparation, MB or even 1 GB of memory is no longer "sensational ". But there is one thing that

How to back up important windows passwords

Before reinstalling the system, you can easily back up various documents, software, and desktop settings. But do you know how to back up the password? When backing up a system for another user, how can I back up the password for the other user

Practical Tips for Windows XP system security

With the popularity of Windows XP on personal computers, more and more people are beginning to be inseparable from Windows XP, although Windows XP has powerful stability and reliable security. However, Windows XP has been threatened by attacks due

How to Implement DDoS attacks in Windows

First, we use the most famous RedHat Linux for testing the configuration method of the client and server we use to attack. In this attack test, I use fedora core3, the software uses the most famous DDoS attack tool TFN2k Linux. The attacked Windows

Windows magic weapon: Device Manager skills


"Device Manager" is one of the secrets that diyer often uses to manage common devices, including disabling or enabling devices and updating drivers of devices. Program And conflict between devices. But do you know how to use it? Let's take a look.

Customized logon management tools for Windows

Limitlogin is a logon management tool tailored by Microsoft for Windows Server 2003. It has powerful functions, including limiting the number of user logins in the domain, displaying the login information of any user in the domain by category,

Installation parameters of Windows Update programs

To block system vulnerabilities in a short period of time, Microsoft not only releases an upgrade package named "Service Pack", but also occasionally releases some updates. Program For example, there are 6 Windows XP update programs released in

Windows System Group Policy Application full strategy (medium)

Iv. desktop settings Windows desktops, like our desks, need to be organized and cleaned frequently, and the Group Policy is like our Secretary, making desktop management easy. Let's take a look at several practical configuration instances:

Windows System Group Policy Application full strategy (bottom) page 1/3

6. Set IE to catch Microsoft Internet Explorer allows us to easily navigate through the internet, but to make good use of Internet Explorer, We must configure it. In the Internet Options window of IE browser, comprehensive setting options are

Windows System Group Policy Application full strategy (I) page 1/2

1. What is group policy? (1) What are the functions of a group of policies? When it comes to group policies, you have to raise the registry. The Registry is a database that stores system and application software configurations in windows. As

Practical solutions for Windows 2000/XP blue screen

Although the stability of the Windows 2000/XP system based on the NT architecture has been greatly enhanced, and even Windows XP claims to be "never crashed", we will still see the blue alarm information shown in 1 from time to time, this is what we

Drive away the nasty windows built-in "rogue folder"

I believe that most of my friends have installed Windows XP on their computers. The new system has the advantages of a new system, but there are also some annoying points, such as after each reinstallation of the system, do you always find a lot of

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