Windows Embedded compact 7 is successfully transplanted

The world championship is in full swing, and the transplantation of wince7 is also carried out in a tight and orderly manner. While watching Wang Hao beat Liu chengmin, He transplanted wince7. Wang Hao was shocked to win, and wince7 was also

Build Windows Embedded compact 7 Development Environment

《 Windows Embedded compact 7 initial experience It briefly introduced the establishment of its development environment. After one year, the project was recently planned to be officially imported in, so it was necessary to set up its development

[Registry] The resource manager also has multiple windows.

Using Resource Manager, we can easily find resources on the computer. However, if we want to find the content in two (or more) different folders at the same time, the operation is quite cumbersome. With the following operations, we can easily open

MATERIALS: Analysis and Application of 8 Windows Security Modes

People who often use computers may have heard that when a computer fails, Windows will provide a platform named "safe mode, here, users can solve many problems-whether it is hardware or software. But will you use this security mode? Today, we will

Overview of important data backup in Windows

We all know the accidental misoperations on system files and hardware drivers with mismatched versions. Program Is enough to make it unable to start. Without this, installing too many applications in the system will slow the system down. The

Ten common Windows Registry skills

1. prevent anonymous users from logging on Although Windows allows each user to customize their own interface and specify a password, anyone can click "cancel" in the logon window or Press ESC to enter the system, which is called Anonymous logon.

Modify the Registry to make Windows XP more personalized

Windows XP is famous for its stable performance and beautiful appearance. However, by modifying the registry, we can make the system more personalized. The followingArticleWe will provide some application skills that will make your system more

Clickone: Release Windows Applications

Use clickone to publish a Windows ApplicationProgram    PrefaceThis section describes how to use clickonce to publish a Windows application. Developers generally follow these steps to achieve the purpose of publishing. This article only

How to modify IP addresses using command lines in Windows (with batch files)

Because I often switch between different networks in my location, such as lan, system Intranet, and Internet (I usually switch between the three ADSL networks only ). I used to set multiple IP addresses of different network segments on the local

Remoting has never been able to read the configuration file since it became a Windows service, one of the possible reasons.

Of course, before you can read the configuration file and start the channel, make sure that your configuration file is correct. The correct format for dynamic configuration of remoting is: Configuration > System. runtime. remoting

Adjust the Windows registry to enjoy high-speed broadband access

Q: according to a lot of information, Windows XP imposes limits on the bandwidth connection speed. Does this mean that we can modify the operating system to get a faster Internet access speed? A: Now broadband networks are gradually becoming more

Regexbuddy, one of the regular expression tools in Windows

As the saying goes, to do a good job, you must first sharpen it. We recommend regexbuddy and powergrep for the regular expression tool in windows. In Linux, there are also good Regular Expression tools, such as those of grep, but they are all based

Modify the Registry to enhance Windows 2000 Security

1. Set the survival timeHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ Tcpip \ Parameters Defaultttl REG_DWORD 0-0xff (0-255 decimal, default value: 128) Description: Specifies the default TTL value set in outgoing IP packets. TTL

Run Windows program (exe program) as a Windows Service !!!

Program Registering as a system service has always been a concern of many network administrators. Just like the questions raised by the two netizens above, many gadgets and applets do not enter the system as services, in reality, they need to run.

Windows Restrictions on folder names

For some reasons, such as serial port placementProgramAfter a directory is named COM1, Windows automatically rolls it back to "new folder" or "New forlder ", In the past, windows could not name files or folders by device name, while COM1 was the

Is Windows Shared enabled or disabled by default?

When Windows is started, ADMIN $ IPC $ is enabled by default and the sharing of each drive letter is enabled. For unnecessary default sharing, ADMIN $ IPC $ is usually disabled. However, when you need to enable this default sharing function, where

How to optimize the Windows XP Registry

1. Speed up startup and Shutdown In [start] --> [run] --> type [Regedit] --> [HKEY_CURRENT_USER] --> [Control Panel] --> [desktop], change the value of the string value [hungapptimeout] to [200] and the value of the string value

Flat qingcloud: Windows azure (2)

Now let's talk about storage service and fabric ). Storage Service) Windows Azure is an applicationProgramProvides several forms of data storage, as shown in: The simplest data storage is blobs, which is a hierarchical data storage ., A

Tips for using wince driver debugging assistant in Windows Mobile

The driver debugging assistant is designed for Windows CE and has some problems when used in Windows Mobile. The most important thing is that the menu bar is hidden by the taskbar of Windows Mobile, as shown in. As a matter of fact, you only

Flat qingcloud: Windows azure (1)

This series will systematically introduce windows Azure, including basic terms, programming, and Windows azure applications, and explore the changes that Windows azure may bring to our current model. Let's put the obscure concept of cloud

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