Design and Development of Windows 8 Metro-vs11 Style

People who are new to Windows 8 consumer preview development will find that the overall style of vs11 has been completely changed when using vs11. The icon of various colors disappears from the traditional rounded corner. Instead, they use the same

HTML5 website posting in Windows 8

First of all, let's take a look at the Windows 8 stickers. In Windows 8, the Metro application can well split the screen. For example:   This allows you to easily switch between instances during use. The system also has rigid rules on posting.

Transfer and download in Windows 8 Background

Background transfer download example this example demonstrates the transfer API of power-friendly, cost-aware and flexible behavior background for Windows runtime applications Program Void Mainpage_loaded ( Object Sender, routedeventargs E) { /

Install the Subversion server record on Windows

Install the Subversion server record on Windows Date: 2007.12.30 OS: Window XP, subversion 1.4.5 1. Download the server software of the Subversion Windows version as follows: Http://

Windows 8 Metro ie extraordinary experience

Now Windows 8 RP has been released for a month, and ie10 has undergone major updates and changes. As a developer, especially a website-related developer. What you must know is that a web page can have some extraordinary experience in Windows 8. My

Windows 8 series (11): Tips for development

Temporarily record and share some small development skills: 1. when binding data, if the data source needs to be cleared: collection. clear (); we recommend that you set the set to NULL: collection after the statement. clear (); Collection = NULL;

Windows 8 series (10): questions about AppBar persistent display

By default, the AppBar will be removed when the focus is lost, leaving more operable space for the main interface content, but in some cases, the AppBar needs to be persistently displayed, for example: on the modification and deletion interfaces,

Windows 8 Metro design and development-Win8 simulator of vs11

Develop Metro applications on Windows 8. I believe many technical enthusiasts will try it out. Many devices may not be replaced with touch screens or have a high resolution. Why? Because some special effects will certainly be used for the

Windows 8 series (8): an alternative to Win8 that cannot obtain the unique identifier of a machine

ArticleDirectory Ashwid Structure In order to ensure the security of users, the server once required various clientsProgramBased on the unique identifier of the machine, such as MD5AlgorithmObtain a value and pass it to the server.

Common HTML controls and daily widgets in Windows 8

Common HTML controls and daily widget examples demonstrate how to use and style common controls: buttons, check boxes, file upload, progress, range/slider, single choice button, selection, and text control. For more information, see: • Quick Start:

Windows 8 Metro design and development-Windows application store (2)

Buy a simulated application You can useWindowsstoreproxy. xmlModify the user interface based on whether the application is a trial version. However, the actual purchase behavior cannot be simulated. In this exercise, you need to write an

Windows 8 series (7): use Asynchronous APIs: await and async

One of the biggest differences between Windows 8 Metro programming and Windows Phone and Silverlight is that a large number of asynchronous APIs are used, and these Apis usually have no corresponding synchronous APIs, therefore, we need to know how

Design and Development of Windows 8 Metro-Platform Preview

With the launch of the Windows 8 consumer preview, many companies or developers who want to invest in Windows 8 development are still waiting to watch. I don't know what the prospects are, so here my personal suggestion and emotion is to believe in

Windows 8 series (6): backgroundtask and crash that cannot be captured

Today I want to share with you about backgroundtask. Before that, let's take a look at this problem: crash that cannot be captured by vs2011 (crash ). After a certain version of Alpha is released, the tester reported that our application is not as

Windows 8 series (V): Use of Windows app CER kit (certification kit) and related issues

Next, let's talk about the use of Windows app CER kit that comes with Windows 8, the problems I encountered, and the solutions.   Recently, I am about to submit an application to the Windows App Store (Win8 store). Windows 8 comes with a testing

Windows 8 Background task

Background task example this example shows how to create and register background tasks using Windows to run background task APIs. A background task is a system or time event that can be restricted by one or more conditions. When a background task is

Windows 8 clipboard Application

Clipboard Application Program The example demonstrates how to use commands such as copy, paste, cut, and move. This example uses the windows. ApplicationModel class. Datatransfer namespace. Some classes, you may want to discuss in detail the

Design and Development of Windows 8 Metro-application bar

In this experiment, you can learn more about contoso cookbook. You can add an application Program Bar, use it as a shortcut to use these features, and learn how to change the content of the application bar for each page of the application. Add an

Windows 8 Metro design and development-Windows application store (1)

In this experiment, you will be charged for using the Windows Store API. First, modify the "about" dialog box to check the test version. If the application is not paid, a purchase button is displayed. Then, use currentappsimulator to simulate the

Windows 8 series (iv): Win8 RSA encryption Problems

I haven't published Win8 series of articles for a long time. I have accumulated some experience and problems during this period of time. I 'd like to share it with you.   It is inconvenient to use RSA encryption algorithms in win8. Unlike other

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