How to Use winpe hard disk to install Windows XP

Published by vlieh2 on Wednesday Winpe is a compact WINXP operating system. With winpe, we can achieve no optical drive, no soft drive, and install Windows 98, Win2000, WINXP, and win203 operating systems on the new NTFS hard drive. Window mouse

10 reasons Windows 8 will be painful for developers

Http:// Tag = content; Siu-container 10 reasons Windows 8 will be painful for developers By Justin James December 5, 2011, 9: 18 am PST Takeaway:If

Problems in the setup and use of git server in Windows

recently, we found that the Code Version Management of the team is chaotic, and even has no awareness of version management, the source code of a project is sometimes found 2 or 3 times to find the correct version. In the past, I didn't have any

How to check if a port is occupied by a program in Windows

Source:Http:// Sometimes installProgramThe XX port is occupied. You can run the CMD command to check which program is occupied. 1. view the PID of the program corresponding to the port in netstat-ano,

Simple plug-in development for compiling Windows Live writer highlight plug-in (3)

Why?   How to do 1. Create a class library in vs2005Program. 2 add windowslive. Writer. API. dll Assembly reference (located in the livewriter Assembly directory) Right-click and choose add reference.   Select windowslive. Writer. API.

Preparation for developing the Windows Live writer highlight plug-in (2)

Why? Windows Live writer is a very good job of writing logs, especially when processing Word file images.ProgramRelatedArticleThe Code cannot be highlighted or folded. This small plug-in was created after integrating the ideas of adults, making up

Install and configure the Windows Live writer highlight plug-in (1)

Why? After two hours of hard work, I accidentally crashed my browser and vowed to write logs in word first. Copy the content in the word Editor, that is, the image is the worst, and there is no such thing. Write content in

Stop the Service (tips for using timer in Windows Service)

During development, a common requirement is to develop a backendProgramTo monitor the changes of some data in the database and immediately respond to the changes. In fact, we will create a Windows Service Project, put a timer component in it, and

Share Windows OS by default (figure)

  Author: Xiao Xiaodong Li Jianhai   Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 operating systems provide the default sharing feature. These default sharing features are

A task failure occurs because lc.exe is not found or the correct Microsoft Windows SDK is not installed.

An error occurred while installing. Net framwork 3.5 for Open the previousProgram, Build failed. Some solutions have been found on the Internet, most of which are to reinstall vs2008, as shown below: Error 1A task failure occurs

Solution to changing the HTML file icon to an unknown icon in Windows XP

HTML files in Windows XPIconSolution to changing to an unknown icon After Firefox is installed in Windows XP, Firefox will affect the default browser settings for opening HTML files (for example, in the past, HTML files were opened with IE or

How to set the screen position of Windows Forms

InLocationProperty to specify the display position of the form on the computer screen. It specifies the position in the upper left corner of the Form in pixels. You also need to setStartpositionAttribute to indicate the border of the display area.

Default path of the "Start Menu" and "program" shortcuts in Windows 8

After Windows 8 is used, many users cannot find the "Start Menu" or "familiar"Program", I think it is inconvenient. In fact, this is entirely caused by user habits. Press the win key and enter English or Chinese letters. Win8 will automatically

Disable Ipv6 correctly in Windows 7

Start of Microsoft Windows Vista and Server 2008, including local IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), which is enabled by default. IPv6 is the new computer address protocol that will eventually replace the most popular standard in IPv4. Unless you

Create SVN service on the local machine in Windows

For a small project, you need to create the svn service on your PC. In order to make it simple, you didn't use Apache. Previously, you only used the client and didn't create the server. It took a morning to complete the process. The main function of

64-bit windows jmail component error Solution

When using jmail for 64-bit Windows Server 2008 + iis7, an error is returned even if jmail has been successfully registered. In this case, you need to enable the 32-bit compatibility mode. The procedure is as follows: 1. Enable the 32-Bit mode 1.

Binding windows phone7 themes, styles, and data

User-defined themes For example, you can select a bright or gloomy background. There are 10 subject colors available (accent colors) Silverlight automatically detects a topic. ApplicationProgramAutomatically apply

Windows phone7 page navigation

Learn WP7 development with Mr Lin Yongjian Content Overview Use XAML for navigation Use C #CodeNavigation Address alias Data transmission between pages Back button To better control navigation, we need to know the

Windows phone7 application bar

Learning WP7 with Mr Lin Yongjian Content Overview System pallets and ApplicationsProgramColumn Use C # To generate the application bar Use XAML to generate the application bar Use expression blend to generate the application bar

Windows phone7 screen direction and common controls

Learning WP7 with Mr Lin Yongjian Orientation) Commonly used controls (canvas, grid, stackpanel, textblock, image, mediaelement) Screen orientation page (portraint, landscape) You can add portraint and landscape pages in;

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