Some experiences in debugging Windows service programs

During the past two weeks, a Windows Service was developed using vs2005.Program. I have also helped my colleagues debug the service program. But the general feeling is that debugging Windows service is more troublesome than debugging web service.

Quickly restore the forgotten administrator password of Windows 2000/XP

1. Delete the Sam file and clear the Administrator account and password. The Windows 2000 winnt \ system32 \ config directory contains a SAM file (account and password database file), which saves all user names and passwords in Windows 2000.

Disable the start button for Windows

Disable the start button for Windows' 'Paste this into a code mode (BAS) ' Option Explicit ' Private Declare Function Finddomainwex Lib "USER32 "_ Alias "Find1_wexa" (byval hwnd1 Long , Byval hwnd2 Long ,_ Byval lpsz1 as string,

The system detects that you are using an extremely low version of IE, which may cause security risks. We strongly recommend that you use Windows for faster time! Safer! More stable! Browser: firefoxfirefox browser, click to download

Open the browser: Tools-Internet Options- Program-Manage Add-on (M )- Disable all the following three items: 1-(unverified) 2-browser help program object 3-The final file name ends with. dll, closes the browser, and re-opens the file (the

TIPS: Windows Vista full hard disk installation method

(From Baidu) Note:  (1)Windows VistaRequired to be installed onNTFSPartition, but other partitions can beFAT32Format!   (2) Simple and losslessNTFSConversion Method: RunCMDEnter the command line mode and runConvert X:/Fs: NTFSYou can (XTo

Parsing the windows shortcut file format

Parsing the windows shortcut file formatAuthor: cuick I have been working on Linux projects for a long time and have not come to the VC knowledge base. I 'd like to ask you a good question! Isn't it too late to worship your old age? (I don't mean

Windows 8 concept edition video

Windows 7 is not yet popular, and most computers are still running Windows XP 7 years ago. Microsoft has brought us a brand new Windows 8, which may be windows 2012 or Windows 2013, no matter which one, the new operation concept really surprised me!

Install IIS6 in Windows XP

First, enter "C: \ WINDOWS \ INF \ sysoc. inf" in the running process. The system will automatically Use In notepad, open the sysoc. inf file. In sysoc. find the section "[components]" in INF, and find the section similar to "IIS = IIS. DLL,

70-540 ts: Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0-Application Development test comments

The Prometric website has a problem since last Saturday and cannot register for the Microsoft exam (other exams should not be affected), resulting in I spent 70-400 of the $540 exam today. This exam takes two and a half hours, 55 questions, and 700

TS: 70-503 windows Communication Foundation ts: 70-505 windows form application Dev comments

Yesterday and today I passed the 70-503 and 70-505 exams respectively. Compared with the previous 70-562 exams, these two exams can be regarded as mediocre. The two exams are not surprising, mainly because they have fewer questions and have a

Windows powershell 2.0 administrator's pocket consultant book reviews

Windows powershell 2.0 administrator's pocket consultant is one of the Stanek pocket books. Author Willam R. Stanek ownsProgramDesign Experience and nearly 100 IT technology books have been written. It can be said that he is an expert. His pocket

WebKit compilation summary on Windows Platform

WebKit is a world-recognized excellent open-source browser kernel. It has the advantages of Fast Rendering, flexible customization, and multi-platform support. China's well-known Maxthon and ucweb both select WebKit as the browser kernel. Google and

70-660 windows internals test comments

The day before yesterday, I took the 70-660 windows internals test. I used the second-shot offer last year and took the test twice. The results all went down. The exam has finally passed. The 70-660 test mainly examines the knowledge of the Windows

Use (Windows/form/soap/WebService) to verify user identity (including sample code download)

1) Implementation of Windows Integrated Identity Authentication 1. Description: Windows Authentication uses existing Windows Account Information for authentication. IIS automatically provides identity authentication, which is more secure

Use the Windows service to publish the WCF Service [reprint]

Address: PreviousArticleThrough the ConsoleProgramOr the winform program to provide the WCF Service for the local machine or remote machine. We call this method the self-host

Windows filezilla fails to access the list when setting up an FTP server

There is nothing to say, it is a record memo... Filezilla is lightweight, open-source, and free of charge ~~~ Easy Configuration ~~~   The admin port to be entered during the installation process refers to the port used when the FTP is managed

Necessary front-end screen tool-imitating tops to imitate Ubuntu, so windows also supports four desktops

Ha ~ The world's virtual desktop software has gone abroad. Yesterday, Microsoft suddenly released its own free virtual desktop software license tops. Pure Green, small kb. There is nothing to say about the software.   One thing to say is that

Windows Live writer highlight plug-in

Windows Live writer highlight plug-in I have tried many highlighted plug-ins on the Internet for Windows Live writer. I don't know if it is my software version (14.0.8089.726 ZH-CN, many of these plug-ins will report errors and immediately have no

Install and uninstall Windows Services

Instance: SC create resin2-80 binpath = "D: \ resin2-80 \ bin \ httpd.exe" displayname = "resin2-80" SC create resin2-8088 binpath = "D: \ resin2-8088 \ bin \ httpd.exe "displayname =" resin2-8088 "D: \ resin2-80 \ bin \ httpd.exe D: \ resin2-8088 \

Windows XP cmd command Daquan

Appwiz. Cpl ------------ add and delete Program Control userpasswords2 -------- user account settingsCleanmgr ------- garbage collectionCMD -------------- a command prompt can be used as an attachment for Windows. Ping, convert, and other functions

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