Forward: X forwarding with putty on Windows

Http:// X forwarding with putty on WindowsIntro to X forwarding UNIX machines have been able to run software on a remote machine and display the GUI locally for almost two decades. linux and Mac OS

Write a small plug-in for Windows Live writer-insert a search page Link

Using this Windows Live writer plug-in, We can insert a hyperlink pointing to a search keyword page of a search engine. Download this file ( and decompress it to the installation directory of

Windows 7 with SP1 has finally arrived.

I have been paying attention to the release of Windows 7 with SP1 for a while. On msdn, it was said that it could be downloaded in February 16, but I did not see it yesterday... It is estimated that Windows 7 with SP1 has been detected on msdn in

Forward: mounting Windows SMB file shares using CIFS

Reference: T = 288534 In the world of Linux and Samba file shares, there are essential two ways to mount your smb shares. of course, you can always access your shares via the places-> network dialog, where

Modify and switch IP settings in Windows Command Line

When you need to switch the IP settings of the Local Area Connection frequently, use the following two groups of commands to process two batches of files, which simplifies the operation. 1. Set it to a fixed IP address and DNS Netsh int IP Set

Two basic Windows concepts: Folder/directory, folder/folder

Folder contains the root directory of the drive, but directory does not. The two concepts, whether in English or Chinese, cannot be seen from the literal, so they only have to be remembered. Today, to add a command line shortcut context menu to

Insufficient Windows Live writer

In the evening, I want to write a blog in the dormitory, but the machine in the dormitory does not have a network. So I thought of Windows Live writer. I didn't expect that after the installation, I couldn't open my account and continue! I had to

Brief case in Windows XP

Recently I carefully studied the briefcase synchronization function in Windows XP, and found that it is really much better than Win98 (not to mention that I have never used a USB flash drive in the Win98 age, I just have been so cool recently that I

Solution to playing the screen of old games in Windows 7

Solution to playing the screen of old games in Windows 7 Hell Gate   Playing old games in Windows 7, such as Starcraft, will be blurred. This is because of the compatibility problem of the 256 color palette of DirectDraw in win7. It is said

Windows Memory Management

First, we will introduce some terms: Physical address extension (PAE): Some x86 processor attributes allow the processor to access memory larger than 4 GB. The x86 processor adds some address lines, so after using PAE, you can

Full Screen and Keyboard Message Processing of ActiveX controls in composite windows

Recently, an ActiveX video control was developed, which requires a full screen function. Because several layers of windows are used, it takes a lot of twists and turns to be used in full screen mode. Finally, I have finally gotten it together and

Windows File Sharing Service (SMB) Common Access troubleshooting

Server access FAQ 1. Q: the server cannot be pinged ( You cannot ping the server. There are two possibilities:I. The IP Address Mask setting should be The company uses the Intranet management client to forcibly change

Release of QT program in Windows

  2010-05-22 0: 53 In fact, the Manual of QT has clearly explained this problem. The following is what I wrote based on my understanding and experiment. I hope it is easier to understand than the QT document. In addition, you may be interested

Run xserver in Windows

Http:// Xserver and xclient X Windows is a Windows system for bitmap display. It is a standard toolkit and protocol for creating graphical user interfaces. X is a protocol, not a specific

Advanced query syntax in Windows 7 desktop search

Originally, the desktop search function was regarded as the top power feature in win7, especially when integrated with Outlook 2007, however, M $, a brain-breaker, has to replace the search filter property in the AQS search statement with a Chinese

Solution to failure to access NAS or Samba server in Windows 7

    By default, Windows 7 cannot normally access Shared Folders on nas or Samba servers. The reason is that, starting from Vista, Microsoft only uses NTLM v2 protocol authentication to respond to messages, while the current NAS system and Samba

Tips for using Windows Live writer to paste a table

Introduction to Windows Live Writer: Wlw is a desktop offline blog writing software. It has the following features: Publish logs on frequently-used blog services Including Windows Live Spaces, Sharepoint, WordPress, and blogger. If you have

Windows Live beta online!

Windows Online edition, which has just been restructured by the live brand, is now officially available for trial use. Log on to your Hotmail mailbox. It seems that Microsoft and Google are competing for a personalized personal portal, which is

Forword: SSH server for Windows

C The canonical URL of this page shocould be This page has been tranlated to Bulgarian by Albert Ward, see this link: Disclause According to some

Develop plug-ins for Windows Live writer -- insertsearchpagelink

Two weeks ago, I released a small plug-in for Windows Live writer-insertsearchpagelink, this plug-in is used to insert a hyperlink to a search keyword page of a search engine in Windows Live writer (about the Function introduction and download of

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