Im over socket between Windows Mobile Devices

The article "using WiFi to build an ad-hoc Network on Windows Mobile" describes how to use wifi to build an ad-hoc Network on Windows Mobile, the demo is provided on Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 2003se for Pocket PC. So what functions can a

Use wifi to build an ad-hoc Network on Windows Mobile

In general, we will use the WiFi module on Windows Mobile devices to access the Access Node, so as to achieve the goal of surfing the Internet. Such as my previousArticleAs described in Windows Mobile Wireless Network Access Point scanning, we can

File Transfer over socket between Windows Mobile Devices

The article "using WiFi to build an ad-hoc Network on Windows Mobile" describes how to use wifi to build an ad-hoc Network on Windows Mobile. Because ad-hoc networks have established point-to-point wireless links, devices can be interconnected

Development of ActiveSync in Windows Embedded ce and Windows Mobile

Background People who have used Windows Mobile probably have the experience of connecting a mobile phone to a PC using USB cable. This is generally done by ActiveSync. ActiveSync in Windows Embedded ce andWindows Mobile and PC play an important

Use MVS dsbame convensions. An error occurred while uploading the ftp.exe client in windows.

Environment: Host 220-ftpd1 ibm ftp cs v1r11 at Bt11 + ftp.exe client under Windows Symptom: The ftp.exe command in Windows uploads a file and the error "use MVS dsbame convensions." is returned. Cause: MainlyIbm ftp Server File System naming

Thunderbird Mail Client: Shared methods in windows, Ubuntu, or liunx

I have checked a lot of information from the Internet on this issue. I think these methods are too cumbersome and there are too many precautions. It's really easy to find a method by yourself !!!! As follows: Step 1: configure the Thunderbird

Use wubi hard disk to install ubuntu (Text Version) on Windows 7)

Use wubi hard disk to install ubuntu (Text Version) on Windows 7)     Installation Method: After downloading ubuntu-10.04-effectop-i386.iso, open it with winrarto extract the wubi.exe file. Run the wubi.exe file by placing

Odata 1-2 Windows Authentication and odata

Windows Authentication and odata 1. Server Side 1) Integrated Authentication When IIS is used as the service host, you must enable integrated authentication to disable anonymous authentication. Windows authentication requests contain the

[Program] The first crude Windows Application

Haha, I want to make a complete applicationProgramIt's a month or idea of getting in touch with. net. Today we finally come to the fore. Let's move on to it and share it with you. This application is simple, that is, calling WMI to display your

Windows azure Quick Start-Hello World

Preparations: Visual Studio 2010 SP1, Windows azure SDK Id = 15658 Note: Visual Studio 2011 does not support development of Widnows azure) Apply for an account (free, credit card number

Use Remote Desktop Connection on Windows Server

Today, a third-party fax server web service is used. The server is from Windows 2000server, and Remote Desktop Connection is enabled to remotely control the server: In Windows, the Professional version cannot enable the Remote Desktop function

How to integrate excel in a Windows form application using the webbrowser

From Download Demo project-28.4 KB   Introduction With automation, you are able to drive any office application from your. NET application. this is really powerful. it

Installing netadvantage for. Net on Windows Vista

ArticleDirectory Step-by-Step example If the infragistics control is installed in Vista, the error % systemdrive % \ Inetpub \ wwwroot cannot be accessed. I read some articles online, but many of them are neat.For the correct

Safe, simple multithreading in Windows Forms, part 1

Safe, simple multithreading in Windows Forms, part 1 Chris sells June 28,200 2 Download the asynchcalcpi.exe sample. It all started innocently enough. I found myself needing to calculate the area of a circle for the first time in. net.

Creating custom shaped Windows Forms in. net

This article from   Creating custom shaped Windows Forms in. net.   Download source code-12.2 KB Download demo-7.62 KB Introduction One of the niftiest aspects of Windows Forms

How to Make gradient colored controls in Windows Forms

This article from Create a class library project, add a customcontrol item to the solution, then make that class inherits from panel instead of control

Deploy bigbluebutton in Windows

Tag: bigbluebutton, video conferencing, whiteboard, shareshare, red5 1. deploy bigbluebutton, video, shareshare, sip and other applications in red5, where bigbluebutton is required and uses red5 Demo: echo_test to test its availability.

Windows Mobile space-Index

ArticleIndex Blog Index   APIS & macros & Structure & Class GDI APIs Series ALphablend  BEginpaint bitblt CHangedisplaysettingsex clienttoscreen combinergn copyrect CreatebitmapCreatecompatiblebitmapCreatecompatibledc createdc

[Step by step] [update] resumable upload on Windows Mobile

Cause: the company has Project Resumable upload is used. Development But because of Environment (The principle is to use aspnet_isapi. DLL To respond to put and post requests ). Mode To those who have helped me (pkwsh, egmkang, etc)1. Principle of

Basic use of FTP commands in Windows

I used to use the FTP client on the GUI and then use the dark doscommand. This is a bit difficult! Next we will operate in FTP command interaction mode! Open{[Ftp_server_name_or_ip]} [port] -- creates a session and connects to the FTP server. The

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