Use wubi hard disk to install ubuntu (Text Version) on Windows 7)

Use wubi hard disk to install ubuntu (Text Version) on Windows 7)     Installation Method: After downloading ubuntu-10.04-effectop-i386.iso, open it with winrarto extract the wubi.exe file. Run the wubi.exe file by placing

Odata 1-2 Windows Authentication and odata

Windows Authentication and odata 1. Server Side 1) Integrated Authentication When IIS is used as the service host, you must enable integrated authentication to disable anonymous authentication. Windows authentication requests contain the

[Program] The first crude Windows Application

Haha, I want to make a complete applicationProgramIt's a month or idea of getting in touch with. net. Today we finally come to the fore. Let's move on to it and share it with you. This application is simple, that is, calling WMI to display your

Windows azure Quick Start-Hello World

Preparations: Visual Studio 2010 SP1, Windows azure SDK Id = 15658 Note: Visual Studio 2011 does not support development of Widnows azure) Apply for an account (free, credit card number

Use Remote Desktop Connection on Windows Server

Today, a third-party fax server web service is used. The server is from Windows 2000server, and Remote Desktop Connection is enabled to remotely control the server: In Windows, the Professional version cannot enable the Remote Desktop function

How to integrate excel in a Windows form application using the webbrowser

From Download Demo project-28.4 KB   Introduction With automation, you are able to drive any office application from your. NET application. this is really powerful. it

What is the "Bug" in renaming files on Windows server "?

A few days ago, I used my Kodak digital camera z7590 to take a large (> 300 m) Video (mov format ), Not easyGet it from the camera to the computer (for some reason, when transferring large files from a digital camera, it always reports errors with

Installing netadvantage for. Net on Windows Vista

ArticleDirectory Step-by-Step example If the infragistics control is installed in Vista, the error % systemdrive % \ Inetpub \ wwwroot cannot be accessed. I read some articles online, but many of them are neat.For the correct

Copy Windows user configuration files

All the information in this article is from the Internet and is not original to me. For personal convenience, mark it here. I am about to leave, and a very important job is to organize the machine environment. I have been using domain users in my

Windows 7 applications cannot drag and drop files. It turns out that UAC is the cause.

You must first enable the text box to drag this.txt path. allowdrop = True ;It was a very simple problem. Mom, I wasted more than an hour. Willingness is the culprit caused by UAC permissions of win7. It's another problem! Private Void

Support for inter-process communication in Windows operating systems-pipelines and routes

Recently, I used C ++ to write inter-process communication. Program The concept of MPs queue is used: There are four basic methods for data communication between Windows applications. The simplest is to useClipboard; The other isDDE(Dynamic

Use the "run" function to accelerate windows

Usually we want to executeSoftwareDouble-click its masterProgram. If this software is in a very deepFileFolder, we have to open the folder layer by layer to find programs that are "hidden" in the depths. For convenience, we will create a shortcut

) Process Communication (user-defined message, user-registered message, Windows clipboard, wm_copy, memory ing, memory for target process)

Sender: Create a basic dialog box project, add six text box controls, and associate the control variables (cstring type ): M_strcopydata, m_strfilemap, m_strmem, m_strregmsg, m_strusermsg, m_strclipboard Then, define the following in the CPP

Manual activity demo in Windows Workflow Foundation, implemented in accordance with xpdl specifications

In the xpdl specification, a manual activity has the following features: A Multi-instance Activity Task (assigned an Activity Task Based on the participants specified in the activity, which is called a work item ), work Item Allocation Policy (all

Shanzhai edition windows. Forms User Control

This article from     The prawns in the garden always discuss system. web controls are mostly web-based user-defined controls, but few people write some information about windows.

Safe, simple multithreading in Windows Forms, part 1

Safe, simple multithreading in Windows Forms, part 1 Chris sells June 28,200 2 Download the asynchcalcpi.exe sample. It all started innocently enough. I found myself needing to calculate the area of a circle for the first time in. net.

Roundbutton Windows Control-ever decreasing circles

This article from   A Windows round button control in C # With designer support. Download Demo project and source-83.4 KB Introduction Some time ago, I tried to find a

Automatic runtime tab Order Management for Windows Forms

ArticleDirectory Tabschemeprovider usage Tabschemeprovider implementation     This article presents the tabordermanager, which is a class that automatically adjusts the tab order on a Windows form based on different high-level

Creating custom shaped Windows Forms in. net

This article from   Creating custom shaped Windows Forms in. net.   Download source code-12.2 KB Download demo-7.62 KB Introduction One of the niftiest aspects of Windows Forms

How to Make gradient colored controls in Windows Forms

This article from Create a class library project, add a customcontrol item to the solution, then make that class inherits from panel instead of control

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