Hosts file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows

Windows 7 cannot save the changed hosts. The main reason is that the hosts file is not opened as an administrator. First, open the text editor as an administrator by right-clicking the editor icon and selecting administrator, open the

Install Windows 7 with a USB flash drive or a mobile hard drive (super simple method for Windows 7 installation)

Source: Recently, many people want to install Windows 7. After downloading the ISO image file back, many people use tools such as Nero or imgburn to burn it into a CD for installation. But

Install. net3.5 on Windows 8

This article reprinted: 1. Insert the Win8 installation disk. If there is no CD, load the image file.2. Run cmd as an administrator and search cmd by win + q Right-click and choose "Run as

What is a Windows API?

What is a Windows API? In addition to coordinating application execution, allocating memory, and managing system resources, Windows Multi-job Systems... In addition, she is also a large service center that calls various services of this Service

Install Windows 7 with PE on bare metal

Use a virtual optical drive to load the Windows 7 ISO file and copy it to a directory on the hard disk, such as the V directory of drive D. Then copy the bootmgr and boot directories in the V directory to the C root directory, create a Sources

Install XP on Vista & Windows 7

Install XP in Vista & Windows 7 I have seen an article on the Internet before.ArticleIt is about how to modify the Startup File of Vista to fool the startup sequence of Vista. Later, it was used on Windows 7 and the experiment was successful. Now I

Spirit jailbreak 3.1.3/3.2 firmware (Windows)

After suffering for a long time, the bricks can finally be rescued. Next we will follow the editor to achieve the perfect jailbreak of the latest firmware. The jailbreak software is being tested. You are welcome to discover and solve the problem

Subversion installation in Windows

1. First download the server software of the Subversion Windows version, : Http:// The folderid = 91 file is svn-1.2.0-setup.exe, and then install it. After installation, add the bin path of

Windows Cannot initialize the device driver of the hardware. (Code 37)

Fault description: After the computer is restarted, the USB keyboard cannot be used, but the USB mouse can be used. In the Device Manager, a yellow exclamation point is displayed on the keyboard device. Double-click the device. In the device status,

Windows 7 Trial

I installed Windows 7 today. It feels pretty good. I applied for the following 10 activation codes, so I don't need to apply again. Attached activation code Five 32-bit keys: 4hjrk-x6q28-hwrfy-wdyhj-k8hdh QXV7B-K78W2-QGPR6-9FWH9-KGMM7 TQ32R-

Windows XP SP3 can significantly improve SP2 performance!

Windows XP SP3 can significantly improve SP2 performance! After pointing out that Windows Vista SP1 cannot improve the performance of Windows Vista, testers of Windows XP Service Pack 3 (v.3244) came up with a gratifying test result. In the

Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (Wmi) Overview

What is WMI? WMI was first released in 1998 as an additional component together with Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4. It is a core management support technology built in Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. Based on

How to delete the windows. Old folder in Windows 8-from Network

If yourWindows 8YesfromWindowsDeveloper Preview orWindows 8Consumer preview is upgraded, and you have not formatted the partition during installation, the earlier versionWindowsThe files used in will be stored inWindows. OldFolder. The file type in

Use the Windows Hosts file

ArticleDirectory Ad Blocking Address: No translation is performed here.   The hosts file uses a local database so that the local computer can also have the domain name resolution

Accidentally set windows shortcuts (*. lnk file) to an open method.

Today, an expert opened the desktop shortcut in IE browser, which caused all lnk files to be opened using IE. I have found some ways on the Internet: I also want to share with you! O (distinct _ distinct) O ~ Solution for the old Windows operating

[Personal favorites] windows standby sleep

After switching the system to this mode, in addition to the memoryOthersThe power supply of the device will be interrupted, and only the memory depends on the power to maintain the data (because the memory is volatile, as long as the power is down,

How to pin or unpin a program to the Windows 7 taskbar (shorcut Quick Launch)

Informationby default quick launch is disabled in Windows 7 . This will show you how to enable or disable Quick Launch As a taskbar Toolbar Using small or large icons in Windows 7. notequick launch is a toolbar on the taskbar. Quick Launch is

Windows Forms control (msdn) in. NET Framework)

The following table shows the Windows Forms controls that are listed according to common functions. Function Widget Description Text editing Textbox Allow users to edit multiple rows of input.

How to install KDE for Windows

Read "KDE on Windows (graph)" ( Although KDE plasma is not very stable in windows, is it so exciting for you? I will teach you how to install KDE! To do what you want,

Are you sure Windows XP is UCS-2 or UTF-16?

It is generally considered that Unicode represented in 16bit in windows is not a UTF-16, but a UCS-2. UCS-2 is an encoding format, and also refers to the Unicode implementation with a one-to-one correspondence. In the UCS-2 can only represent U + 000

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