Common windows Fonts

Arial Arial Unicode Ms ** Bell Mt Bodoni Mt Book antiqua Calibri Californian FB Calisto Mt Cambria Century Comic Sans MS Consolas Corbel Courier New Franklin Gothic book Franklin Gothic Medium Gill sans Mt Goudy Old Style Lucida

Windows network utilization reaches 100%

Mo Windows Network Connection Packet Scheduling ProgramLimit the system to 80% of the connection bandwidth, which is not good to some extent. We can use group policies to speed up Internet access. Open "QoS packet scheduler" in "Group Policy

Install Apache manually into a Windows Service

From In the Apache/bin subdirectory, run the following command to install Apache as a Windows NT Service:Httpd-K installTo specify the service name, use the following command. When You Install Multiple

Install-free tomcat to register as a Windows Service

Source Download the free installation version of Tomcat 5.5.20 from the official website of Apache Tomcat. register it as a system service and start it on your own.1. first, check whether the system has

Disable automatic playback/running of optical drives and mobile devices in Windows XP

One set of rules-no special icons for each disc will be lostRun-enter gpedit. MSC (Group Policy)-Computer Configuration-manage template-system, and then choose option on the right-side window to disable automatic playback. 2 service closure

The method for opening multiple Apsara stack windows at the same time is cnbeta)

By default, only one window can be opened on the computer for the installation of Apsara. Many users have been asked about the mobile official website and are notified that it cannot be implemented. But it is actually supported. Now we can open

When you log on to Windows 7 through remote desktop, an error occurs in the atbroker.exe application.

Source When you use mstsc to connect to a Windows 7 system computer, the atbroker.exe application appears on the desktop of the remote computer.ProgramError. After clicking confirm, the black screen does

Windows 7 remote desktop settings

source { win7 Modify remote desktop port number { http:// OS } win7 disable automatic standby {

[★] Transferring values between Windows forms using the object-oriented [attribute] Method

In the past, the instructor mentioned an example of passing values by performing operations on properties in forms and classes ..Unexpectedly, I did not find it after searching on the csdn. Web for a long time.ArticleI am inspired to write my own

Firefox does not support the getattribute ("value") manually filled in by input. Value (Firefox 3.5.5 windows) is only supported ). Bug?

Some books use xml dom, getattribute ("value"), and. value. . Value also complies with W3C standards and belongs to HTML Dom.   Environment: Firefox 3.5.5 windows In Firefox, enter the input element manually and use getattribute ("value") to

Shared clipboard cannot be shared for Windows Remote connection

From: Http:// Scenario 1: remotely log on to Windows 7/Windows VistaOpen"Start-Program-", Click"Remote Desktop Connection". Click"Option"Button to

Windows Services and transactions

Changed the previous one last weekend.ProgramChange a single-threaded Windows service to a new thread triggered by timer each time. The thread contains a database read and update flag transaction. I thought this could solve the problem that the

Windows. Forms. listview Control

Note the following issues that may cause errors, which can be clarified and understood: 1. the columns of listview must be generated in advance (either during design or in ProgramMedium) 2. listviewitem. text is displayed as the text in the first

A New Method for LAN file sharing -- Build an FTP server using win7/Windows 7 Components

Do you want to share a large number of files/folders in the dormitory through the lan? Do you want to achieve file exchange at home through a network cable? Family Group troubles? Let's teach you a new function in win7-building an FTP server by

Differences between several win7/Windows shared virtual Wireless Networks

  As a system development instructor, in order to share wireless networks with his Android mobile devices, I finally killed the XP system that he has been using for many years and upgraded to Windows 7. I'm glad that this function of win7 makes

Windows 7 hidden mouse gestures

  Chinese browsers are now popular with the "mouse gesture" function. We do not know that Windows 7, which we touch every day, also has some tips for mouse gestures. It's cool to use!                              

Solve MSE, Windows Update/defender cannot be updated (error code 0x8024402f)

  I installed an MSE on my home desktop yesterday and found it could not be updated.Code0x8024402f. As a result, a large number of information solutions are collected. I thought it was a rare error, but when I re-installed MSE in my notebook today,

Attaching and linking (assign and mklink) -- disk partition planning for Windows 7

Unfinished -- CurrentArticleNot finished. Write again when you are free. During Linux installation, you can set the mount point of the partition. This can also be done in windows. Windows 7 directory structure: C: \ directory 2010/01/30 08:1

[Msdn digest] Windows Forms Layout

Windows Forms Layout Chris sellsSells brothers Consulting December 5, 2002 Summary:Chris sells discusses how controls are scaled and arranged on a form,And how the scaling and arrangement features are used to meet the needsOf

Nsclient uses the nrpe method + windows to detect the UDP port bat script

Reference Uncomment the configuration item under [nrpe] In nsclient \ NSC. ini[Nrpe]Port = 5666Command_timeout = 60; Allowed ParametersAllow_arguments = 1Allow_nasty_meta_chars = 0Use_ssl =

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