Build a git environment in Windows

1. installation 1 1. Install tortoisegit first Http:// The list contains 32 bits and 64 bits. You must check them carefully. 64bit. Tortoisegit- Tortoisegit

Windows Mac keyboard

Recently, I installed a Mac VM on Windows 7. The primary problem is the keyboard. Troubleshoot the following issues. 1. In the Traditional Chinese version, use zookeeper, Zookeeper, and zookeeper.   When there are too many other

Open a new file with multiple gvim labels in Windows 7

From: Original article:  The specific method is as follows: 1. Enter redegit in the run. Everyone on Earth knows that this is the Windows registry. 2. Open hkey_classes_root/*/Shell in sequence, click shell,

Install and configure PhP5 and apache2.2 in Windows

1. DownloadProgramApache: 2. InstallerApache2.2 double-click to run the task...Php5.2 download the ZIP file and decompress it to C:/PHP. There are two INI files (PHP.

Learn to write Windows Service

I remember a long time ago, a colleague had to write a scheduled task. First, when a piece of news arrives at a set timeProgramAutomatic deletion I have no idea whether I can solve this problem. Later, I found a method some time ago:

In Windows, how does one view port usage?

Start -- run-cmd Enter the command prompt Enter netstat-ano to view all connected PID Then find the corresponding PID in the task manager.ProgramIf the Task ManagerNo PIDYou can select "View"-"Select column" in the task manager" Often, when

Deployment and release of nginx + mongrel + rails 3.0 + windows

Even though we do not advocate rails development in windows, we do not advocate rails deployment in windows .... However, this requirement exists in a project. Since platform factors cannot be ignored, we have to go against the sky...  

Strange issues with rails Calling command lines in Windows

[Symptom] After the rails 3.2.2 website is released and run in Windows, it is running normally and suddenly a problem occurs. The command line call result is incorrect. If the command line is correctly run separately, the following error is

Nginx + mongrel configuration in Windows

I have been learning rails for a while, and I have also made several small projects. I encountered some minor troubles during the release. I am used to the graphical operations of windows, and it hurts my brains when I configure nginx. 1. Install

Windows system is down-MBR/ntldr/grldr/Partition Table/

Users who often install computer systems and various software may often encounter a problem, that is, system crashes.   Taking the author as an example, I have installed both Windows and Linux systems. After I uninstalled the Linux system, I

Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and code access security

Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Code Access Security Maurice J. PratherSuraj poozhiyilAndrew M. MillerMicrosoft Corporation July 2003 Applicable:Microsoft Windows SharePoint ServicesMicrosoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 200

VS is actually easy to create a Windows Service

Using vs for a Windows service is actually very simple. The following is a simple example of using vs2010 for Windows Services and some precautions. 1. Create a Windows Service 2. AddCode Vs automatically generates some code The

Windows remove desktop icon blue

To remove the desktop icon shadow, right-click "my computer"-"properties"-"advanced"-"performance"-"Settings ", select "use shadow for icon labels on the desktop" at the bottom of the drop-down list and click "OK. Back to the desktop, if you still

Migration of Windows desktops and favorites

After creating a user (Administrator permission), restart the computer and find that the desktop and favorites are empty. You need to transfer the desktop and favorites of the previous administrator account. Location: C: \ document and Settings \

How can I deploy a certificate-carrying WCF Service in a Windows Service running in a network service account?

Main problems:Authorize the network service account to access the Certificate file.Install ServiceInstall the WCF Service1. Import a server certification: Import CertificateStart => RUN MMCStart => RUN MMC File => Add/Remove

Hosting a WCF Service in a Windows Service

In my last post I explained how you cocould use WCF and MSMQ to respond to messages asynchronously. we 've setup a class library with our service, a console application for our host and a console application for our client. in this post I'll explain

In Windows, memory cannot be allocated.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ subsystems] % SystemRoot % \ system32 \ csrss.exe objectdirectory = \ WINDOWSSharedsection = 3072Windows = on subsystemtype = Windows serverdll = basesrv, 1 serverdll =

VPs capacity problems caused by 32-bit windows without paging memory limit

Problem VPs capacity problems caused by 32-bit windows without paging memory limit Solution On a 32-bit Windows system, the main parameter restricting the number of VPs is "non-Paging memory" Open your job manager in windows, select the

Windows log storage path

IIS log: 1. Web% SystemRoot % \ system32 \ logfiles \ w3svc1 \ 2. FTP% SystemRoot % \ system32 \ logfiles \ msftpsvc1 \ Apache log: 1. Linux/Usr/local/Apache/logs 2. Windows/Apache/logs/ Security log:% SystemRoot % \ system32 \ config \

Basic Syntax of Windows batch

IfErrorlevel command to be executed Many DoSProgramAfter running, a numeric value is returned to indicate the result (or status) of the program running.The errorlevel command can be used to determine the return value of a program and decide to

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