[Folder] solution: folder with no name in thumbnail display mode in Windows XP

Auto: http://hi.baidu.com/jolin_ws/blog/item/b5dfbe31e9e5f6a55fdf0ee9.html Try on your computerUnder the folder, press "sh"The slave node of the IFT key1. Switch the display mode to shrinkWhat is the result of a thumbnail display mode?Is it a

Cocos2d-x learning Tour (10): Running cocos2dx Win8 on Windows 8 2.3

Since the cocos2d-x is based on Open gl es 1.0/2.0, so cannot run on Windows 8, Windows 8 using DirectX, so cocos2dx appeared Win8 Branch Cocos2dx-win8: https://github.com/cocos2d-x/cocos2dx-win8 Windows 8 RTM enterprise 9200 Look at the cocos2dx-

Solve the problem that Windows 8 cannot install Zune

Dism.exe/online/enable-feature/featurename: netfx3/Source: X: sourcessxs CopyCodeRun the command as the administrator cmd. Some preparation work is required to run this command: 1. Insert an installation disk for Windows installation.2. If you

Windows 8 Hello World

Windows 8 Metro style applicationsProgramThe development programming of Windows Phone 7 is very similar to that of Windows Phone 7. However, Windows 8 has much more powerful support for development languages than Windows Phone 7, and supports C ++,

What is Windows azure platform?

Windows azure platform provides cloud computing services, including Windows azure , SQL azure and Windows Azure appfabric .     Windows azure --Cloud Operating System Windows azureIs the operating system of cloud services.

Comparison and conversion between drawing. Point and windows. Point

1. system. Drawing. Point It indicates the ordered pairs of point, integer x, and Y coordinates defined in the two-dimensional plane. X and Y are integers;. NET 2.0 is mainly used in Windows form to indicate a point of GDI +. 2. system. Windows.

Windows Live writer starts ing

yesterday, I accidentally saw an introduction to Windows Live writer on Dudu's blog (it seems like it has been around for a while). Please try something so good! Download and have fun. This stuff seems to be part of the Windows Live series. M $

Windows API user32.dll

If you don't want your ownProgramIt is closed from the window popped up by CTRL + ALT + DEL,This section describes an unpublished API function for Windows: Registerserviceprocess (processid: Long, type: Long) This function exists in

Analyzes the reconnection behavior of system. Windows. Forms. timer and the other two timer

If you are not familiar with timer, You can first look at the description of msdn: Timer Server timer, Windows timer, and thread Timer . To put it simply: System. Windows. Forms. Timer is triggered in Event Mode Based on Windows

Windows API calls external programs

To be appliedProgramTo start other applications, there are three functions available for use, I will talk about them one by one (I will open the zeecalls.exe application under D: \ Program Files \ zeecballs \ directory as an example ): 1. winexec

Windows 7 notes

From: http://windows.chinaitlab.com/skill/891162.html Windows 7 has the built-in note function, which can be found by expanding the tool under "attachment. Or you can simply search for "notepaper" in the Start Menu.  In the notepaper window,

Windows Update cannot check for updates because the service is not running.

I changed a hard disk in the Lenovo Service Center yesterday. By the way, they also helped me install the win7 64-bit system, because it contains a lot of domestic junk software (it is said that it is to facilitate those without computers ). There

Change the font size of your Windows OS

I believe many comrades use Windows XP or Windows 2003. If the XP system is used, the default theme should be the super-Earthy Luna theme (that is, the big blue + big red + big green theme, I personally think that the taste of the UI designers of M $

Install and configure memcache on multiple ports in Windows

Install and configure memcache in WindowsArticleMany, but most of them use the default port 11211. How do I modify the default port and configure multiple memcache ports on one server? This is the problem to be solved in this article. 1.download

Easy to learn and use Windows powershell

Windows powershell is a shell and script language technology developed by Microsoft for the Windows environment. This new technology provides rich control and automated system management capabilities; scripting languages are used to

Windows Firewall cannot be started

1. Firewall Configuration Error Start --> Run --> Gpedit. MSC The group policy is enabled. Hierarchical display on the left Computer Configuration --> management template --> Network --> Network connection --> Windows Firewall Then, below are

Install Django in Windows

Install Django and start Web Services in Windows If you are using Linux or Mac OS X, the system may have pre-installed python. EnterPythonIf the python editing environment appears, it indicates that python has been installed. Even if python is not

[Entertainment] a music and an interesting signature made from a Windows Error Message

Interesting signatures: Dian: when the signature is too large, there are too many other signature statements, please refer to them again.Dian,Dian,Dian, Dian, Xiao, and Xiao, XiaoHey, hey, hey, you knowIn the case of Hunan province, there are two

Pack Windows Services and generate installation programs

1. Add a new project --> install and deploy --> install a project 2. Install the program --> right-click View --> File System --> application folder --> right-click --> Add project output Select a Windows service project as the main output. If you

Windows form program printing Overview

There is no new technique or technique in this article. It just makes a summary of Windows Printing, including multi-page printing, print preview, printer settings, and page settings. I. PrintUsing system. Drawing. printing; Private system. Drawing.

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