Install hyper-V manager on Windows 7

1. You need to download remote server administration tools for Windows 7. The address is as follows: Http:// Displaylang = en & familyid = 7d2f6ad7-656b-4313-a005-4e344e43997d   2. Open the control panel

Windows 8 Compression

The compression example demonstrates how to read data from a file and write compressed data to a new file, and how to read and write compressed data to a new file. Specifically, this example shows how to compress data from an existing • file and

Windows 8 application resources and Localization

Application Program Resource and localization example this example shows how to use application resources to separate the content that can be located from the application Code . This example uses Windows. ApplicationModel. Resources. Core and

Design and Development of Windows 8 Metro-settings and preferences (1)

In this experiment, you will add the "about" and "Preferences" commands to the settings pane of the contoso cookbook. You can display a simple user preference that you can use to switch between check boxes. You can also use roaming settings to store

Windows 8 Application Activation

Program The activation example demonstrates how to activate your Metro application. For an example demonstrates how to handle activation, suspension, and recovery, see the program activation and suspension example ( Function (){ VaR APP = winjs.

Use Windows azure web sites to build hosted web applications

Windows azure web sites (waws) is a service built on the Windows azure platform as a service (PAAs) framework, which simplifies and hosts cloud applications.ProgramRelated deployment, management, and scalability tasks. This article uses SQL Server

Windows 8 default Protocol

Windows default Protocol push example: how to start your default application Program File type or protocol. You can also learn how to make your application use the default application file type or Protocol   Public Sealed Partial Class

Design and Development of Windows 8 Metro-settings and preferences (2)

Add preferences page Now you knowMetroYou need to add another page -- this is the preference page, which allows the user to input and edit the preference. We only add a preference and demonstrate how to operate it. However, you can add more

Windows 8 account image settings

Account image name example this example shows the user name obtained by different methods, currently logged on. It also demonstrates how to obtain and apply the image to the user's tile. Windows. system check. USERPROFILE is an information class and

Windows 8 camera and captureui

The example of cameracaptureui demonstrates how to use Windows. Media. Capture. Cameracaptureui API, which displays a UI for capturing full screen photos or videos. Async Void Scenario1button_click ( Object Sender, routedeventargs E) { Try

Simple services for Windows 8 Bluetooth

The Bluetooth simple key service example demonstrates how to access Bluetooth Low-energy Ti simple key services from Metro applications by using Windows portable devices (WPD) drivers and WPD automated APIs. (Function(){ VaR Simplekeyservice =

Design and Development of Windows 8 Metro-listviews and data binding (2)

Load recipe data The project already contains sample data, but you want to replace it with your own data. In practice2. If you connectInternetYou can retrieve data from the cloud. If you are not connectedInternetOr you want the application

Windows 8 context menu

Context Menu example this example shows how to create a context menu and how to replace the default context menu text. This example uses Windows. UI. The popupmenu and oncontextmenu events are displayed. This example demonstrates the two tasks: •

Windows 8 Bluetooth Call Control

Bluetooth call control example Bluetooth callcontrol example shows how to configure the default Bluetooth communication device for processing calls. This example is written in Javascript. You also need to understand HTML, Windows events, and event

Design and Development of Windows 8 Metro-new features that must be followed

With the release of the consumer preview version of Windows 8, a large number of developers gradually focus on Metro development on Windows 8. Therefore, some minor changes in Windows 8 must be followed for development. 1. The first is the

Windows 8 application tool menu bar

Application Program This example shows how to use this application bar to present navigation, commands, tools, and users. The sample uses winjs. UI. And winjs. UI. Appbarcommand class. This application bar is default and appears on the edge of the

Windows 8 compass Sensor

This example shows how to use Windows. devices. sensors. The API of the compass. This example allows the user to view the compass reading as a magnetic-North, depending on the sensor installed, a true-North value. You can choose one or two schemes: •

Design and Development of Windows 8 Metro-orientation, split screen, and semantic Scaling (2)

Split screen Split screen allowedWindows 8The user splits the screen horizontally and runs twoMetroStyle applications. On the touch screen, drag your fingers gently from the left edge of the screen and temporarily stop when the split

Design and Development of Windows 8 Metro-settings and preferences (3)

Modify app. onactivated In the previous experiment, you wrotePLMCode. If the applicationProgramSuspended and terminated by the operating system. It restores the last viewed location. We need to use a similar policy to select"Rememberwhere I

Activation and suspension of Windows 8 applications

Application Program Activation and suspension examples demonstrate how you handle activation, suspension, recovery, and your Metro style applications. ( Function (){ VaR Order = 0; VaR APP = winjs. Application; VaR Myfile = "myfile. Text

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