In Windows XP, and the website are simultaneously debugged locally

Because the file in the sinobankers directory is used as shown in FigureC: \ Inetpub \ sinobankers \ newsdyn and other absolute paths. Therefore, the sinobankers directory must be at the same level as the wwwroot directory, Modify the Home

Master windows optimization has become a "rogue master"

Recently, I used the Windows optimization master and found that it often sets the Internet Explorer search provider forcibly. Even if you set the corresponding permissions of the registry key to restrict its modification, the rogue will still

How to call the Web ser Based on Basic Authentication/digest authentication/Windows authencation Authentication Mode and provide the client certificate

Preface: When the client fails to carry non-anonymous authentication modes such as Basic Authentication/digest authentication in IIS, the client must provide the corresponding credential. Important Notes: 1. How to generate proxy class When

Windows Domain sharing

When using the Windows domain, the machine that is added to the domain also wants to use the domain user to control the folder permissions. It is found that the domain user cannot be selected when adding a user. After inspection, we found that:

Windows auto-start mode Summary

I. Self-Starting project:Start ---Program--- Start, add some applications or shortcuts.This isWindowsIt is the most common and the simplest startup method of the application. If you want to start some files during startup, you can also drag them in

How to start a self-starting program on Windows

Start itemThe startup project is started when the system runs on the front-end or back-end. Program ]When Windows (operating system) completes the login process, there are many processes in the process! Many programs are automatically loaded when

Introduction to seh mechanism in Windows

1. Exception category In general, we divide exceptions into two categories. One is the CPU exception, which we call a CPU exception (or hardware exception ). Another type is software exceptions generated by calling the raiseexception API.

Basic knowledge of Windows Socket network programming (moderate and low)

The following describes how to implement the layer-7 network protocol in Windows: 7-layer protocol win System________________________________________7 Application Layer 7 ApplicationsProgram ________________________________________________6

Drupal 6 clean URL configuration on Windows XP and Apache 2.2 (Clean URL is implemented here)

Http://   EnterIn Apache 2.2Conf directory:> Cd c: \ Program Files \ Apache Software Foundation \ apache2.2 \ conf OpenHttpd. conf> Notepad httpd. conf Uncomment loading of read-write module by removing#:Loadmodule

Apache2.2.11 and svn1.6.1 set up the SVN version control platform (Windows environment]

Powered by: Ms ArticleIt was migrated from the original blog, and many color comments were not transferred. I want to see more clearly. Please visit: Postid = 69 & spaceid = 5 I. Installation

Analysis of common authentication modes in IIS, such as anonymous, bisic, digest, and Windows Authentication

Basic Authentication: Step 1: The client requests the service through anonymouse authentication. Step 2: After the server receives the request, it specifies its Authentication Mode in its HTTP header, Which is basic authentication. Therefore,

Introduction to IIS-related commands and tools in Windows

1. Net start/stop w3svcThis command is mainly used to enable/stop the WWW Service. This command is used to start or stop WWW Service. It commonly uses to reset W3SVC after the IIS configuration is modified.Notes: Do not mix W3SVC with a website. If

How to Implement the Windows authentication process based on the message/transmission security authentication mechanism without any authentication

Preface: The "How to Implement username authentication process based on message/transmission security authentication mechanism" section describes how to perform Username Authentication in message security mode, this article will continue to

Precise Timing based on windows in VC

Method 1: wm_timer message ing in VC can be used for simple time control. First, call the settimer () function to set the timer interval. For example, settimer (0,200, null) sets the interval of Ms. Then in the Application Program Added the

How to Use Win32 APIs to enumerate application windows and processes

How to Use Win32 APIs to enumerate applicationsProgramWindows and processesHttp:// Id = 1482Compilation: northtibet Download source code Top-level window of enumerationEnumeration processEnumerate processes with

Windows XP Key List, Windows + D to minimize or restore all windows

Http:// I. Common shortcut keys F1 displays the currentProgramOr Windows Help content.F2 when you select a file, this means "RENAME"F3 when you are on the desktop, open the "Search: All Files"

Memory leakage detection in Windows

It is relatively easy to develop and detect memory leaks in windows. Here is just a simple record of some things, without specific implementation. In Windows, the memory detection mainly involves two aspects. These two aspects are not an if else

Log on to the Windows desktop directly. The welcome/logon screen is not displayed.

Start> RUN> Control userpasswords2 press enter, select a user, and remove the password required to use the local machine Windows XP is a safer operating system. You must select an account and enter a password each time you start Windows XP. It is

Windows XP Professional, website, IIS, persoanl Web Manager (

Windows XP Professional iis5.1 does not contain persoanl web manager. To set a virtual path, see, Or "Management Tools"-"Computer Management"-"services and applications" Program "--" Internet Information Service "--" right click on default website"

Windows XP, personal Web Service

1. Creating a root folder (Windows) Http:// Context1_getting_started&file=gs_14_q9.htmAfter the server software is installed, create a root folder

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