Install and Download Windows mobile5.0 Simulator

Http:// Install the Windows mobile5.0 simulator and 2005.06.10 from: csdn lei 1. First install Visual Studio 2005, which cannot be downloaded at will. 2

Windows Mobile development resource site highlights

To access Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform development, the following websites are essential resources in favorites. Msdn mobile Development Center (English)Needless to say, Microsoft's official development center provides the latest sdks,

Download address for common Windows Mobile development resources

Some people often ask where to download this SDK? Download the Chinese Virtual Machine ?..... As a matter of fact, I can find it through a careful search on msdn. I just want to sort it out for you. Embedded Visual C ++

Windows Memory counters

In Windows Memory, three data types are important: Pages/sec, available bytes, and committed bytes. In the test, the lack of memory will cause frequent page errors, and the system will not stop switching data between disk and memory, which may

Game and source code of "guess number" on Windows Mobile

Go to the interface picture first:   Game rules: 1. At the beginning of the game, the computer randomly generates a four-digit number that does not repeat.2. Enter the number you guessed in the box and press ENTER or OK to submit the information.3

Instructions for building truecrypt 6.3a in Windows XP

Truecrypt is a free and open-source disk encryption tool that supports Windows 7/Vista/XP In Mac OS X and Linux, you can create one or more virtual disks on the hard disk. files on all Virtual Disks are automatically encrypted and need to be

Windows 7 installation note

Two days ago, you must install VB. NET in this document.ProgramThe prompt "some components must be installed in the directory. Check whether you have write permission in the directory and whether there is sufficient space in the directory. ", As

Windows 7 (win7) system reinstallation and cracking

ArticleDirectory I. Create a USB flash drive for Windows 7 Ii. Install win7 with a USB flash drive Iii. Cracking and Activation Windows 7 (win7) system reinstallation and cracking May 5, 2013 This tutorial is only intended

Windows Mobile Development Series articles favorites-Getting Started (Development Environment setup)

This article describes how to get started with Windows Mobile Development-Development Environment setup, SDK/simulator/SQL ce download and installation, and smart device project creation,ProgramDebugging problems and related tools. Wince beginner..

A new feature on Windows Mobile-widget

CurrentlyFor Windows Mobile 6.5There are many new user features, including cellular interface, enhanced Touch support, user SoftwareMy phone,MarketplaceAnd so on. But few reports are reported for developers,For Windows Mobile 6.5What are the new

Windows Mobile Development Series articles favorites-News series

Let's take a look at the development history of Windows Mobile. Every version update provides us with new features and experiences. Microsoft officially released windowsmobile6.5 Windowsmobile gorgeous UI-pointui home2 strong comeback The mobile

Windows Mobile development articles favorites-GPS/GIS

Development of GPS/GIS in the Windows Mobile Development SeriesArticleFavorites, including basic GPS knowledge, longitude and latitude, use of navigation devices, development of related applications in C ++/. net, and practical application of GPS

Windows Mobile development articles favorites-Windows Mobile 5

Collect and organize some development related to Windows Mobile 5Article, Articles and relatedCodeMost of them are collected from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author! Basic Process for smartphone Vocabulary Development

Windows Mobile Development Series articles

Classify and sort out the intractable diseases encountered during WM development, such as development languages and platform selection, vs 2005/2008 development tools,ProgramDebugging, simulator usage, SQL ce installation and deployment, etc.  

Windows Mobile Development Series articles favorites-Opening

I have been engaged in application development for Windows Mobile in the last two months and read a lot Article Document; devdiv. more than 1600 posts on the Windows Mobile Application Development edition of the. NET Forum have been browsed and

Windows Mobile menu bar resource usage

Address:   Menu Bar Resource Menu bar is like a toolbar control in many aspects. View the resources used by the menu bar. The differences between the two objects are the

Windows Mobile development articles favorites-resource highlights

  Blogs I often follow [Recommended] Windows Mobile resource sites outside China Windows Mobile Article recommendation this month Summary of WCF programming learning materials for mobile devices Common resources for Windows Mobile

A new skin for Windows Mobile?

According to a recent blog by MoBi-gas-mic, there is a project "glazed Vista" about the new Windows Mobile skin under development ". According to the new skin (for PPC) disclosed by well-known developers, it looks very smooth and elegant. In fact,

Windows Mobile development articles favorites-device emulator

Collect some simulators and installation and usage in Windows Mobile development, such as Internet Settings, memory configuration, and installation and debugging errors.Article. Why use a simulator? [Go] Download Windows Mobile 6.0 SDK and

One of Windows Background Knowledge: 386 processor mode and Windows Memory Management


1. 80x86 processor operating mode The 80386 processor has three working modes: real mode, protection mode, and virtual 86 mode. Project \ Mode Real Mode Protection Mode Virtual 86 mode Main CPU Running Mode

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