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Who's better? Adblock or Adblock Plus?

Tags: style http io color ar os using for SPAdblock Plus founder Wladimir Palant is translated into Chinese on a number of occasions. I hope we can solve some questions that have plagued us for a long time. Thank you for all the support Adblock Plus, we will be in accordance with the original intention of a better and more complete and safer

WIN8 system under IE11 browser how to screen plug-ins Adblock Plus

win8 system under IE11 browser how to screen plug-ins Adblock Plus The specific methods are as follows: 1, first to Adblock Plus website download installation Adblock Plus software, and then double-click to run the installation

Point like and spit bad Adblock plus~ Advanced Tutorial

Tags: ad filteringPreface: Adblock Plus is referred to as ABP, this is an ABP advanced tutorial! Implement Flashblock and NoScript with ABP. Recommended to have a fairly basic reading! Beginners first understand here: Http://adblockplus.org/zh_CN/filters First boast

Adblock Plus set the method in IE browser

If you want to use Adblock Plus on the Internet Expolorer10, you need to close the enhanced protection mode first Metro Mode Internet Explorer in WINDOWSRT and WINDOWS8 cannot use Adblock Plus because it does not support plug-ins Installation instructions (for Internet Explorer10) Download the

Simple Regular Expression matching adapted to Adblock plus rules

Normal 0 7.8 磅 0 2 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The ad filtering list defined by Adblock plus is very useful. Here we will analyze the ad filtering rules of Adblock plus. ! Start to indicate comments * Wildcard, matching any string @ Indicates the White List starting with this,

Settings for Adblock Plus

Settings for Adblock PlusSometimes the browser finishes loading the Adblock Plus plugin or has ads. There is a problem with the original setup.Method/Step Errors before setting the page: After installing Adblock Plus, right-click the icon and select option: After

centos6.5 Firefox upgrade Flash Player install Adblock Plus ad Shield plugin installation

, you can refer to Firefox to resolve the OCSP response contains outdated information issuesBased on the content of the above post, we can add relevant entries in the Hosts fileVi/etc/hostsInsert the following entry in the file#mozilla117.18.232.191 addons.cdn.mozilla.net117.18.232.191 mozorg.cdn.mozilla.net117.18.232.191developer.cdn.mozilla.net117.18.232.191 fhr.cdn.mozilla.net117.18.232.191 support.cdn.mozilla.net117.18.232.191marketplace.cdn.mozilla.net117.18.232.191 air.cdn.mozilla.net117.1

Writing Adblock plus Filters

ArticleDirectory Basic Rules Limiting rules to certain domains Attribute selectors Advanced selectors Simplified element hiding syntax [Use Adblock plus to edit filtering rules] See the Chinese version below: (however, the Chinese version is not the latest version, and some rules are incorrect) Http://code.google.com/p/adblock-chin

Adblock plus rule implementation

In the previous article, we talked about adbock plus matching rules, but some rules need other information, rather than simply URL strings. Such as domain information, such as third-party rules. Currently, only script, image, stylesheet, third-party, and domain rules are supported. script, image, and stylesheet rules are matched by the file extension in the URL string. Third-party, domain is parsed using the kurl class. Therefore, the new filterrule i

How to add Adblock Plus plugins to screen video ads in 360 browsers

Adblock Plus is a popular plug-in for screen ads in Chrome and Firefox, which previously didn't apply to IE browsers. Adblock Plus Now finally officially announces that they are adding support for IE browsers. There may be a lot of users who don't know much about Adblock

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