acrobat electronic signature

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"WPF" Learning Notes (ii)--still an electronic signature board

This blog, the main talk about the implementation of electronic signature features stepped on several pits: 1. System.badimageformatexception abnormal; 2 Unable to load DLL "###.dll": The specified module could not be found. (Exception from hresult:0x8007007e); 3.WPF gets the handle of the control.If you want to learn how to use InkCanvas in WPF to implement a feature similar to a

How to do an electronic signature?

How to do an electronic signature? Before introducing the electronic signature, we will first introduce Hash, also known as Hash or Hash. The Hash function is defined as a variable-length input to a fixed-length output. Common Hash algorithms: MD5 (128 bits), regardless of the length of the input, will become a fixed l

WPF Learning Note (i)--make a simple electronic signature board

Internship (WPF) has been more than two weeks of time, stepping on some pits, but also accumulated some small things, ready to slowly take out to share. ('? ') )This time, we'll talk about a simple implementation of the electronic signature board.First on the picture (PS: The word is more ugly, do not care too much ha):1. Mission ObjectivesBasic requirements: 1. Signatu

Originality: Electronic Signature

Most of the time from understanding networks to the present, they bring virtual things to people. Although the electronic signature technology already exists, it is still not widely used. Therefore, an open-source electronic signature project is required to enhance the Internet's integrity. Purpose: To achieve real u

WORD2003 Electronic signature Plugin (supports handwriting, seal)

1. IntroductionWord electronic signature plug-in that supports handwriting, local electronic stamps, and network stamp functions. Software uses VC6, written in ATL, the software is small and exquisite.This is my study of the results of ATL, the process of learning and the preparation of the program, and then spent one months of time, took a lot of effort. In the

About the electronic signature transfer of an active control

About the electronic signature of an active controlTwo kinds of scenarios: one is to make a certificate, the client can identify the control after installing the certificate, the second is to buy the official, in the country to find the agent VeriSign, responsible for a variety of electronic signatures, any browser can recognize the certificate. Official website

. NET Language app development platform--smobiler Learning log: How to implement electronic signature function on mobile phone

C #: imagebutton1_click (} Note: Call the signature signature control3. Modify the properties of the signature A.backcolor propertySets the background color of the control, which is set to "white" by default, 6;B.forecolor PropertySets the color of the control font, the default setting is "Black", that is, the control font color is black, 7;C.generatemember Pr

Ink in office (can be used as an electronic word signature)

Original article about ink in office By using the ink feature in Microsoft Office 2003, you can useTablet PC andTabletInsert a pen into Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, or Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 (use Office Word 2003 as an email editor. The ink mark function can be used: Send a handwritten email. Add notes and highlights on the slides. When presenting a presentation, the audience can see the notes and highlights. Reuse the hand

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