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Zabbix Installing Always-populate-raw-post-data = 1 issue under PHP7

LNMP platform PHP7, Zabbix installation may occur problems Always-populate-raw-post-data =-1, Solution:vim /Directory/zabbix/include/classes/setup/cfrontendsetup.php Find the following code, about Always-populate-raw-post-data; add  $

The difference between PHP input stream php://input and Post/get

PHP input Stream Php://inputWhen using XML-RPC, the server gets the client data, mainly through the PHP input stream, rather than the $_post array. So, here's the main discussion of PHP input stream php://inputFor the php://input introduction, the

PHP gets the post parameters in several ways

The data type recognized by PHP by default is the application/x-www.form-urlencoded standard data type.PHP gets the post parameters in several ways1, $_post[' paramname '] can only receive data submitted by

PHP input Stream Php://input

When using XML-RPC, the server gets the client data, mainly through the PHP input stream, rather than the $_post array. So, here's the main discussion of PHP input stream php://inputFor a php://input introduction, the PHP Official Handbook document

Protobuf Chinese Course (first article)

Disclaimer: Most of the contents of this article are translated from official English documents, which may be interspersed with their own language to assist understanding, this article prohibits reprint.First, what is protocol buffersProtocol

PHP.ini detailed

Short_open_tagWhether to support the short mark, before php5.4, the option is off, after php5.4, the default is on Asp_tagsWhether to allow the use of ASP-style syntax, such as PrecisionNumber of digits (precision) of floating-point digital

thinkphp 5 file_get_contents (php://input) explores ____php

Target TP out of the new version of 5.0.2 as a TP of the old users, of course, the need for research, in learning TP5 request and response found TP a particularly interesting class request requests. In the constructor class, see today's hero

DirectX 11 Game Programming Learning Note 7:6th Chapter drawing in Direct3D (drawn in Direct3D) (Focus review + Errata)

This article by Harry _ Spider-Man original, reproduced please indicate the source! Have a question Welcome to contact [email protected]Note: I give the electronic version is more than 700 pages, and the physical book is more than 800 pages, so when

Comics: the comprehensible ES module

This article comes from NetEase cloud community. This article translated from:ES modules:a cartoon deep-diveThe ES module provides the official standardized module system for JavaScript. However, this has gone through some time--nearly 10 years of

Android Performance Optimization Model-2nd Quarter

Google released the 2nd season of Android performance optimization course, a total of 20 short videos, including roughly: Battery optimization, network optimization, how to optimize on wear, using object pooling to improve efficiency, LRU

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