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A brief talk on Google Chrome Google browser user experience problem

We know that Google browser Chrome has been launched for some time, but the market reflects very flat, and everyone on this comment is very different, then Google browser in the end where did not do it right? is the market or the product itself a problem? Below we from the user experience perspective to analyze the

Use Google Chrome to create a shortcut for a local Web Application

Google Chrome's development direction is web application localization. Chrome is like a client shell that provides a basic environment in which all web applications can run. With the development of the Network, some applications that previously only run locallyProgramThere is a tendency to shift to the network, but local execution also has its own advantages, so

Modify Google Chrome installation directory, cache path, user favorite path at any time

Google's browser was initially installed on the C drive, but it was not a problem. Recently found to occupy more and more large, then decided to move it to another plate. Online articles are either too damndest, complicated, or too wordy. Therefore, we hereby simplify the explanation. 1. In fact, it took some time and the new installation of Google browser to move to another hard drive method is the same drop. Only after a while, the "

Installing XAMPP in Ubuntu will jump out of the box and start Google Chrome as a normal user. ...

It is strange that installing XAMPP will jump out of chrome-related errors, I also installed a xampp yesterday is also jumped out of this error, today, try again, or will jump out of this error. Why the hell?Error message:请以普通身份启动“google chrome”。要以跟用户身份运行,您必须为个人资料信息的存储制定其他的“-user-data-dir” Reply content: It is st

Solution to failure to run Google Chrome as the root user

After chrome is used in UBUNTU, when chrome is opened, the error "Google Chrome cannot be run as the ROOT user" cannot be logged on as the ROOT user.Then I found some methods on the Internet to summarize them:In fact, it is very simple, just two commands.Xhost +Sudo-I-u evan

Google Chrome browser installed in Ubuntu9.04 and user experience

During this time, it was reported that Google's operating system ChromeOS had an earlier version leaked, but unfortunately these rumors are obviously not accurate. The leaked stream is actually the Alpha/Beta version of Chromium browser used in Google's Chrome OS in the future. the deb file format is used for installation, which is the same as that for Debian Linux (such as Ubuntu. LinuxIDC installed this version of Chromium in Ubuntu9.04 During this

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