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Configure email address policies from exchange to Office 365 series (10)

=" float: none; "src =" "alt =" wkiol1qx3zxhpypqaaervtonyt0026.jpg "/> 11. Double-click the default receiving connector. Here, the anonymous user is also checked. Note that this operation must be performed on the two mailbox servers. 650) This. width = 650; "Title =" image022.jpg "style =" float: none; "src =" "alt =" wkiom1qx3hmdwrkhaaepmvxjwyc428.jpg

Outlook's cache email address cannot be saved

Several HK colleague transfer come over, use their outlook all appear this kind of problem, symptom is, the cache email address of Outlook cannot save, namely cannot use the automatic completion function when inputting an email. By observing and discovering, *. NK2 file will be deleted every time logout then login, or after shutdown, the file will disappear. Th

Android redirects to the contact page of the system and inserts a contact's fax \ address \ email \ position \ Department \ zip code \ photo

Private void toExecuteSave () {Intent intent = new Intent (Intent. ACTION_INSERT); intent. setType ("vnd. android. cursor. dir/person "); intent. setType ("vnd. android. cursor. dir/contact "); intent. setType ("vnd. android. cursor. dir/raw_contact "); // Add the name intent. putExtra (Insert. NAME, mEmployee. getEmployeeName () + vUserName. getText (); // intent. putExtra (Insert. NOTES, mEmployee. getUserName (); // Add a position // intent. putExtra (Insert. JOB_TITLE, mEmployee. getJobName

What is an Enterprise Network Disk in an enterprise email address? How to use it?

administrator can set a specific custom folder and grant permissions to employees. When an employee has the permission, the administrator can access, upload, and download files in the Network Disk folder. This gives employees a certain degree of autonomy. 3. Recycle Bin: All files deleted from the online storage are stored here. Only the Administrator has the permission to access the files, and the administrator can restore the deleted files here. Some may obscure the purposes of super ad

Disable the outlook warning message when send dynamics ax reports to email address

November 18 Disable the outlook warning message when send dynamics ax reports to email address Problem ========== User receive the following prompt stating that a program is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in outlook. Do you want to allow this? Resolution ============== Go to and search for

PHP automatically sends a copy of your current resume to your email address when you deliver your CV

e-mail address from the database, in a recruitment detail page is displayed, when the detailed page click on the application, how to send the email address dynamically and in the sendmail.php page to get the email address sent over Thank you Reply to discussion (s

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