c 11 iterate over map

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How to use the mapping map of Scala's various collections (6)

1. Create a map 1) Create immutable mappings scala> val status = Map (1, "a", 2, "B") status:scala.collection.immutable.map[int,string] = map (1, A, 2- > B) scala> val status = Map ((1, "a"), (2, "B"))

C++11 Series-What is c++11

What is c++0x?C++0X is the name used in the standardization process for the latest standard in C + +, and in this series of articles we will present a new set of language features added to the latest standards. In September 2011, c++0x officially

Array,slice,map and Set in the Go language

Go from: https://se77en.cc/Array (array) internal mechanismIn the Go language, an array is a FIXED-LENGTH data type that contains contiguous elements of the same type, which can be built-in types, such as numbers and strings, or struct types, and

C++11 new Features

New Keywords Auto The first effect of introducing auto in C++11 is for automatic type deduction. Automatic type deduction for auto, used to infer the data type of a variable from an initialization expression. The automatic type deduction of auto

Go Basic-map

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. //XUHH_GO_MAP Project /* Features of 1.map: A.map is a built-in reference type for the go language, so when multiple maps point to the same underlying situation, a

Python commonly used built-in functions to introduce "filter,map,reduce,apply,zip"

Python is a very concise, elegant language, many of its built-in functions combined, you can use a small number of code to achieve a lot of complex functions, if the same function to let C/c++/java to implement, it may be a big head, in fact, Python

C++11 new Features-common

1.autoIts function is inferred for the type. Auto is a placeholder for a type that informs the compiler to infer the true type of the declared variable based on the initialization code. It can be used for declaring variables in various scopes.Auto i=

What about std: set/std: map?

Chen Shuo (chenshuo.com) 2013-01-20 Std: set/std: map (represented by std: map below) is a commonly used associative container and also ADT (abstract data type ). That is to say, its interface (not an interface in the OO sense) not only specifies

Python core Programming Chapter 11 function exercises

#encoding =utf-8# 11-3 function. In this exercise, we will implement the Max () and Min () built-in functions.# (a) write a max2 () function with two elements to return a larger and smaller element, a simple () kernel min2 (). They should be able to#

The basics of Python programming seven conditions and cycles

First, Introduction Python's conditions and looping statements determine the program's control flow and reflect the diversity of the structure. It is important to understand if, while, for, and the else, elif, break, continue, and pass statements

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