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Linux Command basename command

This article is reproduced in: http://monkeymusic.blog.163.com/blog/static/4797639200912533652666/ Purpose Returns the basic file name of a string parameter.Syntax Basename string [suffix]Description The basename command reads the string parameter,

Write a function that removes the file extension from a standard URL as efficiently as possible? PathInfo file path & Parse_url resolve URL & file name in BaseName path

For example: http://www.sina.com.cn/abc/de/fg.php?id=1 need to remove PHP or. phpScenario 1PHP function getext ($url) { $arrparse_url($url); $file basename ($arr[' path ']); $ext Explode (".",$file); return $ext [1];} Echo getext

Php dirname, basename, pathinfo parsing directory path

1: string basename (string path [, string suffix]);A string containing a full path pointing to a file is provided. This function returns the basic file name. If the file name ends with suffix, this part will also be removed.In Windows, both slash (/)

Shell Command WC, md5sum, basename

2,WC [-LWM] Options and parameters: -L: only list rows; -W: How many words are listed(English word); -M: The number of characters; 3,Md5sum Md5sum [Option]... [file]... Print or check MD5. (128-bit) checksums. With no file, or whenFile

Summary: Man, info, Hwclock, Cal, type, which, DirName, BaseName, who, which, Whatis, Makewhatis, hash, TTY

Man , info, help, date, Hwclock, Cal, shutdown, reboot, Halt, Poweroff, type, CD, which, DirName, BaseName, who, which, Whatis, Makewhatis, Echo, hash, TTY tac:cat display the file file in reverse order ...: View the format of the contents of the

R language: Extract the file name string from the path (basename function)

Suppose there is a path c:/coverage/homo_sapiens.sort.add_exon1_coverage.txt, to extract Homo_sapiens.sort.add_exon1_ Coverage.txt the file name, use the BaseName function and the start, stop parameter, as shown in the command line:filenameThe

Basename/dirname get file name/path

Http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.1.2/File.html#method-c-dirname (1) basename (file_name [, suffix]) → base_name Returns the last component of the filename given inFile_name, Which can be formed using bothFile::SEPARATORAndFile::ALT_SEPARATORAs the

Linux command Rollup (mkdir, rmdir, Touch, dirname, basename)

1. mkdir : Creating a directoryformat: mkdir [OPTION] ... DIRECTORY ...Options:- m,--mode=mode setting permissions is equivalent to chmod650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/72/59/wKioL1XhqF6QuhRAAAGb0Mmpt0I614.jpg "title=" 1.

Linux commands, files and directories (Cp,pwd,mkdir,rmdir;ls,cp,rm,mv,basename,dirname;cat,tac,more,less,head,tail,touch,umask,chattr, File,which,locate,find)

1. Directory Operations:(1) CD (Switch directory)CD ~ Back to home directoryCD Back to home directoryCd.. Back to top directoryCD-Go back to the directory just nowCd/var/spool/mail Absolute PathCd.. /mqueue relative Path (written by/var/spool/mail

Php application path variable problem summary _ PHP Tutorial

Summary of php application path variables. Local server, domain name d.com, root path D: phpnowvhostsd.com. yii, with the requeir_onceaa.php file in the x. php code in the root directory, and aa. php requeir_onceabb.php Local server, domain

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