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The error "/bin/sh:-C: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token" appears when the cocos2d-x compiles the Android version.

The latest cocos2d-x version is 2.1.3, Which is okay when build_native.sh is called, but the following error occurs when build_native.sh clean. Clean: chipmunk_static [armeabi]/bin/sh:-C: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token '('/bin/sh:-C:

A summary of the method for thread transmission parameters of C # line

Thread (Parameterizedthreadstart) Initializes a new instance of the thread class, specifying a delegate that allows an object to be passed to the thread when it is started.Thread (ThreadStart) Initializes a new instance of the thread class.Supported

10-27 C line segment tree

Question I will give you a sequence, \ (Q \) times to ask how many subintervals in a range meet all the numbers in the Self-interval, and the result of bitwise AND calculation is the complete number of vertices. It's what \ (lstete \) tells me...

Codeforces Beta Round #7 C. Line (Extended Euclid)

Title Link: Http://codeforces.com/problemset/problem/7/Cgive you a linear equation with an integer solution to output the answer, otherwise output-1.Expansion of the European template problem. Here are the explanations:

C # line path single parameter

 1.定义线程启动的函数,如  privatestaticvoidFun(objectobj)    {    Console.WriteLine("Hello, {0}!",obj.ToString ());    } 2. Refer to the required dynamic library as follows  usingSystem;    usingSystem.Collections.Generic;    usingSystem.Text;   

C + + line path parameters

structtthreadparam{lpvoid pThis; intVisionindex;};classCmiltestdlg: Publiccdialog{//Construction Public: Cmiltestdlg (CWnd* pparent = NULL);//Standard ConstructorTthreadparam Threadparma[maxvisionnum]; StaticUINT visionthread (LPVOID

C-line Chengdai-generation debugging, POSIX Threads Generation Code

C-line Chengdai-generation debugging, POSIX Threads Generation Code(CSCI 363) Project--POSIX ThreadsInstructionsThis program sorts strings using "enzymes". An enzyme was a function that sorts the consecutiveCharacters. We define one enzyme per pair


As mentioned above, the levy curve is generated by dividing a line segment into two lines with the same length and vertical lines. in addition, the fragtal dragon is also to turn a line segment into two lines with an angle of 90 degrees. this

C + + line-oriented input getline () and get ()

Source: C + + Primer PlusIn C + + it is customary to use CIN when we enter a string, but Cin can only read a string with no spaces, and if we need to read a string containing a space, we need to use getline () or get (). The following describes

Intersection of the C ++ line and plane

The intersection between the midline and the plane of a three-dimensional space is calculated using the vector calculation method, which is easy to understand. The OpenGL version I have referred to is straightforward. Last pointCodeFor reference

C + + line string processing

Sometimes programming needs to process a string of strings, including a row of spaces connected together. If you read the blanks directly with CIN, you will stop.The practical approach is to use the Getline function with a stringstream flow

C # line feed

1. line feed: String SQL = @ "insert into netids_eventbase (eventtypeid, eventname, initialname)Values ({0}, '{1}', {2} ') "; // It can be longer. Use a line feed instead of an escape character.System. Data. oledb. oledbcommand da2 = new system.

C # line chart example

in. net, Microsoft provides us with the system. Drawing. Imaging class, which provides basic functions for drawing. For example, straight line, line, rectangle, polygon, elliptical shape, slice, curve, etc, therefore, common images can be drawn

How to use C + + + line reading TXT file string (can be conveniently implemented text file replication) __c++

This code has been tested under windows/vc++6.0, and there is no problem under linux/g++. but be sure to be aware of the differences between Linux and Windows file formats, For example: 1. When code on Linux reads the Windows file format, there

Resource Record rules

How does the https://www.dnspod.cn Add a record? 1. Under what circumstances will a record be used? [If you want to direct a domain name to an IP address, you need to add a record] 2. How to add a recordA. enter a subdomain name in the Host record (

Taste GNU Prolog (2)

Http://blog.csdn.net/lawme/archive/2008/10/15/3081870.aspx   5. The gnu prolog program creates a GUI in a novel and reasonable manner. It is lightweight and small, and does not have a dedicated GUI function mechanism, but it can call GTK-server to

C macros _ line __, _ file _ and _ FUNC __

It is possible for a C program to print the currently executing line of source code, the file of the source code, and the name of the current function. the currently executing line is available in a Preprocessor variable called__LINE__: #include int

Business-to-business industry website "Text style design" general standard

When we open a variety of business-to-business websites, see the most is a variety of text, expressed in a variety of ways, displayed in front of the visitors, text is the Portal type Web site The most content, while the text and pictures, video is

Join talkGDB (third: GDB breakpoint debugging)

Join talkGDB (third: GDB breakpoint debugging) Hello, everyone. We talked about the single-step debugging function of GDB in the last time and how to use GDB for single-step debugging. In this session, we will continue to introduce the debugging

C + + Concurrent Programming-1th Chapter Hello, C + + concurrency World

C + + Concurrent Programming-1th Chapter Hello, C + + concurrency WorldReprinted from Concurrent Programming network –ifeve.comThis article is "C + + concurrent Programming" The first chapter, thanks to the people's post and telecommunications

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