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Basic concepts of Max SDK (2)

2. Basic concepts of SDK 2.1 three abstract base classes3DS MAX plug-ins are mainly used for modeling, animation, and rendering. These plug-ins are mainly inherited from one of the following abstract base classes.Anomatable-> referencemaker->

Storage calculation of FLOAT data structure in C language

1. Learn about the float storage structure float storage structure see another article http://blog.csdn.net/whzhaochao/article/details/128858752. Float maximum value float structure such as: To obtain a positive maximum value, that is, the sign bit

IOS objective-c How to get 2 decimal rounded float value?

Have a tried this?CGFloat val = 37.777779;CGFloat Rounded_down = Floorf (val * 100)/100; /* result:37.77 */CGFloat nearest = Floorf (val * 100 + 0.5)/100; /* result:37.78 */CGFloat rounded_up = Ceilf (val * 100)/100; /* result:37.78

MAX SDK Grid feature

MAX SDK Grid feature2013-11-20 00:20 473 People read review (0) Favorite Report Category: Max Programming (13) Grid Topics first, the mesh geometric structure 1.1 vertices (Vertex) The model vertices in max still use the usual vertex array, the Mesh

C language Basic data type short, int, long, char, float, double

The C language contains data types as shown in the following:I. Data types and "molds"The six keywords short, int, long, char, float, double represent the six basic data types in C language.How to understand them? For example: Have you seen that

Comparison of float and decimal in MySQL database

Float,double is prone to error, when precision requirements are higher, it is recommended to use decimal to save, decimal in the MySQL memory is stored as a string, used to define the currency requirements of high precision data. Example Creates a

How does float store in C language?

float how memory is stored Type Number of storage bits Total number of digits Offset value(offset) Digit (S) Order Code (E) Mantissa (M) Short real number (float) 1 8 2

C ++ idlcpp tutorial Python (4), idlcpppython

C ++ idlcpp tutorial Python (4), idlcpppython Last article in this C ++ mixed programming idlcpp tutorial Python Article (3) Article 1 idlcpp tutorial in C ++ hybrid programming (I) Similar to the previous project, pythontutorial has added three

PHP Learning Record (float type) _ PHP Tutorial

PHP learning Records (float type ).? Php $ a1.234; $ b1.2e3; $ c7E-10 ;? Regular expression: Floating point: [0-9] + double precision: ([0-9] [.] {LNUM}) | ({LNUM} [.] [0-9] *) exponential expression: [+-]? ({LNUM} | {DNU $ A = 1.234; $ B = 1.2e3; $

Unity3d shader Cartoon Coloring Toon Shading

The purpose of cartoon coloring is to make the color of the object appear not so good, the light and dark intersection is obvious, and so on a series of characteristics of cartoon style,Also known as non-photorealisticrendering non-real renderingThe

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