c ncurses example

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Introduction to ncurses

Summary:Ncurses is a dynamic library that provides function key definition (shortcut keys), screen rendering, and graphic interaction functions based on text terminals. Introduction to ncurses

Expert help !!! An error occurred while installing kermit.

Expert help !!! An error occurred while installing kermit-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see. The compiler version I used is 3.4.1. Download the C-Kermit version cku211.tar.gz The

C pointer principle (64)-Ncurses-text terminal graphics

Panel Library allows you to easily manage the Panel: 1. Use the newwin () function to create a window that will be added to the Panel. 2. Create a panel (using the created window) and press the panel into the stack according to the visible sequence

How Linux compiles and installs the new kernel supports the NTFS file system (for example, redhat7.2x64) _linux

Kernel, is the core of an operating system. It is responsible for managing the system's process, memory, device driver, file and network system, which determines the performance and stability of the system. Linux as a free software, with the support

Linux Programming (Building development environment--curses)

Crossing, they are. What we are going to say today. is a little supplement to the previous content, the detailed content is: Installs the curses development package. To buildDevelopment environment. The gossip Hugh said, the words return to the

Solution for "erroropeningterminal" prompt when makemenuconfig

During makemenuconfig, the system prompts erropeningterminal solution. in Linux, the makemenuconfig or makeconfig commands are used to compile embedded systems. these commands usually use the ncurses library. if The ncurses library is not correctly

Parameters in the C-GCC command line

Recently I have been working on some things and need to call GCC under the command line. So I have found some information about GCC on the Internet. Now I will record it for future reference. GCC and G ++ are the gnu c & C ++ compiler gcc/g ++. A

Build Lamp for PHP7 environment on Linux

Note: My environment is different from the version of Ubuntu,linux, the command will be different when I install some plugins. Because there are some details and my specific environment is not, this article is based on

Port MySql to the embedded Linux platform _ MySQL

Port MySql to the embedded Linux platform bitsCN.com Recently in the attendance machine system, hardware used cortex-A8, haha, in fact, is a bit wasteful, 2410 can be. Therefore, we need to consider the storage of attendance data, which was

PHP Common Compiler Parameters Chinese description _php Example

Interpretation of common parameters for compiling PHP Copy Code code as follows: --prefix=/usr/local/php #指定 PHP installation directory --with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs #整合apache, the APXS function is to use the loadmodule

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