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C #. tostring () Format

From: http://www.cnblogs.com/bignjl/archive/2011/01/14/1935645.html C # tostring () format string format value: Sometimes, we may need to present the value in a certain format, and we need to format the value. We use a format string to specify the

[Go].tostring format.] C # tostring formatted output

http://blog.csdn.net/hyynet09/article/details/4219488C currency2.5.ToString ("C")¥2.50D decimal Number25.ToString ("D5")00025E-Scientific25000.ToString ("E")2.500000E+005F fixed point25.ToString ("F2")25.00G General2.5.ToString ("G")2.5N number250000

Differences between asp.net ToString format and Convert. ToString (1/2)

Asp tutorial. net tostring format Daquan and convert. tostring differenceGenerally, there are four methods for object to string: (assume object obj) obj. tostring, convert. tostring, (string) obj, obj as string.They can all convert object objects to

C # description of tostring format

C   Currency   2.5.tostring ("C ")   ¥2.50   D   Decimal number   25. tostring ("D5 ")   00025   E   Scientific type   25000. tostring ("e ")   2.500000e + 005   F   Fixed Point   25.

ToString Format Daquan in C #

C # date formatDateTime dt = DateTime.Now;Dt. ToString ();//2005-11-5 13:21:25Dt. Tofiletime (). ToString ();//127756416859912816Dt. TOFILETIMEUTC (). ToString ();//127756704859912816Dt. ToLocalTime (). ToString ();//2005-11-5 21:21:25Dt.

. NET C # Tostring () format formatted string Daquan

C Currency 2.5.ToString ("C") ¥2.50 D Decimal number 25.ToString ("D5") 00025 E Scientific type 25000.ToString ("E") 2.500000E+005 F Fixed point

ASP. NET ToString () format rollup

C Currency 2.5.ToString("C") ¥2.50 D Decimal number ToString("D5") 00025 E Scientific type 25000.ToString("E") 2.500000E+005 F Fixed point ToString("F2")

[Arrangement] C # tostring Format String arrangement (Format) (Standard Format setting specifiers for numbers, dates, and enumerations) (samwang)

In daily development, there are many situations of format strings. I often forget it, and it is a little difficult to check it. So today I will spend some time organizing it. The format string is formatted by numbers, dates, and enumerations.  I.

"Reprint" C # number format ToString Method

For example, a string that formats a numeric format string-----currency-----. ToString ("C");. ToString ("C"), Example 2.5.ToString ("C")->¥2.50-----decimal-----. ToString ("D");. ToString ("D"); example 123.ToString ("D8")--00000123-----Science

Some common usages of ToString () in C # __c#

Some common uses of ToString () in C # MemoCharacter conversion to string//C currency 2.5.ToString ("C"); ¥2.50//D 10 number 25.ToString ("D5"); 25000//E Scientific type 25000.ToString ("E"); 2.500000E+005//F fixed point 25.ToString ("F2");

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