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Summary of common knowledge points of cakephp and cakephp

Summary of common knowledge points of cakephp and cakephp This example summarizes common knowledge points of cakephp. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: 1. Call templates of other controllers to

Cakephp knowledge point summary

This article mainly introduces common knowledge points of cakephp, summarizes and sorts out the template, database, log, form and other related operation skills of cakephp. if you need them, refer to the examples in this article to summarize the

CakePHP 21 tips you must know

The CakePHP framework is one of the most classic MVC agile development frameworks in PHP. it is easy to get started and easy to use, making it the first choice for many beginners to get started with the PHP framework. This document is not a new

CakePHP 21 tips you must know

CakePHP: article is the most classic of CakePHP. Although it is not a complete hands-on series, The Author will use CakePHP's CakePHP you must know 21 tips Link:

CakePHP Knowledge Points Summary

This paper summarizes the common knowledge points of cakephp. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows: 1. Invoke templates for other controllers, redirect Method One: Call the HELLO.CTP template under/views/tasks/tasks

21 tips for CakePHP programmers

This article is the most classic in the CakePHP tutorial. Although it is not a complete hands-on series, I have summarized 21 articles about my use of CakePHP, which are especially useful to new users. During translation, some special words in

Mvc-laravel vs CakePHP vs CodeIgniter views (performance, development efficiency, debt capacity)

Recently intended to be a more medium-sized PHP application, think of a broader MVC framework than the application. Requirements 1.支持命名空间2.不支持PHP43.架构、性能更重要4.长期稳定,而不是很快就会被淘汰或者解散的框架 Yii2, Symfony2 are too large, not suitable. Taking into account

Detailed description of common CakePHP development skills

In development, the program is generally set to debug 2. how to disable debug in a specific action? Q: During development, the program is generally set to debug 2. how can I disable debug in a specific action?A: Configure: write ('debug', 0 );Q: How

CakePHP introduces basic user test based on regular expressions

CakePHP provides some built-in regular expressions for data validation, including VALID_NOT_EMPTY, VALID_NUMBER, VALID_EMAIL, and VALID_YEAR. These constants are defined in cake/libs/validators. php and should not be modified. You may find these

External tasks in CakePHP, automatically execute scripts

The Cake console is a new feature in CakePHPV1.2. It provides command line interfaces with the Cake framework. To create your own command line task, you must create a shell. Shell looks very similar to the controller you have created. The Cake

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